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West Coast v Geelong
Round 7, 2003
200-gamer Banfield is chaired off. Photo: aflphotos.com.au
Sat, 10 May 2003 (1:40 PM WST)
Won by 16
WCE 17.11.113 - 14.13.97 GEE
3 C.Fletcher (WCE)
2 P.Chapman (GEE)
1 M.Gardiner (WCE)

West Coast were challenged by the bottom-of-the-ladder Cats, who held pace with the home side for the first three quarters and even led at the final change. The Eagles were able to steady in the last with a six-goal term, including a couple of crucial goals from an unlikely source in Kasey Green. Chad Fletcher was West Coast's best with 31 possessions and Michael Gardiner dominated the ruck in his 100th game, as 1994 premiership player Drew Banfield also celebrated his 200th.


1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
West Coast 3.4.22 7.7.49 11.8.74 17.11.113
Geelong 2.5.17 6.8.44 11.12.78 14.13.97

Goals: Matera, Sampi 3, Adkins, Green, Jones 2, Braun, Chick, Haynes, Judd, Munro

Best: Fletcher, Embley, Gardiner, Banfield, Chick, Jakovich

Injuries: Read (ankle), Cox (corked thigh), Adkins (concussion)

Milestones: Banfield 200th game, Gardiner 100th game

Named sides[]

West Coast Geelong
B: 6.Banfield 11.McIntosh 35.Green B: 40.Wojcinski 30.Scarlett 27.Sanderson
HB: 5.Morrison 27.Jakovich 18.Jones HB: 28.D.Johnson 33.Rooke 39.Milburn
C: 3.Judd 9.Cousins 17.Chick C: 41.Hunt 44.Enright 9.Kelly
HF: 32.Embley 38.Haynes 28.Sampi HF: 45.Ling 25.Grgic 35.Chapman
F: 33.Ph.Matera 20.Cox 12.Munro F: 29.Ablett 18.Kingsley 15.Riccardi
R: 1.Gardiner 7.Fletcher 44.Wirrpanda R: 1.King 11.Corey 3.Bartel
I: 46.Carroll 39.Hunter 24.Read I: 14.Clarke 2.Harley 31.Chambers
10.Braun 7.Graham
E: 16.Adkins 8.Humm 23.Glass E: 26.McCarthy 12.Slade 20.S.Johnson

In: Wirrpanda, Braun

Out: Gaspar (hamstring), Adkins

Late change: Adkins for Wirrpanda (hamstring)

Club Champion votes[]

Fletcher 19 Carroll 10
Banfield 15 Haynes 8
McIntosh 14 Jones 8
Chick 13 Adkins 5
Embley 13 Cousins 5
Gardiner 13 Jakovich 5
Judd 13 Munro 5
Matera 13 Hunter 4
Sampi 13 Morrison 4
Braun 12 Read 4
Green 12 Cox 1

Players in the WAFL[]

Round 8 (10-11 May)

Perth (McDougall, Glass) vs East Fremantle (Collica, Staker)

South Fremantle vs West Perth (Chambers, Seaby, Lynch)

Peel vs Claremont

Swan Districts (Johnson, Hansen) vs East Perth (Humm, Selwood, Wilson, Beeck)

Bye: Subiaco



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