West Coast v Adelaide
Round 21, 2019
Sun, 11 August 2019 (2.40pm WST)
Won by 10
WCE 13.12.90 - 12.8.80
3 J.Darling (WCE)
2 E.Yeo (WCE)
1 D.Fogarty (ADL)

West Coast scored an important, grinding win over Adelaide to continue their push for a top two berth. The Eagles struggled to shake off Adelaide for much of the match, with a third-quarter burst of four straight goals ultimately proving the difference between the two sides. Willie Rioli had a career-high 21 possessions along with seven tackles, while Jack Darling also laid seven tackles to go with his three goals and 16 touches.


1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
West Coast 3.4.22 6.6.42 11.9.75 13.12.90
Adelaide 1.4.10 6.5.41 8.5.53 12.8.80

Goals: O.Allen, Darling, Waterman 3, Kennedy, Rioli, Ryan, Sheed

Best: Yeo, Darling, Gaff, Rioli, Sheed, Shuey

Injuries: Nil

Milestones: O.Allen Rising Star nomination

Named sidesEdit

West Coast Adelaide
B: 25.Hurn 37.Barrass 31.Schofield B: 16.Brown 12.Talia 8.Kelly
HB: 23.Jetta 20.McGovern 5.Sheppard HB: 33.Smith 15.Hartigan 29.Laird
C: 15.Cripps 8.Redden 3.Gaff C: 9.Sloane 2.B.Crouch 14.Mackay
HF: 4.Sheed 27.Darling 1.Ryan HF: 30.Milera 13.Walker 27.Lynch
F: 44.Rioli 17.Kennedy 12.O.Allen F: 44.Murphy 32.Fogarty 18.Betts
R: 16.Hickey 6.Yeo 13.Shuey R: 24.Jacobs 5.M.Crouch 6.Gibbs
I: 2.Waterman 21.Petruccelle 30.Nelson I: 3.Knight 21.Atkins 22.Otten
34.Hutchings 26.Douglas
E: 7.Masten 35.Rotham 39.Cameron E: 1.Greenwood 11.Seedsman 20.Jones
41.Ah Chee 43.O'Brien

In: Cripps, Hutchings

Out: Cameron (managed), Masten

Quarter by quarterEdit

Both sides went in as named. The game was played in fine conditions.

Club Champion votesEdit


Darling 15 Sheed 8
Shuey 15 Schofield 7
Yeo 15 Barrass 6
Rioli 14 Hickey 6
McGovern 13 Ryan 6
Waterman 10 Cripps 5
Allen 9 Hutchings 5
Gaff 9 Hurn 4
Nelson 9 Kennedy 4
Sheppard 9 Petruccelle 3
Redden 8 Jetta 1

From the coachEdit

From the papersEdit

The West AustralianEdit

"The Crows were in the game and hanging on but for how long? The answer came between the five and seventeen minute marks of the third term when the visitors could hold no longer.

Darling and Walker had exchanged early goals in the quarter – Walker when West Coast captain Shannon Hurn knocked a ball through from outside the 10 metre square, a ruling the Eagles crowd neither understood or appreciated.

But then Dom Sheed, Waterman and Allen rattled on goals in a seven-minute burst. When Kennedy finally managed to get clear of Talia and kick his first at the 17-minute mark the lead had blown to 27 points and the visitors were on life support.

The impressive Fogarty continued to present and convert and his fourth goal as the term headed into time on meant the lead was retrievable in theory. But not many teams come from three-and-a-half goals behind the Eagles to beat them in the last quarter at Optus Stadium. Not many were betting on that changing this time."[2]

The AgeEdit

"Not for the first time in the latter stages of this season the Eagles failed to kick away from their opponents when they had clear momentum.

In the opening quarter they had 21 inside 50s to the Crows six, but could manage only a two-goal lead at the break.

All of the statistics were suggesting the flood gates were about to open and the Eagles.

But Matt Crouch and Sloane combined for 25 touches between them in the second term to turn the tide."[3]


Round 18 (10 August)

West Coast kept their finals hopes alive with a hard-fought win over Perth at Lathlain Park. The Eagles overcame some wayward goalkicking and a determined Demons side to win by 19 points and stay in touch with the top five. Defenders Josh Rotham and Tom Cole each had a team-high 24 touches and rucks Keegan Brooksby and Nathan Vardy combined for six goals.

1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
Perth 2.2.14 4.4.28 5.7.37 7.10.52
West Coast 5.4.34 5.10.40 7.14.56 9.17.71

Goals: Brooksby, Vardy 3, Ah Chee, Grey, Reid

Best: Cole, Brayshaw, Rotham, Vardy, Grey, Ah Chee

Injuries: Nil

Named side:

West Coast
B: 64.Curnow 9.Petrie 26.Watson
HB: 51.Fisher 42.Edwards 28.Cole
C: 24.O'Neill 43.M.Allen 33.Ainsworth
HF: 38.Mutimer 47.Bines 61.Robilliard
F: 32.Williams 40.Brooksby 66.Reid
R: 19.Vardy 11.Grey 22.Brayshaw
I: 59.Ashman 55.Flint 65.Hobbs
E: 63.Lamont 52.Acres 58.Busher

In: Cole, Petrie, Grey, Hobbs, Hug

Out: Hutchings, Ah Chee, Rotham (AFL), Duggan (ankle), Brander (hamstring)

Late changes: Ah Chee, Rotham for Ashman, Hobbs

Injury listEdit

In the leadup to the match the following players were listed as injured or unavailable:

Player Injury Expected return
Venables Concussion Season
Naitanui Ankle Indefinite
Brander Hamstring Indefinite
Duggan Ankle TBC
Foley Calf 1-2 weeks
Cripps Adductor Test
McInnes* Quad TBC (not on official list)
Riach* Stress fracture TBC
Smith* Hamstring 4 weeks


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