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West Coast v Adelaide
Round 2, 1994
Sun, 3 April 1994 (2:15 PM WST)
Won by 19
WCE 14.13.97 - 11.12.78 ADL
3 A.McIntosh (WCE)
2 T.McGuinness (ADL)
1 G.Jakovich (WCE)

West Coast put their first win of 1994 on the board, pulling away from the Crows in the final term of a fiery clash. Glen Jakovich had 14 marks and 20 possessions and Brett Heady fought off illness to kick five goals.


1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
West Coast 4.1.25 6.7.43 7.10.52 14.13.97
Adelaide 3.2.20 7.5.47 10.12.72 11.12.78

Goals: Heady 5, Sumich, Turnbull 2, Banfield, Kemp, Lewis, Mainwaring, Spinks

Best: Jakovich, McIntosh, Hart, Turnbull, Heady, Matera

Injuries: Harding (hip)

Named sides[]

West Coast Adelaide
B: 24.Worsfold 11.McIntosh 14.Brennan B: 13.Lee 45.Rouvray 49.Viska
HB: 17.McKenna 27.Jakovich 9.Wilson HB: 34.Hart 35.Jameson 26.Bickley
C: 30.Matera 2.Kemp 7.Turley C: 1.Anderson 32.Ricciuto 12.Tregenza
HF: 1.Heady 29.Spinks 28.Lewis HF: 21.Brown 7.Smart 33.Weidemann
F: 20.Bond 4.Sumich 50.Turnbull F: 9.Hall 6.Modra 27.Liptak
R: 23.Harding 10.Pyke 36.Hart R: 52.Rehn 10.McDermott 11.McGuinness
I: 6.Banfield 3.Mainwaring 39.Waterman I: 15.Pittman 2.Jarman 18.Maynard
E: 32.Clape 22.Hynes E: 14.Wigney 39.Ross

In: Mainwaring

Out: Evans (foot)

Late change: (ADL) Wigney for Anderson

From the papers[]

The Age[]

"Vice-captain Tony McGuinness was his usual creative self for the Crows, but his teammates clearly struggled to play out four quarters in near 30-degree heat.

The Eagles also had the better of the ruck duel, with Ryan Turnbull, playing only his 13th game, beating Shaun Rehn and David Pittman after regular Eagles ruckman Paul Harding limped off with a hip injury in the third term.

Lewis and Turnbull scored vital goals in the final term, and Adelaide coach Graham Cornes could only watch as his side squandered the lead."[1]

Canberra Times[]

"The Crows seemed poised to record their first AFL win in Perth after midfielders Mark Bickley and Tony McGuinness gave Adelaide a strong advantage going into the final term.

But Heady returned to the brilliant form that was the feature of his debut year in 1990, kicking four goals in 14 minutes in a lively performance on the half-forward line.

Heady was suffering from a virus and diarrhoea and kept the illness a secret from the Eagles medical staff, much to the Malthouse's despair."[2]


Round 1 (2-4 April)

Perth (Gehrig) vs Subiaco (Lamb, Metropolis, Schofield, Hampson, Heatley, Thomson)

Claremont vs West Perth (Symmons)

East Perth (Clape, Lyle) vs Swan Districts (Ugle, Ball)

East Fremantle vs South Fremantle (Hynes)

Injury list[]

In the lead-up to the match the following players were listed as injured or unavailable:[3]

Player Injury Expected duration
White Groin Indefinite
Krummel Knee 6 weeks
Langdon Suspension 2 weeks
Mainwaring Hamstring Test



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