West Coast v W.Bulldogs
Round 8, 2000
Embley takes a mark. Photo: aflphotos.com.au
Sat, 29 April 2000 (6:40 PM WST)
Won by 6
WCE 15.18.108 - 15.12.102 WBD
3 D.Kemp (WE)
2 B.Cousins (WCE)
1 N.Eagleton (WBD)

An inaccurate West Coast came from behind to beat the Bulldogs in the final term and former Club Champion Chris Lewis was farewelled in an emotional pre-game ceremony but all the headlines from the Saturday night clash resulted from Fraser Gehrig's errant haymaker at Dog Nathan Brown which instead collected umpire Bryan Sheehan. Gehrig somehow escaped suspension following the incident, after favourable evidence from Sheehan and his fellow umpires, while Brown and Tony Liberatore were found guilty of using insulting language towards Gehrig. On-field, Dean Kemp led the way with 33 possessions and a goal.

Summary[edit | edit source]

1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
West Coast 4.6.30 8.9.57 9.15.69 15.18.108
Western Bulldogs 3.7.25 9.9.63 11.12.78 15.12.102

Goals: Cummings, Gehrig, Wirrpanda 3, Ph.Matera, McIntosh 2, Gardiner, Kemp

Best: Cousins, Kemp, Wirrpanda, Gardiner, McIntosh, Rintoul

Injuries: McKenna (back), Braun (knee)

Reports: Gehrig for recklessly or negligently making contact with an umpire

Milestones: Gardiner 50th game

Named sides[edit | edit source]

West Coast Bulldogs
B: 44.Wirrpanda 11.McIntosh 8.Metropolis B: 16.Croft 25.Hunter 11.Curley
HB: 17.McKenna 27.Jakovich 5.Morrison HB: 5.Smith 32.Ellis 28.Dimattina
C: 42.Rintoul 10.Braun 41.Fletcher C: 6.Johnson 7.S.West 17.Brown
HF: 36.Read 50.Turnbull 18.Jones HF: 10.Eagleton 26.Cox 9.Hudson
F: 7.Gehrig 14.Cummings 33.Ph.Matera F: 4.Garlick 3.Grant 14.Darcy
R: 19.Gardiner 2.Kemp 9.Cousins R: 15.Wynd 36.Romero 39.Liberatore
I: 35.Crabb 32.Embley 23.Glass I: 1.Wills 31.Alvey 19.Contessa
16.Symmons 12.Dooley
E: 45.Bellotti 22.Stone 13.Wooden E: 21.Dent 22.Murphy 27.Penny

In: Ph.Matera, Symmons, Embley, Glass

Out: Pe.Matera (calf), Bennett (hand), Williams, Bellotti

From the papers[edit | edit source]

The Age[edit | edit source]

"The third term was an ill-tempered, three-goal affair. Several scuffles broke out behind play. The elusive Hudson added his fourth and Nathan Eagleton nailed a great goal on the run. West Coast's only goal came from McIntosh.

The Bulldogs eased 15 points clear early in the final term, Rohan Smith booting an early goal, but McIntosh added his second goal of the match on Grant, and Fraser Gehrig produced a strong mark and clever goal from a tight angle to set up a grandstand finish.

When Cummings booted his third goal at the 13-minute mark, the Eagles had booted four goals in a row and led by 15 points. The Dogs kept going, the Eagles kept defending."[1]

WAFL[edit | edit source]

Round 5 (29 April)

Claremont (Stone, Bellotti) vs East Perth (Wooden, Chambers, Williams, Antonowicz, O'Brien, Haynes, Cox)

East Fremantle (Green) vs Peel (Hill)

Swan Districts vs Subiaco (Donnelly, Holmes)

South Fremantle (Gaspar, McGrath) vs West Perth (S.Duckworth)

Bye: Perth

Injury list[edit | edit source]

In the leadup to the match the following players were listed as injured or unavailable:[2]

Player Injury Expected return
Lewis Retired Season
White Knee 3 weeks
Munro Collarbone 2 weeks
Banfield Knee 1 week
Ph.Matera Corked thigh Test

References[edit | edit source]


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