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West Coast v Melbourne
Semi Final, 1991
Sun, 15 September 1991 (2:30 PM EST)
Won by 38
WCE 17.15.117 - 12.7.79 MEL

West Coast won through to a preliminary final for the second straight year after accounting for the Demons relatively easily at Waverley. Dwayne Lamb had a team-high 29 possessions and Glen Jakovich had 25 after being shifted into the ruck.


1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
West Coast 2.4.16 7.6.48 12.13.85 17.15.117
Melbourne 4.2.26 5.4.34 8.4.52 12.7.79

Goals: Heady, Irving, Sumich, Wilson 3, Hart, Jakovich, Kemp, Lewis, Turley

Best: Watters, Turley, Jakovich, Worsfold, Sumich, McKenna

Injuries: Langdon (wrist)

Named sides[]

West Coast Melbourne
B: 10.Pyke 14.Brennan 17.McKenna B: 8.Yeats 41.Rohde 11.Spalding
HB: 24.Worsfold 27.Jakovich 39.Waterman HB: 17.B.Lovett 30.Bryce 29.Obst
C: 30.Matera 13.Watters 7.Turley C: 21.S.Febey 37.Flintoff 15.Tingay
HF: 2.Kemp 11.McIntosh 1.Heady HF: 18.Stretch 3.Lyon 48.Cuthbertson
F: 19.Langdon 4.Sumich 28.Lewis F: 16.Lovell 13.Jakovich 19.Bennett
R: 34.Irving 5.Lamb 36.Hart R: 11.Stynes 12.T.Viney 24.Beveridge
I: 45.Lockyer 9.Wilson I: 25.Eishold 23.Dyson
E: 38.Barich 16.Hepburn 20.Peos E: 14.Grinter 6.G.Lovett 46.Robins

In: Hart

Out: Peos

Late change: (MEL) Grinter for Flintoff

From the papers[]

Canberra Times[]

"Peter Matera helped instigate West Coast's 14-point lead at half time which increased to 33 points and a five-goal-to-three third term.

Melbourne only stayed in touch through Allan Jakovich who booted four goals in the opening three terms before limping off the ground four minutes into the last quarter with a groin injury.

At the other end of the ground, West Coast spear head Peter Sumich contributed three goals for the Eagles and brought up his 100th major for the season midway through the third term.

Although Sumich was again slightly out of touch and not playing as big a role in attack as he had earlier, former Tiger forward Peter Wilson and Brett Heady provided suitable back-up."

Players in the WAFL[]

Preliminary Final (14 September)

Swan Districts (Rance, Ugle, Narkle) vs Subiaco (MacNish, Breman, White, Dargie, Burton)



Canberra Times (16 September 1991), "West Coast revives its prospects": http://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/article/122384571/13010702