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Brisbane v West Coast
Round 5, 2005
Wirra was among the best. Photo: aflphotos.com.au
Sun, 24 April 2005 (1:10 PM EST)
Won by 73
WCE 23.19.157 - 12.12.84 BRI
3 A.Embley (WCE)
2 D.Chick (WCE),
1 D.Wirrpanda (WCE)

West Coast continued their unbeaten start to the year and sent the once-mighty Lions to the bottom of the ladder with a thumping win in Brisbane. The Eagles blew the game open with a 9-goal second term and had 13 individual goalscorers for the match. David Wirrpanda controlled play across the backline and Tyson Stenglein was busy with 27 possessions and a goal.


1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
Brisbane 3.2.20 6.3.39 8.10.58 12.12.84
West Coast 4.4.28 13.9.87 17.14.116 23.19.157

Goals: Lynch 4, Chick 3, Embley, Gardiner, Hunter, Sampi, Seaby 2, Banfield, Braun, Fletcher, Hansen, Matera, Stenglein

Best: Cousins, Wirrpanda, Cox, Stenglein, Braun, Banfield, Embley

Injuries: Nil

Named sides[]

West Coast Brisbane
B: 44.Wirrpanda 23.Glass 39.Hunter B: 2.Johnson 15.Michael 25.McLaren
HB: 17.Chick 21.Lynch 5.Stenglein HB: 30.Copeland 23.Leppitsch 44.Lappin
C: 26.Butler 7.Fletcher 10.Braun C: 12.Akermanis 3.Voss 5.B.Scott
HF: 32.Embley 29.Hansen 28.Sampi HF: 18.Corrie 13.Pike 26.Macdonald
F: 33.Matera 1.Gardiner 14.Seaby F: 7.Adcock 36.Bradshaw 29.Sherman
R: 20.Cox 9.Cousins 3.Judd R: 19.Charman 20.Black 6.Power
I: 38.B.Jones 16.Adkins 6.Banfield I: 27.Keating 22.C.Scott 34.Attard
37.Selwood McGrath
E: 31.Nicoski 48.Graham 13.Wooden E: 8.Notting 24.Spaanderman 10.Moody

In: Gardiner

Out: Graham

Late change: (BRI) 31.Wood for Charman (leg fracture)

From the papers[]

The West Australian[]

"Dean Cox made Clark Keating look prehistoric while later, Mark Seaby was too accomplished for debutant Cameron Wood.

Andrew Embley blossomed in the second half, Quinten Lynch held enough marks to thump through four goals and Ashley Sampi is like a short-range, heat-seeking missile, such is his ferocity on the ball, or the player with it.

He was one of 13 West Coast goal kickers, further emphasising the team's ability to kick a winning score without a major contributor."[1]

The Age[]

"Adam Hunter led a West Coast half-back line that provided a lot of drive, and Ashley Hansen continued his bright start to the year at centre half-forward.

Daniel Chick, with three first-half goals, was brilliant when the game was in the balance, Chad Fletcher and Ben Cousins were the best of the midfielders, and Adam Cox - with 16 possessions, 22 hitouts and 10 marks - led a dominant big-man division.

Hansen limped off the ground late in the game but Worsfold confirmed it was only cramp. He will be available for Sydney at Subiaco on Saturday night.

Eighteen-year-old ruck debutant Cameron Wood did a few handy things for the Lions, but for much of the day, Matthews was caught with two big men on the bench."[2]

Players in the WAFL[]

Round 6 (22-25 April)

Subiaco (Nicoski) vs Claremont (R.Jones, Wilkes)

Perth vs West Perth (LeCras, Sharp)

East Fremantle (Staker, Green) vs East Perth (Humm, McConnell)

Swan Districts (Edwards) vs South Fremantle (Graham)

Bye: Peel

Injury list[]

In the lead-up to the round the following players were listed as injured:

Player Injury Expected duration
Smith Knee Season
Gaspar Foot Indefinite
Beeck Finger 6 weeks (On LTI list, replaced by Graham)
Waters Groin 2-3 weeks
Kerr Calf Test
Gardiner Hamstring Available



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