West Coast v Gold Coast
Round 7, 2019
Cripps in action. Photo: aflphotos.com.au
Sat, 4 May 2019 (6.10pm WST)
Won by 23
WCE 11.14.80 - 8.9.57 GC
3 E.Yeo (WCE)
2 A.Gaff (WCE)
1 L.Shuey (WCE)

West Coast returned to the winners' list, but in unconvincing fashion, with a 23-point victory over Gold Coast at Perth Stadium. The hosts set up the win with a big second term, kicking six goals to one to open up a 39-point lead at the main break, but the Suns dominated the second half and closed the margin to just 11 points before the Eagles kicked the last two goals of the match to seal the win. Elliot Yeo signalled a return to form with 28 touches and 12 tackles, and in-form defender Brad Sheppard had 25 disposals at 96% efficiency.

Summary[edit | edit source]

1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
West Coast 3.6.24 8.8.56 9.12.66 11.18.80
Gold Coast 1.3.9 2.5.17 5.8.38 8.9.57

Goals: Darling 4, Kennedy, Sheed 2, Cripps, Ryan, Yeo

Best: Sheppard, Sheed, Yeo, Darling, McGovern, Gaff

Injuries: Nil

Named sides[edit | edit source]

West Coast Gold Coast
B: 25.Hurn 31.Schofield 28.Cole B: 5.Harbrow 25.Collins 10.Ballard
HB: 23.Jetta 20.McGovern 5.Sheppard HB: 31.Murdoch 20.Hombsch 33.Horlin-Smith
C: 34.Hutchings 6.Yeo 3.Gaff C: 9.Ainsworth 3.Bowes 6.Sexton
HF: 8.Redden 27.Darling 7.Masten HF: 11.Young 30.Wright 39.Holman
F: 1.Ryan 17.Kennedy 15.Cripps F: 44.MacPherson 19.Corbett 4.Martin
R: 16.Hickey 4.Sheed 13.Shuey R: 28.Witts 11.Miller 24.Swallow
I: 12.O.Allen 14.Duggan 18.Venables I: 2.Miles 8.Fiorini 38.Joyce
21.Petruccelle 27.Powell
E: 10.Brander 19.Vardy 38.Mutimer E: 7.Brodie 29.Burgess 12.Day
45.Smith 41.Lukosius

In: Redden

Out: Brander

Late change: Vardy for Hickey (hamstring)

Quarter by quarter[edit | edit source]

West Coast switched ruckmen with Vardy replacing Hickey, who had a low grade hamstring strain. After rain earlier in the day, the match was played in fine conditions.

Club Champion votes[edit | edit source]


Darling 15 Hurn 7
Sheppard 15 Kennedy 6
Shuey 15 Allen 5
Yeo 15 Duggan 5
Gaff 13 Hutchings 5
Sheed 13 Masten 5
McGovern 12 Jetta 4
Cole 10 Petruccelle 4
Redden 10 Schofield 4
Cripps 9 Vardy 3
Ryan 8 Venables 3

From the coach[edit | edit source]

"The first half was really solid. I think all night the contest was reasonable. The second half we were a bit scratchy, but to finish the game off, get a win ... I saw some positive signs for some individuals, which was really good. We’ve still got work to do.

"I think we’ve got to give [the Suns] credit for stepping up in the second half. I think tactically there wasn’t a lot of change. It was a bit of a scrap in the third quarter I suppose. Whether they made it a scrap or not, I thought we butchered the ball in our back half a bit, which fuelled turnovers. But the contest was pretty good most the night. I think from stoppages we kicked 5.6 to a couple of points. And then the turnovers, they just pipped us. I think the contest for most the night was pretty solid, I just thought our turnovers in the second half made us vulnerable.

"...Centre clearances are important. It ebbs and flows with momentum, strategic plans going into the game and we’ve got a mixture of different ruckmen in there. I don’t think we concede a lot of scores against, but we’re not getting a lot of scores for. That’s ongoing, definitely ongoing."[2]

From the papers[edit | edit source]

The West Australian[edit | edit source]

"In what was a game of two distinct halves, a slick West Coast booted eight goals to two in the first half before falling apart after half-time when the diligent Suns were able to deny them their trademark kicking game.

The Suns had trimmed a 42-point deficit to just 11 points early in time-on of the last quarter thanks to five consecutive goals.

The unthinkable was on for the $10 outsiders until Jack Darling, who had earlier set the game alight with a purple patch in the second term, kicked his fourth to steady the ship.

Big games from star midfield trio Andrew Gaff, Elliot Yeo and Luke Shuey ultimately got the Eagles over the line."[3]

The Age[edit | edit source]

"West Coast's error-riddled display in the third term allowed the Suns back into the match, and a 50m penalty also helped Gold Coast's cause.

Eagles goalsneak Liam Ryan went to tackle Anthony Miles after he thought the umpire said 'play on'.

The umpire had actually said 'move it on' to warn Miles that he was running out of time to take his kick.

The ensuing 50m penalty and goal reduced the margin to 28 points at the final change, and Gold Coast's charge continued from there before Darling's late goal killed off the fightback."[4]

Reserves[edit | edit source]

Round 5 (4 May)

A wayward West Coast fell back to earth with a heavy loss to South Fremantle at Fremantle Oval. The Eagles kicked the last three goals of the second term to close within 16 points at the long break, but the floodgates opened in the second half with the Bulldogs kicking 12 goals to storm to a 59=point win. Brendon Ah Chee had a game-high 32 possessions and took a Mark of the Year contender, and Josh Rotham had 21 touches in defence.

1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
South Fremantle 4.4.28 8.7.55 14.8.92 20.11.131
West Coast 1.3.9 5.9.39 7.11.53 9.18.72

Goals: M.Allen, McInnes, Smith, Williams 2, Nelson

Best: Ah Chee, Nelson, M.Allen, Ainsworth, Rotham

Injuries: Brayshaw (foot), Curnow (cut head)

Named side:

West Coast
B: 46.Riach 42.Edwards 64.Curnow
HB: 35.Rotham 30.Nelson 51.Fisher
C: 22.Brayshaw 41.Ah Chee 33.Ainsworth
HF: 2.Waterman 56.Hug 29.Foley
F: 32.Williams 36.McInnes 61.Robilliard
R: 40.Brooksby 43.M.Allen 24.O'Neill
I: 52.Acres 59.Ashman 39.Cameron
E: 62.Cary 54.Coe 53.Kalajzic

In: Curnow, Acres, Ashman, Reid

Out: Vardy, Mutimer (AFL), Watson (shoulder), Grey (soreness)

Late changes: Brander, Smith for Waterman (hamstring), Cameron (wrist)

New: Daniel Acres (Cervantes), Joel Ashman (Scarborough), Nicolas Reid (North Beach)

Injury list[edit | edit source]

In the leadup to the match the following players were listed as injured or unavailable:

Player Injury Expected return
Naitanui Knee Indefinite
Barrass Foot TBC
Rioli Foot 3 weeks
Redden Achilles Test
Watson* AC joint 2-3 weeks

References[edit | edit source]


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