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Melbourne v West Coast
Round 5, 1997
Lovell against his old side. Photo: aflphotos.com.au
Sat, 26 April 1997 (2:10 PM EST)
Won by 48
WCE 19.12.126 - 12.6.78 MEL
3 P.Symmons (WCE)
2 D.Neitz (MEL)
1 C.Lewis (WCE)

West Coast continued their winning run, piling on 14 goals to two across the second and third quarters to record a big victory over the Demons. Chris Lewis had a big game with 26 possessions and two goals, and Ben Cousins kicked five.


1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
Melbourne 5.1.31 6.2.38 7.4.46 12.6.78
West Coast 4.1.25 10.4.64 18.7.115 19.12.126

Goals: Cousins 5, Sumich 3, Lewis, Stone, Symmons 2, Grgic, Hart, Lovell, Morrison, White

Best: Pe.Matera, Cousins, Symmons, Lewis, Kemp, Lovell

Injuries: White (knee)

Named sides[]

West Coast Melbourne
B: 24.Worsfold 7.Gehrig 22.Stone B: 27.Ingerson 32.Gaspar 21.S.Febey
HB: 17.McKenna 50.Turnbull 16.Symmons HB: 35.McDonald 18.Nettelbeck 36.Leoncelli
C: 30.Pe.Matera 2.Kemp 44.Wirrpanda C: 20.M.Febey 17.B.Lovett 13.Yze
HF: 12.White 26.Ball 5.Lovell HF: 28.Pesch 9.Neitz 6.G.Lovett
F: 11.McIntosh 4.Sumich 33.Ph.Matera F: 14.Newton 3.Lyon 23.Clarkson
R: 14.Grgic 6.Banfield 28.Lewis R: 11.Stynes 16.Pyman 12.Viney
I: 35.Cousins 21.Schofield 42.Morrison I: 22.Woewodin 15.Hopgood 1.Charles
E: 18.Evans 19.Gardiner 36.Hart E: 10.Seecamp 7.Kowal 31.Don.C-Collins

In: Matera, McIntosh

Out: Heady (hamstring), Gardiner

Late change: (WCE) Hart for McKenna (hamstring); (MEL) Seecamp, Kowal for G.Lovett (shoulder), Charles (hamstring)

From the papers[]

The Age[]

"Former Bulldog Grgic has grown in confidence in every game for his new club this season, and on Saturday against Jim Stynes, he showed he was the immediate answer to West Coast's achilles heel.

Grgic gave his midfield a dream run, and when he was beaten in the tap outs, the likes of Dean Kemp, Andy Lovell, Jarrod Schofield and a revitalised Chris Lewis took advantage of a weakened opposition on-ball brigade, which was minus Glenn Lovett, Andrew Obst and Stephen Tingay.

The might of the Eagles was on display from quarter-time when they kicked 15 of the next 17 goals, including nine in a row until they ran out of steam in the final 20 minutes.

Young West Coast half-forward Ben Cousins, who kicked five goals in the first three quarters, vyed for best afield honors with teammates Peter Matera and Lewis."[1]


Round 5 (25-26 April)

East Perth vs South Fremantle

Subiaco (Wooden, Braun, Blair, Simpson) vs Perth (Spinks)

West Perth (Webb) vs Peel

East Fremantle vs Claremont (Marshall, Gardiner)

Bye: Swan Districts

Injury list[]

In the lead-up to the match the following players were listed as injured or unavailable:[2]

Player Injury Expected duration
Mainwaring Knee Season
Dunstan Ankle Season
Fewster Knee 8 weeks
Jakovich Knee 5 weeks
Hart Ankle Test
Donnelly Knee Test
Pe.Matera Ankle Test
Waterman Thigh Test
McIntosh Rib Test
Blurton Thigh Test
Cummings Knee Available



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  2. The Age (23 April 1997, p.B14), "AFL injury list"