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West Coast v N.Melbourne
Round 8, 2013
Naitanui's pack mark and goal clinched a memorable win. Photo: aflphotos.com.au
Fri, 17 May 2013 (6:40 PM WST)
Won by 2
WCE 12.18.90 - 13.10.88 NM
3 L.Hansen (NM)
2 N.Naitanui (WCE)
1 B.Harvey (NM)

Slow out of the blocks, West Coast trailed at every change but drew close in the dying stages. After receiving a free kick for a head-high tackle just outside the forward 50, Adam Selwood pumped the ball long towards goal and Nic Naitanui took a spectacular pack mark shortly before the final siren sounded. Cool as a Eskimo's cucumber, Naitanui calmly slotted the goal to give West Coast the four points, the first player in the club's history to kick a goal after the siren to win a game.

Naitanui's heroics masked another poor kicking display by West Coast, and a serious ankle injury to Sharrod Wellingham in just his third game for the club after a pre-season ankle injury.


1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
West Coast 3.2.20 4.9.33 8.14.62 12.18.90
North Melbourne 6.1.37 7.4.46 10.6.66 13.10.88

Goals: Hill 3, Kennedy, Shuey 2, Cox, Darling, LeCras, Masten, Naitanui

Best: Naitanui, Hill, Glass, Hurn, MacKenzie, Priddis

Injuries: Wellingham (ankle), Schofield (finger)

Sub: Sheppard for Wellingham (ankle) in 2nd quarter

Milestones: Glass 250th game, S.Selwood 100th game

Named sides[]

West Coast N.Melbourne
B: 14.Brennan 23.Glass 31.Schofield B: 42.McMahon 16.Thompson 34.MacMillan
HB: 25.Hurn 16.MacKenzie 8.Waters HB: 8.Wells 17.Grima 11.Firrito
C: 24.Rosa 10.S.Selwood 3.Gaff C: 43.Gibson 18.Atley 3.Bastinac
HF: 2.LeCras 27.Darling 7.Masten HF: 10.Cunnington 20.Petrie 29.Harvey
F: 33.Hill 17.Kennedy 4.Kerr F: 12.Thomas 38.Daw 13.Adams
R: 9.Naitanui 11.Priddis 13.Shuey R: 22.Goldstein 9.Swallow 7.Ziebell
I: 5.Sheppard 12.Wellingham 20.Cox I: 6.Hansen 19.Wright 35.Black
37.A.Selwood 41.Mullett
E: 1.Brown 18.Dalziell 34.Hutchings E: 23.Harper 26.Hine 28.Sierakowski

In: Waters, Kerr, A.Selwood, Masten

Out: Smith, Dalziell, Brown, Hutchings

From the coach[]

"We knew we had to kick goals in the last 10 or 15 minutes, so we changed a few things up to just try and attack hard and get some scoring opportunities. There were a couple of outstanding efforts to get goals to get us back within reach. Again it was about just pushing the ball forward.

"...It was a hard-fought win. Losing Wellingham early, Schofield, we were restricted a bit. We fought back after a pretty poor first quarter to make the game a real contest. We wasted some opportunities. Our kicking was again a bit poor. We didn't deserve to be in front because we didn't grab our opportunities, but we kept fighting at it and eventually we kicked those couple of goals that we needed.

"...I thought it was a pretty exciting game of football. Pretty tough. Both teams had their moments of control, really didn't give each other an inch. Throughout the game it was pretty tight and tough and we did have to keep fighting to give ourselves that chance."[1]

From the papers[]

The West Australian[]

"Jack Ziebell gave his side the best possible start to the last quarter by shrugging off two poor tackle attempts to run in and goal, extending the lead to 10 points.

Josh Hill chipped away at it again for West Coast, converting from a high-leaping mark in a pocket, but all of a sudden his side’s pressure began to drop.

North Melbourne captain Andrew Swallow ran into goal in a method similar to Ziebell’s just minutes earlier.

When Harvey added another to extend the lead to 15 with less than 10 minutes remaining.

But the Eagles kept coming and Naitanui’s cool head would ice the game."[2]

The Age[]

"After trailing by 17 points at quarter-time, the home side's forward press looked as though it would get the job done in the second term.

The Roos were simply unable to clear their defensive area.

But by the time the Roos got the ball forward, nine minutes into the term, West Coast had managed to add just 1.3 to the scoreboard.

They added 1.7 for the term.

At the other end Aaron Black was standing tall for the Kangaroos and, more importantly, kicking straight. His two goals, from strong marks at the end of the third term gave them a four-point lead at the break."[3]

Players in the WAFL[]

Round 9: Swan Districts (Embley) vs East Perth (Cripps, Lycett, Wilson, Morton). Bennell played reserves

Claremont (McGinnity) vs East Fremantle (Brown, Dalziell)

South Fremantle (Hams, Carter) vs Peel

Subiaco v Perth (Smith, McInnes). Nicoski and Colledge played reserves

Injury list[]

In the lead-up to the match the following players were listed as injured:

Player Injury Expected duration
Newman Knee 2 weeks
Nicoski Hamstring Test (Placed on LTI list 17/3/13, replaced by Sinclair on list 4/3/13.
Reinstated to senior list 15/5/13)
Waters Adductor Test
Butler Calf Test
Embley Foot Test
Kerr Knee Test
Masten Ill Test
McGovern Ankle 7 weeks (approx.) (rookies not officially listed)
Sinclair Knee 5 weeks (approx.) (rookies not officially listed)
Tunbridge Finger 1 week (approx.) (rookies not officially listed)




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