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West Coast v GWS Giants
Round 2, 2024
Yeo was West Coast's best. Photo: aflphotos.com.au
Sun, 24 March 2024 (3.50pm WST)
Lost by 65
GWS 16.12.108 - 5.13.43 WCE

West Coast remained entrenched at the bottom of the ladder, humbled by the Giants in their first home game of 2024. Once again the Eagles went multiple periods without kicking a major, unable to find a goal in either the second or third quarters as the ladder-leading GWS ground away, before a brief flurry to start the final term temporarily got the scoreboard moving. Elliot Yeo was his side's best with 27 disposals, eight tackles and a goal.


1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
West Coast 2.3.15 2.5.17 2.7.19 5.13.43
GWS Giants 5.4.34 8.8.56 11.11.77 16.12.108

Goals: Cripps, Hunt, Kelly, Waterman, Yeo

Best: Yeo, Hunt, Kelly, H.Reid, Ginbey, McGovern

Injuries: Nil

Substitutes: (WCE) Maric for Barnett in the third term; (GWS) Peatling for Ash in the third term

Records: WCE lowest score vs GWS Giants

Jumper: Home, blue shorts

Named sides[]

West Coast GWS Giants
B: 40.Jamieson 37.Barrass 19.Hough B: 36.Perryman 15.Taylor 39.Idun
HB: 31.Jones 20.McGovern 28.Cole HB: 6.Whitfield 44.Buckley 7.Ash
C: 14.Duggan 9.H.Reid 7.Ginbey C: 10.Wehr 22.Kelly 17.Callaghan
HF: 15.Cripps 21.Petruccelle 16.L.Edwards HF: 16.Daniels 26.Riccardi 14.Bedford
F: 13.Long 2.Waterman 10.Brockman F: 4.Greene 23.Hogan 46.Brown
R: 32.B.Williams 6.Yeo 11.Kelly R: 32.Briggs 3.Coniglio 12.Green
I: 5.Hunt 18.Chesser 27.Darling I: 33.O'Halloran 28.Thomas 27.Himmelberg
30.Barnett 41.Maric 5.Cadman 20.Peatling
E: 3.Gaff 23.Witherden 43.Dewar E: 31.McMullin 9.Angwin 25.Keeffe

In: Jones, Barnett, Maric

Out: Allen (knee), Gaff, Witherden

Quarter by quarter[]

From the coach[]

From the papers[]


Pre-season (23 March)

West Coast's reserves knocked off Subiaco in their final hit-out of the pre-season. Jack Williams kicked another three goals while the out-of-form Andrew Gaff made a rare appearance at WAFL level.

1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
Subiaco 4.2.26 7.3.45 9.3.57 10.4.64
West Coast 4.2.26 6.8.44 12.13.85 17.19.121

Goals: Barker, J.Williams 3, Johnston, Lloyd 2, Dewar, Gaff, Gillbee, Livingstone, Lucassen, Rawlinson, Sparks

Best: J.Williams, Burgiel, Hall, Trew, Livingstone, Johnston, Gaff

Injuries: tbc

Named side:

West Coast
B: 60.Mouritz 56.Creasey 35.Rotham
HB: 38.Baker 45.Burgiel 52.Spadanuda
C: 24.Johnston 66.L.Yeo 55.Gillbee
HF: 70.Lucassen 51.Sparks 36.Rawlinson
F: 34.J.Williams 50.Ruscoe 72.Armstrong
R: 39.Livingstone 29.Hall 26.Trew
I: 54.Barker 80.Charles 75.Eastough
63.Hansen 76.Lloyd 61.McCarthy
64.Mercer 71.Sambo

In: Mouritz, Spadanuda, Ruscoe, Barker

Out: Barnett, Jones, Maric (AFL), Alone, Henderson, Nitschke

Late changes: Gaff, Witherden, Dewar for Charles, Eastaugh, Mercer

Injury list[]

In the leadup to the match the following players were listed as injured or unavailable:

Player Injury Expected return
Allen Knee TBC
Hewett Foot TBC
Bazzo Groin TBC
Flynn Hamstring tendon 7-9 weeks
A.Reid Knee 5-7 weeks
Sheed Foot 3-4 weeks
Ryan Hamstring 2-4 weeks
Culley Knee 2-3 weeks
H.Edwards Finger 1 week