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West Coast v Melbourne
Semi Final, 1990
Jackson takes a mark. Photo: aflphotos.com.au
Sat, 22 September 1990 (2:30 PM EST)
Won by 30
WCE 19.16.130 - 15.10.100 MEL

West Coast defied a hellish travel schedule to win their first final, getting the edge on the Dees with a big second term. Chris Waterman was outstanding with six goals and Chris Mainwaring kicked two from a team-high 27 possessions.


1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
West Coast 4.2.26 10.5.65 16.10.106 19.16.130
Melbourne 2.1.13 2.8.20 8.9.57 15.10.100

Goals: Waterman 6, Sumich 4, Jackson 3, Mainwaring 2, Keene, Kemp, Langdon, Lewis

Best: Turley, Keene, Mainwaring, Waterman, McKenna, Jackson, Lewis

Injuries: McKenna (elbow), Watters (groin)

Reports: Lewis for charging G.Yeats; Lamb for striking J.Stynes; Jackson for striking J.Stynes

Records: WCE first final win

Named sides[]

West Coast Melbourne
B: 13.Watters 14.Brennan 7.Turley B: 8.Yeats 4.Campbell 41.Rohde
HB: 17.McKenna 12.Scott 24.Worsfold HB: 6.B.Lovett 5.Spalding 21.S.Febey
C: 20.Peos 5.Lamb 33.Kemp C: 18.Stretch 34.Newport 15.Tingay
HF: 9.Wilson 19.Langdon 3.Mainwaring HF: 28.Howat 3.Lyon 25.Eishold
F: 31.Waterman 4.Sumich 27.Jackson F: 45.Jackson 19.Bennett 11.Stynes
R: 25.Keene 28.Lewis 36.Hart R: 1.O'Dwyer 29.Obst 33.Healy
I: 44.Begovich 39.Heady I: 17.G.Lovett 14.Grinter
E: 11.Breman 45.Lockyer 8.Malaxos E: 10.Hughes 12.T.Viney 48.Cuthbertson

In: Scott, Jackson, Waterman, Watters, Begovich

Out: Rance (jaw), Irving, McGrath, Ugle, Malaxos

Late change: (WCE) Lockyer for Wilson (hamstring); (MEL) T.Viney for Lyon (corked thigh)

From the papers[]

The Sunday Age[]

"The Eagles were terrific and hardly had a poor player. They were well suited to the large Waverley arena and the perfect conditions were very much to their liking. Their good fortune started with Keene who played a memorable game and it was only when Stynes was left to tackle him alone without the interference of O'Dwyer that the big Irishman was able to put pressure back on the star Eagle.

A winning centreline is vital on a big ground and the Eagles had dominant players in Mainwaring, Turley and Kemp. At no stage did the Demons break this dominance. Lewis, Dwayne Lamb and David Hart added their talents to this midfield dominance by kicking the ball long and accurately into the forward line. Stevan Jackson, Peter Sumich and Chris Waterman enjoyed quick movement of the ball and made life miserable for the Demon defence.

The major factor in the Eagles' win was their tough play on the ball and first-class tackling. They were happy to accommodate any show of aggression, and it was the Demons wh looked tentative."[1]

Canberra Times[]

"The return of beefy centre-half forward Stevan Jackson gave the Eagles' forward-line a big lift and while the 20-year-old booted three goals, Chris Waterman booted six and full-forward Peter Sumich kicked three.

The Eagles got away to a 66 point lead at the 19-minute mark of the third quarter when the score was 16.8 to 5.8 after Waterman goaled from 50m out.

The Demons struck back at the end of the third term and half-way through the last quarter, when they added seven goals to one to get back to within 35 points."[2]

Players in the WAFL[]

Grand Final (23 September)

Swan Districts (Narkle) def. Claremont (Miles, O'Connell, Cormack, Higgins, Pyke, Evans, Mann). Don Holmes, Brent Hutton, Don Langsford, Brendon Retzlaff, David Ogg and Paul Gow joined Narkle in the premiership side.



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