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Sydney v West Coast
Round 3, 1989
Sun, 16 April 1989 (2:10 PM EST)
Lost by 51
SYD 20.14.134 - 11.17.83 WCE
3 M.Eustice (SYD)
2 G.Williams (SYD)
1 T.Thripp (SYD)

West Coast's winless start to the season continued with Sydney piling on nine goals in the last quarter to turn a close match into a blowout victory. Murray Rance had 20 disposals and 13 marks and Shane Ellis kicked three goals.


1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
Sydney 4.4.28 9.8.62 11.9.75 20.14.134
West Coast 3.5.23 6.8.44 9.15.69 11.17.83

Goals: Ellis, Scott 3, O'Connell 2, Brennan, Hart, Melesso

Best: Rance, Mainwaring, Annear, Malaxos, Scott, Ellis

Injuries: Sumich (torn hamstring)

Reports: Laidley for striking L.Higgins

Milestones: Melesso WCE debut

Named sides[]

West Coast Sydney
B: 38.Barich 45.Lockyer 14.Brennan B: 5.Roberts 13.Carter 23.Coleman
HB: 7.Turley 4.Sumich 17.McKenna HB: 7.Carroll 30.Bayes 29.N.Cordy
C: 3.Mainwaring 8.Malaxos 15.Laidley C: 35.Murphy 2.Williams 12.Thripp
HF: 19.Langdon 23.Rance 24.Worsfold HF: 4.Neagle 9.Henwood 21.Morwood
F: 12.Scott 30.Browning 36.Hart F: 37.Teal 15.Toohey 6.Eustice
R: 21.O'Connell 22.Ellis 1.Pyke R: 25.Willis 3.Healy 10.Mitchell
I: 10.Turner 2.Annear I: 47.Higgins 46.Kellett
E: 26.Melesso 27.Jackson 16.Cormack E: 11.Holdsworth 19.Parsons 33.McAsey

In: Browning, Barich

Out: Keene (ankle), Breman

Late changes: (WCE) Melesso, Cormack for Browning, Turner; (SYD) Holdsworth, Parsons, McAsey for Carter, Henwood, Kellett

New: Peter Melesso (Claremont/St Kilda/South Melbourne)

From the papers[]

The Age[]

"Indirect kicking by Eagle defenders and wasted opportunities told the story of West Coast's performance. Too many times the Eagles went nowhere by kicking across the Sydney forward line, creating opportunites for the quick-thinking Swans on several occasions.

After appearing the better team for two quarters and holding an 18-point lead at half-time, the Swans had a mid-match crisis during which the Eagles whittled their lead away to just one goal at three-quarter time.

The Eagles had 10 scoring shots to the Swans' two during the third quarter. Although they missed seven of those chances, the possibility of a revival from the Perth team looked real, thanks to the skill of players such as skipper Murray Rance and Steve Malaxos.

But, as Swans coach Col Kinnear said later, the tempo of the match changed as the players who needed to improve their performance did lift, injecting the team with renewed confidence."[1]

Players in the WAFL[]

South Fremantle (Jackson, Geary) v East Fremantle (Waterman)

East Perth v Swan Districts (Ugle)

Perth v Subiaco (MacNish, Breman)

Claremont v West Perth



  1. Karen Cooper, The Age (17 April 1989, p.32), "Swan experience has the Eagles in a flap", https://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=MDQ-9Oe3GGUC&dat=19890417&printsec=frontpage&hl=en