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West Coast v Carlton
Round 8, 1998
Banfield was amongst the best. Photo: aflphotos.com.au
Sun, 17 May 1998 (3:20 PM WST)
Won by 8
WCE 12.20.92 - 12.12.84 CAR
3 B.Cousins (WCE)
2 G.Jakovich (WCE)
1 D.Banfield (WCE)

After four straight losses West Coast finally broke through for a win, but not before the Blues stormed back from 44 points down in the final term to get the margin into single figures. Dean Kemp had 28 possessions and Drew Banfield picked up 25.


1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
West Coast 2.4.36 6.11.44 9.13.67 12.20.92
Carlton 4.5.29 5.6.36 6.8.44 12.12.84

Goals: Cousins 3, Donnelly, Pe.Matera 2, Gehrig, Kemp, Schofield, Symmons, Wirrpanda

Best: Cousins, Read, Kemp, Donnelly, Banfield, McIntosh

Injuries: McKenna (knee)

Reports: Read for striking A.Hamill

Named sides[]

West Coast Carlton
B: 17.McKenna 11.McIntosh 50.Turnbull B: 23.Rice 1.Silvagni 22.Manton
HB: 24.Worsfold 27.Jakovich 13.Wooden HB: 3.Massie 14.Sexton 5.McKay
C: 6.Banfield 39.Waterman 2.Kemp C: 16.Camporeale 7.Ratten 43.Koutoufides
HF: 7.Gehrig 26.Ball 29.Donnelly HF: 45.Franchina 11.Porter 36.Hamill
F: 42.Morrison 23.Fewster 21.Schofield F: 19.Pearce 8.Whitnall 34.De Iulio
R: 19.Gardiner 30.Pe.Matera 35.Cousins R: 24.Allan 21.Bradley 27.Hulme
I: 35.Crabb 8.Metropolis 36.Read I: 6.Clape 44.Lang 17.Lock
16.Symmons 18.Murphy
E: 10.Braun 25.Holmes 44.Wirrpanda E: 40.Bourke 35.Dean 15.Nelson

In: Ball, Symmons, Crabb

Out: Ph.Matera, Braun, Holmes

Late change: Wirrpanda for Turnbull

From the papers[]

The Age[]

"With the pressure building after a run of six consecutive losses, Carlton took only 15 seconds to make its intentions clear when Justin Murphy gained possession from the opening bounce and put the first goal on the board from long range. Even with the skipper Craig Bradley down with a thigh injury late in the first term, the Blues were able to hold on to a 13-point lead at quarter-time.

They fought hard to hold the advantage, going against a strong breeze in the second term, but surrendered the lead 21 minutes into the quarter when Andrew Donnelly kicked his second goal after coming off the bench.

With Ben Cousins and rookie Phil Read running amok in the midfield, West Coast began to assert itself, despite losing Guy McKenna to a knee injury just before the break."[1]


Round 8 (16 May)

Peel (Lovell, Grgic) vs Claremont (Lewis, Evans, Sikora, Stone, Bellotti)

Perth vs West Perth (Williams, Younie)

South Fremantle (Ph.Matera) vs Subiaco (Braun, Holmes, Simpson, Fletcher)

Swan Districts vs East Fremantle

Bye: East Perth

Injury list[]

In the leadup to the match the following players were listed as injured or unavailable.[2]

Player Injury Expected duration
Cummings Knee Season
Marshall Knee 4 weeks
Mainwaring Knee 2 weeks
Heady Ankle Test
Turnbull Thigh Test
White Thigh Test
Symmons Virus Test



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