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West Coast v N.Melbourne
Round 7, 1996
Sun, 12 May 1996 (2:10 PM WST)
Won by 67
WCE 19.11.125 - 7.16.58 NM
3 C.Mainwaring (WCE)
2 J.Ball (WCE)
1 B.Lyle (WCE)

West Coast recorded back-to-back wins for the first time in 1996, both of them thumpings. This one came at the expense of the Kangaroos, who trailed by seven goals at halftime and went down by 67 points. Jason Ball dominated up forward with six goals and Chris Mainwaring was best on ground with 27 possessions.


1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
West Coast 4.1.25 9.8.62 15.10.100 19.11.125
North Melbourne 0.6.6 2.7.19 5.12.42 7.16.58

Goals: Ball 6, Cousins, Pe.Matera, Wirrpanda 2, Donnelly, Evans, Gehrig, Kemp, Ph.Matera, McKenna, White

Best: Mainwaring, Pe.Matera, Lovell, Banfield, Hart, Ball, Kemp, Mcintosh

Injuries: Nil

Named sides[]

West Coast N.Melbourne
B: 8.Metropolis 11.McIntosh 36.Hart B: 34.King 4.Martyn 12.Blakey
HB: 9.Lyle 27.Jakovich 17.McKenna HB: 5.Anderson 6.Fairley 7.Laidley
C: 3.Mainwaring 2.Kemp 44.Wirrpanda C: 8.Scott 14.Armstrong 19.McFarlane
HF: 30.Pe.Matera 29.Donnelly 33.Ph.Matera HF: 37.Simpson 18.Carey 17.Freeborn
F: 12.White 7.Gehrig 21.Schofield F: 26.Bell 24.Sholl 11.Archer
R: 26.Ball 5.Lovell 18.Evans R: 22.Roberts 10.A.Stevens 3.Rock
I: 6.Banfield 35.Cousins 22.Downsborough I: 20.Reynolds 13.Nichols 16.Capuano
E: 34.Sikora 50.Turnbull 28.Lewis E: 9.Campbell 25.Daniltchenko 36.M.Stevens
32.Blurton 15.R.Smith

No change

From the papers[]

The Age[]

"Just before the first term ended, former Swan Andrew Donnelly kicked long towards goal. It fell short, Mitchell White crumbed 15 metres out in a pack and somehow found Wirrpunda, whose lightning snap was true.

That was probably when coach Mick Malthouse started enjoying the 20-degree Subiaco day.

As well as his rookies, Malthouse's experienced players were hard at the ball all day. Chris Mainwaring was superb, Ashley McIntosh was obdurate on the back-line all day, as was White and Peter Matera in his new role in defence."[1]


Round 6 (11 May)

South Fremantle (Sumich) vs Claremont (Lewis)

Subiaco (Heatley) vs West Perth (Symmons, Blurton, Smoker)

East Perth (Turnbull) vs East Fremantle (Morrison)

Swan Districts vs Perth (Sikora, Trew)

Injury list[]

In the lead-up to the match the following players were listed as injured or unavailable:[2]

Player Injury Expected duration
Worsfold Knee Season
Heady Shoulder 10-12 weeks
Waterman Knee 6 weeks
Pyke Shoulder 6 weeks
Fewster Knee 1-2 weeks
Bond Hamstring 1 week
McIntosh Finger Available
Turnbull Ankle Available
Downsborough Calf Available
Spinks Groin Available



  1. Tim Atkinson, The Age (13 May 1996, p.SPORT7), "Rookies fire up Eagles"
  2. The Age (8 May 1996, p.B16), "AFL injury list"