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St Kilda v West Coast
Round 4, 2021
Jones given no space. Photo: aflphotos.com.au
Sat, 10 April 2021 (3.25pm EST)
Lost by 20
STK 15.12.102 - 13.4.82 WCE
3 J.Steele (STK)
2 M.King (STK)
1 B.Crouch (STK)

West Coast coughed up a big lead to slump to a shock loss against St Kilda, steamrolled in the second half to go down by 20 points. The visiting Eagles seemingly had the game under control in the third term when they led by 33 points, but the Saints were able to turn the momentum their way and force West Coast into numerous errors with relentless pressure, booting the last eight goals of the game as the Eagles had no answers. Stand-in skipper Jeremy McGovern tallied 22 possessions and ten marks, and Jack Petruccelle kicked four goals but Shannon Hurn lasted less than a quarter in his club-record-equalling 290th game before injuring a calf.


1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
St Kilda 4.2.26 5.5.35 10.11.71 15.12.102
West Coast 6.2.38 10.3.63 13.3.81 13.4.82

Goals: Petruccelle 4, Allen, Darling, Kennedy 2, Cripps, Ryan, Winder

Best: Darling, Petruccelle, Sheed, Naitanui, McGovern

Injuries: Hurn (calf)

Medicals subs: (WCE) Winder for Hurn (calf) in the first quarter; (STK) Long, not used

Milestones: Hurn 290th game (equal club record), Sheppard 200th game, Winder AFL debut

Jumper: Away, white shorts

Named sides[]

West Coast St Kilda
B: 5.Sheppard 37.Barrass 25.Hurn B: 2.Carlisle 20.Howard 44.Wilkie
HB: 28.Cole 20.McGovern 30.Nelson HB: 29.Webster 35.Sinclair 11.Clark
C: 14.Duggan 4.Sheed 8.Redden C: 15.Billings 3.Jones 8.Hill
HF: 15.Cripps 27.Darling 10.Brander HF: 28.Membrey 22.Higgins 16.Butler
F: 1.Ryan 17.Kennedy 12.Allen F: 6.Ross 12.King 26.Battle
R: 9.Naitanui 11.Kelly 3.Gaff R: 19.Marshall 5.Crouch 9.Steele
I: 2.Waterman 21.Petruccelle 35.Rotham I: 1.Coffield 13.Lonie 23.Bytel
31.Jones 36.McKenzie
E: 19.Vardy 22.Winder 23.Witherden E: 21.Long 32.Wood 39.Joyce
24.O'Neill 27.McKernan

In: Waterman

Out: Shuey (hamstring), Langdon (medical sub)

Quarter by quarter[]

Both sides went in as named, with West Coast including debutant Isiah Winder as the medical sub. The match was played under the Docklands roof.

Club Champion votes[]


Petruccelle 11 Redden 3
McGovern 9 Sheed 3
Barrass 8 Naitanui 2
Sheppard 7 Ryan 2
Allen 5 Winder 2
Cripps 5 Cole 1
Kennedy 5 Duggan 1
Brander 4 Jones 1
Gaff 4 Nelson 1
Rotham 4 Hurn 0
Darling 3 Waterman 0
Kelly 3

From the coach[]

"We played some pretty good footy in the first half. We thought St Kilda's pressure was there all night, it elevated in the second half and we couldn't handle it. We got beaten up in the midfield and we couldn't stop momentum with the contest, it forced us into fumbles and poor decisions and they capitalised, and we just couldn't get momentum back.

"They were more desperate than we were, obviously. When the game was right at that point when we could have put the hammer down, I think the belief was still there with the Saints - it was there all day - and they showed tremendous heart, and we couldn't stop it.

"...Leadership is always important, especially when you're conceding multiple goals in a row. Being predictable is probably even more important, with the contest and the ball, stoppage work was poor and theirs was good, and the run and spread off that complemented their stoppage wins. So like I said, all credit to the Saints, and disappointment for us."[2]

From the papers[]

The West Australian[]

"West Coast’s talls were superb early. Jack Darling kicked the opening two goals, Oscar Allen kicked their third and Josh Kennedy created the crumb that set up Petruccelle for the next.

Petruccelle kicked three goals in the first half in a huge bonus for the Eagles. But scoring dried up after he booted his fourth at the 16 minute mark of the third quarter.

Their ability to turn the lack of forward entries into goals was the key to them being in front and suddenly they couldn’t create those chances

The Saints laid 17 more tackles including 12 more tackles inside 50. They won 15 more clearances, had 77 more possessions and 18 more inside 50s."[3]

The Age[]

"St Kilda’s golden run persisted into the last quarter. Max King slotted his fifth goal after Liam Ryan ran too far, before Tim Membrey snapped truly as the Saints stole the lead and never looked back winning 15.12 (102) to 13.4 (82).

Jack Billings steered through his second from a tight angle, then Jack Steele kicked a captain’s goal to put his side in the box seat. A minute later, the win was sealed as another Jack — this time Higgins — blasted one home.

The win from the clouds comes after alarm bells were sounding early St Kilda. Jack Darling kicked two goals in the first five minutes, then Oscar Allen’s quick left-foot snap from a stoppage gave the Eagles an early break.

But St Kilda hit back through King, who crumbed his own marking contest, dribbled the ball through traffic at the top of the square and put the Saints on the board. Membrey goaled minutes later, before King added two more of his own to illustrate his prodigious talents."[4]


Round 2 (10 April)

West Coast were thumped by West Perth in Yanchep, north of Perth, with the Falcons extending their lead at every change to run out 78-point winners. Brayden Ainsworth had a team-high 36 possessions and Alex Witherden tallied 26 as he pushed for a senior berth.

1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
West Perth 4.1.25 9.2.56 13.4.82 19.6.120
West Coast 1.1.7 3.2.20 5.4.34 6.6.42

Goals: Feeney, Hansen, Langdon, Nitschke, Robilliard, Trew

Best: Witherden, Marlin, Ainsworth, L.Edwards, Deegan, Sinclair

Injuries: Busher (head), Fitzgerald (thumb)

Named side:

West Coast
B: 29.Foley 50.Fitzgerald 38.Johnson
HB: 66.McGee 42.H.Edwards 51.Marlin
C: 33.Ainsworth 26.Trew 61.Robilliard
HF: 59.Nitschke 58.Busher 7.Langdon
F: 54.Sinclair 32.Williams 63.Hansen
R: 40.Jamieson 16.L.Edwards 45.Brayshaw
I: 62.Cary 60.Deegan 52.Feeney
E: 57.Bentley 67.Borgogno 55.Flint

In: Langdon, Williams, Sinclair, Cary, Deegan, Feeney, Humble

Out: Waterman, Vardy, Winder, O'Neill, Witherden (AFL), Hug, Flint

Late change: Witherden for Johnson (back)

WCE debuts: Joey Deegan (North Beach), Lachlan Feeney (South Fremantle), Michael Humble (Boddington), Harry Sinclair (Beverley)

Injury list[]

In the leadup to the match the following players were listed as being injured or unavailable:

Player Injury Expected return
Rioli Suspension 19 weeks
Yeo Groin TBC
Shuey Hamstring TBC (expected 3-4 weeks)
Cameron Groin 1 week
Williams Ankle Test
Venables* Concussion Indefinite
Hutchings* IT band 1 week
Ah Chee* Hamstring Test




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