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West Coast v Melbourne
Round 22, 2000
McKenna in his final game. Photo: aflphotos.com.au
Sun, 6 August 2000 (1:10 PM WST)
Lost by 70
MEL 26.14.170 - 15.10.100 WCE
3 A.Yze (MEL)
2 S.Woewodin (MEL)
1 S.Powell (MEL)

West Coast closed the door on their worst season in over a decade, and the career of decorated skipper Guy McKenna, with a big loss to the finals-bound Demons. The Eagles started brightly but Melbourne piled on nine goals in the second term to take the game away from them. Andrew Donnelly kicked four goals and Dean Kemp had 27 possessions.


1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
West Coast 5.1.31 8.3.51 10.6.66 15.10.100
Melbourne 4.4.28 13.5.83 19.9.123 26.14.170

Goals: Donnelly 4, Chambers, Pe.Matera 2, Cousins, Embley, Jakovich, Jones, McKenna, Munro, White

Best: Kemp, Morrison, Donnelly, Cousins, Fletcher, Embley

Injuries: Jakovich (cut eye)

Milestones: Cousins 100th game, Hunter AFL debut, Donnelly final appearance, McKenna final appearance, Symmons final appearance, White final appearance

Named sides[]

West Coast Melbourne
B: 17.McKenna 11.McIntosh 23.Glass B: 42.Walsh 27.Ingerson 28.Collins
HB: 30.Pe.Matera 27.Jakovich 5.Morrison HB: 21.S.Febey 44.Nicholson 13.Yze
C: 15.Chambers 2.Kemp 37.Williams C: 7.Powell 22.Woewodin 23.A.McDonald
HF: 31.Munro 29.Donnelly 18.Jones HF: 18.Green 5.Schwarz 24.Robertson
F: 41.Fletcher 12.White 32.Embley F: 33.Farmer 9.Neitz 46.Simmonds
R: 50.Turnbull 6.Banfield 9.Cousins R: 34.White 36.Leoncelli 43.Rigoni
I: 47.Green 38.Haynes 39.Hunter I: 16.Johnstone 32.Bruce 4.Grgic
16.Symmons 26.Ward
E: 45.Bellotti 35.Crabb 42.Rintoul E: 30.Godfrey 15.Hopgood 14.Pitt

In: McKenna, Donnelly, Symmons, Hunter

Out: Read (susp), Gardiner (susp), Ph.Matera (ribs), Metropolis (hamstring)

New: Adam Hunter (Swan Districts/South Bunbury JFC)

From the papers[]

The Age[]

"For a brief period in the first quarter West Coast appeared hell-bent on causing a major upset to mark the champion defender's retirement. Significantly it was a long-time McKenna teammate, Dean Kemp, who started the drive from the centre square, and a man playing for his football life, Andrew Donnelly, who became the focal point in attack.

Donnelly has been touted as a candidate for both trading and delisting but he did his prospects of continuing no harm by kicking four first-half goals.

The Eagles jumped two goals clear twice in the first half. At first they were aided and abetted by Melbourne's errant kicking. Jeff Farmer, David Neitz and David Schwarz all missed first-quarter shots they normally would have swallowed and with Donnelly marking strongly and kicking straight, there was just the faintest whiff of an upset in the air at Subiaco.

Yze laid that to rest pretty quickly. He kicked Melbourne's first goal, set up the second and added two more second-quarter goals as the Demons took control of the game."[1]


Round 19 (5 August)

West Perth (S.Duckworth) vs East Perth (Wooden, Antonowicz, Cox)

Claremont (Crabb, Bellotti) vs Perth

South Fremantle (Gaspar, McGrath) vs East Fremantle (Rintoul)

Subiaco (Holmes) vs Peel (Hill)

Bye: Swan Districts

Round 20 (12 August)

East Perth (Wooden, Chambers, Antonowicz, Haynes, Munro, Cox) vs Subiaco (Holmes)

Claremont (Crabb) vs West Perth (S.Duckworth)

East Fremantle (Green) vs Perth

Swan Districts (Hunter) vs South Fremantle (Gaspar, McGrath)

Bye: Peel

Round 21 (19 August)

Peel (Hill) vs East Perth (Chambers, Antonowicz, O'Brien, Haynes, Munro, Cox)

West Perth (S.Duckworth) vs East Fremantle (Green)

Subiaco (Holmes) vs Claremont (Crabb)

Perth vs Swan Districts (Hunter)

Bye: South Fremantle

Semi Finals (27 August)

East Perth (Wooden, Chambers, Antonowicz, O'Brien, Munro, Cox) vs Subiaco (Holmes)

Claremont (Crabb) vs East Fremantle

Prelim Final (3 Sept)

East Fremantle vs Subiaco

Grand Final (10 Sept)

East Perth (Wooden, Chambers, Antonowicz, O'Brien, Haynes, Munro, Cox) def East Fremantle (Green). Future Eagle Troy Wilson also won a premiership medal and Cox was judged best afield.

Injury list[]

In the leadup to the match the following players were listed as injured or unavailable:[2]

Player Injury Expected duration
Cummings Groin Season
Wirrpanda Foot Season
Braun Knee Season
J.Duckworth Hamstring Season
Gardiner Suspension 2 weeks
Read Suspension 2 weeks
McKenna Back Test
Metropolis Hamstring Test
Ph.Matera Concussion Test
Rintoul Virus Test
White Ribs Test



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