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West Coast v Sydney
Round 5, 1990
Sun, 29 April 1990 (2:10 PM WST)
Won by 61
WCE 19.14.128 - 10.7.67 SYD
3 B.Heady (WCE)
2 D.Lamb (WCE)
1 P.Sumich (WCE)

West Coast cruised to an easy win over the Swans, booting six goals in the first quarter and opening up a big halftime lead. Peter Sumich slotted eight goals and Brett Heady added two from 21 possessions in just his second appearance.


1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
West Coast 6.4.40 10.10.70 12.11.83 19.14.128
Sydney 2.2.14 4.3.27 9.6.60 10.7.67

Goals: Sumich 8, Ugle 3, Breman, Heady 2, Brennan, Jackson, Lamb, Turley

Best: Sumich, McKenna, Ugle, Heady, Rance, Wilson

Injuries: Laidley (concussion)

Milestones: O'Connell final appearance

Records: WCE biggest win vs Sydney, WCE highest score vs Sydney, Sydney lowest score vs WCE, Sumich equal most goals (8) by WCE player

Named sides[]

West Coast Sydney
B: 35.Ugle 14.Brennan 21.O'Connell B: 5.Roberts 9.Henwood 29.Cordy
HB: 24.Worsfold 23.Rance 17.McKenna HB: 47.Higgins 7.Carroll 31.Phyland
C: 15.Laidley 5.Lamb 33.Kemp C: 6.Eustice 17.Potter 35.Murphy
HF: 9.Wilson 19.Langdon 11.Breman HF: 12.Thripp 20.West 45.Kelly
F: 13.Watters 4.Sumich 7.Turley F: 19.Parsons 15.Toohey 26.Wright
R: 12.Scott 8.Malaxos 3.Mainwaring R: 48.Tunbridge 3.Healy 10.Mitchell
I: 39.Heady 27.Jackson I: 8.Ryan 16.Bolton
E: 36.Hart 34.Irving 37.Matera E: 27.Wheeler 39.Kerr 22.Scott

In: Mainwaring

Out: Hart

From the papers[]

The West Australian[]

"West Coast Eagles defenders again set up victory yesterday when they kept the Sydney Swans to a mere 10 goals in near perfect conditions.

Michael Brennan. John Worsfold and Murray Rance accounted for several opponents, while Dean Laidley and Guy McKenna, who failed to play full games because of injury and illness, were outstanding.

On top of the Eagles defence was captain Steve Malaxos, who set the trend for close-checking play when he successfully tagged Swans rover Barry Mitchell for the game.

When things got tough for the Eagles in the third quarter it was the liked of Worsfold, McKenna and Malaxos who kept the Swans from getting closer at the final break."[1]

The Age[]

"Apart from McKenna's food poisoning, the long and direct kicking of Sumich and a brief flurry of feathers from the Swans, the game offered little.

Troy Ugle, dragged in the opening term, returned to show that he is a player of class, kicking three goals and working well in what became an efficient forward line - or certainly efficient enough to beat Sydney.

Todd Breman, one of six former Subiaco players in the West Coast team, twice showed that there is no substitute for home-grown knowledge.

Breman, frustrated at watching his forwards fritter chances, moved into the attacking zone from the wing and defence, to show them how to goal."[2]

Players in the WAFL[]

Round 5 (28 April)

Perth (Barich) vs Claremont (Lewis, Annear, Miles, Cormack, Mann, Turnbull, Evans). Higgins played reserves.

West Perth (Gwilliam) vs South Fremantle (Hart, Matera, Irving)

East Fremantle (Lockyer, Ellis, Browning) vs East Perth (Melesso, McGrath)

Subiaco (MacNish, Cable, Hutchinson) vs Swan Districts (Narkle). Dean played reserves.



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  2. Peter Sweeney, The Age (30 April 1990, p.32), "Sumich the star as Swans flop"