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Collingwood v West Coast
Round 2, 1995
Pyke in action. Photo: aflphotos.com.au
Sun, 9 April 1995 (2:10 PM EST)
Won by 4
WCE 11.14.80 - 11.10.76 COL
3 B.James (COL)
2 S.Burns (COL)
1 L.Walker (COL)

West Coast got out of jail at a rain-soaked MCG, trailing for most of the game before overcoming the Magpies by less than a kick, aided by a number of Collingwood centre-square infringements in the last term. Dean Kemp and 100-gamer Peter Matera each kicked a goal from 22 possessions in the win.


1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
Collingwood 4.2.26 8.7.55 10.8.68 11.10.76
West Coast 2.4.16 4.8.32 6.12.48 11.14.80

Goals: Ball 4, Heady 2, Brennan, Kemp, Matera, Pyke, White

Best: Kemp, Matera, Brennan, Ball, Pyke, Lewis, McKenna

Injuries: Evans (eye), Banfield (corked thigh)

Milestones: McKenna 150th game, Matera 100th game

Named sides[]

West Coast Collingwood
B: 36.Hart 14.Brennan 12.White B: 15.Hassall 4.Pert 17.Burns
HB: 24.Worsfold 7.Gehrig 17.McKenna HB: 28.Crosisca 23.Kelly 14.Watson
C: 30.Matera 2.Kemp 39.Waterman C: 5.Buckley 34.McGuane 26.Brown
HF: 9.Wilson 27.Jakovich 1.Heady HF: 10.Williams 18.Walker 32.Rowe
F: 11.McIntosh 4.Sumich 28.Lewis F: 8.B.James 16.M.Richardson 40.Hider
R: 50.Turnbull 6.Banfield 18.Evans R: 36.Rocca 29.Russell 6.Patterson
I: 26.Ball 20.Bond 10.Pyke I: 21.Christian 44.Kerrison 13.A.Richardson
E: 22.Hynes 3.Mainwaring 8.Metropolis E: 33.Liddell 43.Curran 9.Ballantyne
16.Symmons 30.Sharkey

In: Ball, Pyke

Out: Hynes, Mainwaring

Late change: Mainwaring, Symmons for Sumich (ankle), Hart (calf)

From the papers[]

The Age[]

"It takes some great qualities to absorb the sort of sustained punishment Collingwood dealt out and prevail.

The five goals West Coast produced in the last term, the last of which was a gem of a snap by Jason Ball who plucked the ball out of a forward-pocket ruck contest with two minutes to play, spoke of the enormous self-belief and resilience that only habitual winners possess.

When the screws really began to tighten, as they did in a frenetic last term, a few handy types by the names of Dean Kemp, Don Pyke, Chris Lewis and Peter Matera distinguished themselves.

There has scarcely been a better tackle than the mauling bone-rattler with which Chris Waterman stopped Jon Hassall inside the last minute. An open paddock was beckoning the Magpie tagger."[1]

Canberra Times[]

"Collingwood should have won after controlling play with disciplined defence for the first three quarters.

The Eagles managed only six goals to three-quarter time but a series of Collingwood blunders gave them hope in the final quarter.

Magpie full-back Gary Pert started to slide when he kicked out poorly after two minutes.

The resulting goal by the Eagles' Mitchell White cut the margin to 13 points.

Collingwood also gave away two unnecessary free kicks for centre-square infringements which also resulted in West Coast goals."[2]

Players in the WAFL[]

Round 1 (8 Apr)

West Perth (Turley, Blurton) vs South Fremantle (Hynes, Dunstan, Spinks)

East Fremantle (Harding) vs Claremont

Perth (Robbins, Dyer vs East Perth (Peos, Lyle)

Swan Districts vs Subiaco (Lamb, Langdon, Schofield, Metropolis, Heatley, Godden)

Injury list[]

In the lead-up to the match the following players were listed as injured or unavailable:[3]

Player Injury Expected duration
J.Spinks Knee Indefinite
Pyke Ankle Test
B.Spinks Ankle Test
Sumich Ankle Test



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