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Richmond v West Coast
Round 7, 1989
Sat, 13 May 1989 (2:10 PM EST)
Lost by 2
RIC 13.14.92 - 13.12.90 WCE
3 D.Honybun (RIC)
2 C.Lambert (RIC)
1 C.Lewis (WCE)

West Coast suffered another loss, this time in heartbreaking fashion as the Tigers fought from a big deficit at the final break to pip the Eagles by just two points. Chris Lewis had 24 possessions and nine marks to be his side's best.


1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
Richmond 3.3.21 4.5.29 7.11.53 13.14.92
West Coast 0.2.2 7.5.47 11.7.73 13.12.90

Goals: Jackson 4, Sumich, Watters 3, Mainwaring, Miles, Scott

Best: Mainwaring, Lewis, Scott, Sumich, Watters

Injuries: Langdon (hip)

Named sides[]

West Coast Richmond
B: 5.Lamb 45.Lockyer 6.Miles B: 30.Free 11.Manton 23.Poole
HB: 17.McKenna 14.Brennan 24.Worsfold HB: 19.Wilson 26.Leys 31.B.Bower
C: 3.Mainwaring 31.Waterman 15.Laidley C: 35.M.Pickering 13.Egan 15.Thompson
HF: 36.Hart 23.Rance 28.Lewis HF: 2.J.Pickering 27.Morrish 12.McKellar
F: 27.Jackson 9.Hutton 1.Pyke F: 37.Lounder 34.Hogg 33.Knights
R: 21.O'Connell 7.Turley 13.Watters R: 42.Honybun 4.Lambert 3.Weightman
I: 4.Sumich 10.Turner I: 38.Laffy 5.Peters
E: 19.Langdon 12.Scott 22.Ellis E: 10.Pym 32.Ryan 29.Mahony

In: Hutton, Laidley, Sumich

Out: Browning, Ellis, Langdon

Late changes: Scott, Langdon for Hart, Laidley

From the papers[]

The Age[]

"The Eagles should never have found themselves in a position to lose. In the second and third terms they had discovered the merit in having an open forward line and a minimum number of touches before shooting.

In the second term, Stevan Jackson kicked four goals out of a total of seven, and it seemed that the Eagles could do no wrong.

Most of their goals were coming from marks in the forward line that the Richmond defence seemed incapable of stopping, or unwilling perhaps. They finished the quarter 18 points ahead, and maintained a similar lead going into the last quarter. Then came the Richmond crunch, to which the Eagles had no answer, other than to hit the post with a minute remaining."[1]

Canberra Times[]

"West Coast's running players managed to get on top in the second and third quarters to give the Eagles the advantage in a lacklustre game.

Richmond, who had shown a marked improvement on last year's form in the first six rounds, failed to produce its normal hard tackling, running game with any consistency.

This was highlighted by a move in the first quarter when the Tigers had seven handballs to move the ball forward only 40 metres.

But experienced players Trevor Poole and Phillip Egan lifted the Tigers out of their slumber in the final quarter and put them on the road to victory."[2]

Players in the WAFL[]

Round 6 (13 May)

Subiaco (Breman) v East Fremantle (Browning, Ellis)

West Perth v Swan Districts (Holmes, Cormack, Ugle)

South Fremantle (Geary) v East Perth

Claremont v Perth (Barich, Cable)



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