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Geelong v West Coast
Round 21, 2005
Nicoski looks on as the Abletts celebrate a goal. Photo: aflphotos.com.au
Sat, 20 August 2005 (2:10 PM EST)
Lost by 76
GEE 16.13.109 - 5.3.33 WCE
3 J.Rooke (GEE)
2 M.Scarlett (GEE)
1 C.Mooney (GEE)

West Coast failed to turn up, smashed all over Kardinia Park by a ruthless Geelong side that was determined to lock up a finals spot. The Cats scored more in the first quarter than a hapless Eagles' forward line was able to manage all day, and held their opposition scoreless for the entire third quarter. The hard-running Michael Braun (22 possessions) and youngster Mark Nicoski (21 possessions and a goal) were two of very few Eagles who could hold their heads high.


1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
Geelong 5.4.34 10.7.67 12.12.84 16.13.109
West Coast 1.2.8 3.3.21 3.3.21 5.3.33

Goals: Staker 2, Cousins, Nicoski, Seaby

Best: Braun, Fletcher, Nicoski

Injuries: Nil

Milestones: Cousins 100th game as captain

Records: WCE equal-lowest score vs Geelong

Named sides[]

West Coast Geelong
B: 6.Banfield 23.Glass 41.Staker B: 39.Milburn 30.Scarlett 2.Harley
HB: 17.Chick 39.Hunter 5.Stenglein HB: 33.Rooke 21.Mooney 41.Hunt
C: 4.Kerr 9.Cousins 10.Braun C: 15.Riccardi 3.Bartel 17.Byrnes
HF: 18.R.Jones 29.Hansen 12.Morton HF: 29.G.Ablett 22.Playfair 20.S.Johnson
F: 28.Sampi 21.Lynch 14.Seaby F: 18.Kingsley 23.N.Ablett 35.Chapman
R: 20.Cox 3.Judd 7.Fletcher R: 1.King 11.Corey 45.Ling
I: 1.Gardiner 28.B.Jones 31.Nicoski I: 9.Kelly 19.Egan 27.Sanderson
39.Selwood 31.Chambers
E: 26.Butler 48.Graham 19.LeCras E: 36.Koulouriotis 10.Tenace 4.Mackie

In: Hansen

Out: Wirrpanda (family bereavement)

Late change: (GEE) Tenace, Mackie for Chapman (hamstring), Hunt (appendix)

From the papers[]

The West Australian[]

"The Eagles crumbled under pressure and were woeful in Geelong.

They played more like cellar dwellers than a team sitting on top of the tree. Ben Cousins was beaten by Cameron Ling, though it mystified to see Cousins spend so much time outside the centre square; Chris Judd fought hard but was nullified by Jarad Rooke; Matthew Scarlett obliterated Quinten Lynch while the lesser lights played to their billing.

Chad Fletcher was their best but even he had trouble for a time with an unlikely opponent in Cameron Mooney.

It was not just poor skills, failure to run to help teammates or lame tackling - their intensity was well below the high standard they have set this season."[1]

The Sunday Age[]

"Geelong, while solid, was hardly overwhelming, but showed it could still do more than make up the numbers come September. The Cats would have been disappointed they did not put away West Coast by far more, having controlled the game from the moment they scored their first two points.

The Cats destroyed West Coast at its own game - winning the contests around the ground and being able to run with numbers - leaving the hapless Eagles to seemingly wonder what was going on. Not one Geelong player was a passenger. The Cats had 80 more kicks, split the difference with handballs but led the tackle count 65 to 46.

Soon-to-be out-of-contract Jimmy Bartels led the way, and showed why the Cats were so eager to get his signature. Normally reliable stopper Tyson Stenglein could do little more than just follow in Bartels' wake."[2]

Players in the WAFL[]

Round 22 (20 August)

Perth (Adkins, Butler) vs South Fremantle (Gaspar, Graham)

East Perth (Beeck) vs Claremont (Gardiner). Wilkes played reserves

West Perth (Sharp) vs Peel (Rosa, Thornton)

Swan Districts vs Subiaco

Bye: East Fremantle

Injury list[]

In the lead-up to the round the following players were listed as injured or unavailable:[3]

Player Injury Expected duration
Smith Knee Season
Waters Groin 3 weeks (On LTI list, replaced by Edwards)
McConnell Glandular fever 2 weeks
Edwards Knee 2 weeks
Embley Foot Test
McDougall Shoulder Test
Matera Groin Test
Wooden Groin Test
Gardiner Foot Test
Humm Ankle Test
Hansen Thigh Available



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