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Richmond v West Coast
Round 5, 2012
The win was marred by a serious ankle injury to Kennedy. Photo: aflphotos.com.au
Sun, 29 April 2012 (3:15 PM EST)
Won by 10
WCE 16.11.107 - 14.13.97 RIC
3 D.Martin (RIC)
2 J.Darling (WCE)
1 A.Gaff (WCE)

Pushed all day by a determined Richmond outfit and behind at times during the final quarter, West Coast eventually prevailed by 10 points. Youngsters Andrew Gaff and Jack Darling shone with 30 possessions and 4 goals respectively, but the result was marred by injuries to key position players Josh Kennedy and Mitch Brown.


1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
Richmond 4.2.26 9.4.58 12.9.81 14.13.97
West Coast 5.3.33 11.6.72 12.11.83 16.11.107

Goals: Darling 4, Hill 3, Hams, Lynch, Masten 2, Cox, Kennedy, S.Selwood

Best: Kerr, Naitanui, Darling, Priddis, Gaff, S.Selwood

Injuries: Brown (eye), Kennedy (ankle)

Reports: Schofield for striking Riewoldt

Sub: A.Selwood for Brown (eye) at quarter time

Named sides[]

West Coast Richmond
B: 16.MacKenzie 23.Glass 37.A.Selwood B: 38.Morris 18.Rance 17.Newman
HB: 8.Waters 31.Schofield 25.Hurn HB: 14.Houli 2.Grimes 11.Batchelor
C: 3.Gaff 11.Priddis 24.Rosa C: 6.Grigg 4.Martin 23.Jackson
HF: 7.Masten 21.Lynch 27.Darling HF: 3.Deledio 13.Miller 41.Foley
F: 20.Cox 17.Kennedy 43.Hams F: 30.Conca 8.Riewoldt 26.Nahas
R: 9.Naitanui 10.S.Selwood 4.Kerr R: 20.Maric 9.Cotchin 21.Tuck
I: 26.Butler 28.Smith 13.Shuey I: 35.White 29.Vickery 7.Dea
33.Hill 42.Ellis
E: 1.Brown 15.Swift 35.McGinnity E: 25.Graham 24.Griffiths 46.Webberley

In: Butler

Out: McGinnity

Late change: Brown for MacKenzie (ear infection)

Club Champion votes[]

Darling 20 S.Selwood 15
Kerr 20 Smith 14
Naitanui 19 Schofield 13
Glass 18 Cox 12
Masten 18 Lynch 11
Priddis 17 Rosa 10
Gaff 16 A.Selwood 10
Waters 16 Shuey 10
Butler 15 Hurn 9
Hams 15 Kennedy 5
Hill 15 Brown 0

From the coach[]

"I was concerned it was going to be a tight, tough game to the finish, yeah. Well, I wasn't concerned, I thought that was going to be the case and one team was going to end up in front. We had to back our boys in that they knew what to do in different circumstances and I thought they did that really well.

"I certainly think that (poise) is part of it. There's a lot of things going through their mind at that time and, again, depending on where the contest is on the ground, what their aims are, what they're trying to do with the ball. So we made some really good decisions in there, and there's areas we think we didn't take the right decision. But overall, in that real crunch time, I think they did pretty well.

"...I'm fairly happy, just some of our ball use has cost us, catching us off guard and giving easy turnovers to the opposition. That's an area we want to get a little bit better at and, overall, defensively I think we can still improve. I don't think we've been as good as we were last year there, and we're aware of that."[1]

From the papers[]

The West Australian[]

"After just three minutes, they had unanswered goals on the board by Ivan Maric and Dustin Martin and Tiger fans were dream weaving once again as their tight defensive structures seemed to be worrying the unsettled and unsure visitors.

But in a five-minute burst, the Eagles banged through three of their own to take charge.

Although Richmond held a clear edge in the clearances and had Trent Cotchin and Shaun Grigg starring through the middle, they had lapses in defence and faced a seven-point deficit at the first break.

Several times in the second quarter West Coast looked set to break away as Priddis, Gaff and Kerr started to give their tall forwards the type of supply that the Tigers would always struggle to handle."[2]

The Age[]

"First-half injuries to defender Mitchell Brown (head knock, subbed off) and full-forward Josh Kennedy, who returned to the field after rolling an ankle, limited West Coast's rotations in the second half.

Richmond led by five points 12 minutes into the last quarter but Priddis produced some creative handballs to set up goals for Chris Masten and Scott Selwood.

A huge mark on the wing by West Coast hard man Beau Waters with a minute left was followed by a goal to Darling which sealed the result."[3]


"After a match which ebbed and flowed with both teams dominant at various stages, Richmond seven times drew level with the classy Eagles, but only managed to hit the front once, albeit briefly, after leading at the 20-minute mark of the first term.

And with the out-of-form but absolutely desperate Jack Riewoldt throwing his body wildly at contests throughout the fiercely fought closing quarter, there was always a sense that the 2010 Coleman medallist would put an heroic exclamation point on another terrific Tiger effort.

But he couldn't clunk one in the final minutes and when Beau Waters staked his claim for mark of the year with a towering speccy as the ball rebounded, the Eagles stood firm to maintain their unbeaten start to the season."[4]

WAFL results[]

Round 7 (28 April)

West Perth (Strijk) vs Peel (Lycett, Wilson)

East Fremantle (Sheppard, Brennan) vs South Fremantle

Subiaco vs East Perth

Swan Districts (Newman) vs Perth (McInnes, Tunbridge)

Foxtel Cup (28 April)

Claremont (McGinnity, Stevenson, Weedon, Neates, Hamp, McGovern) vs West Adelaide

Injury list[]

In the lead-up to the match the following players were listed as injured:

Player Injury Expected duration
LeCras Knee Season
Embley Shoulder 12-14 weeks
Nicoski Hamstring 10-12 weeks
Dalziell Knee 8-10 weeks
Shuey AC joint Test




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