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West Coast v Carlton
Round 21, 1995
Sun, 27 August 1995 (4:15 PM WST)
Lost by 1
CAR 15.15.105 - 16.8.104 WCE
3 P.Matera (WCE)
2 M.Hanna (CAR)
1 D.Pyke (WCE)

West Coast and Carlton played out an enthralling contest in a finals-like atmosphere, with the top-of-the-table Blues finishing ahead by a solitary point. Peter Matera led the Eagles with 26 possessions and two goals. Chris Lewis also kicked two goals but, in an unfortunate postscript to the clash, was revealed to have been racially vilified by Carlton's Greg Williams.


1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
West Coast 6.1.37 11.1.67 12.6.78 16.8.104
Carlton 4.3.27 9.7.61 11.11.77 15.15.105

Goals: McIntosh 4, Heady, Lewis, Matera 2, Ball, Banfield, Gehrig, Kemp, Turnbull, Worsfold

Best: Matera, Gehrig, Jakovich, White, Ball

Injuries: Nil

Named sides[]

West Coast Carlton
B: 24.Worsfold 12.White 17.McKenna B: 23.Rice 1.Silvagni 14.Sexton
HB: 39.Waterman 27.Jakovich 16.Symmons HB: 39.Christou 35.Dean 5.McKay
C: 36.Hart 10.Pyke 30.Matera C: 43.Koutoufides 2.Williams 16.Camporeale
HF: 8.Metropolis 25.Gehrig 28.Lewis HF: 13.Hanna 11.Spalding 6.Clape
F: 11.McIntosh 26.Ball 37.Lyle F: 19.Pearce 4.Kernahan 7.Ratten
R: 50.Turnbull 2.Kemp 3.Mainwaring R: 44.Madden 21.Bradley 20.Brown
I: 18.Evans 1.Heady 6.Banfield I: 8.Bond 22.Manton 32.Whitehead
E: 40.Downsborough 9.Wilson 7.Turley E: 24.Allan 34.De Iulio 17.Heaver
21.Schofield 33.Hogg

In: McIntosh, Heady, Evans

Out: Brennan (hamstring), Hynes (ankle), Turley

Late change: (WCE) Wilson for Waterman; (CAR) Heaver, De Iulio for Brown (groin), Pearce (knee)

From the papers[]

The Age[]

"Both sides tackled solidly all day, but the umpires chose to let play flow, rather than award too many technical frees.

Peter Matera shone down his wing and through the midfield. Time and time again, he led the inexperienced Camporeale on a chase. To his credit, Camporeale managed to grab the speedster on two occasions.

Stephen Silvagni was staunch in defence, soundly assisted by Michael Sexton, Dean Rice, Peter Dean and Andrew McKay.

Both sides had 10 goalkickers, with Ashley McIntosh kicking four majors and getting involved in some of the day's heaviest action."[1]

Players in the WAFL[]

Round 20 (26 Aug)

West Perth (Turley, Blurton, Downsborough) vs Subiaco (Langdon, Schofield, Godden)

Perth (Robbins, Sikora, Dyer) vs Claremont

East Perth (Peos) vs South Fremantle (Sumich)

East Fremantle vs Swan Districts

Injury list[]

In the lead-up to the match the following players were listed as injured or unavailable:[2]

Player Injury Expected duration
J.Spinks Knee Season
Dunstan Arm Season
Harding Knee Season
Heatley Quadriceps Season
Brennan Hamstring 2 weeks
McIntosh Quadriceps Test
McKenna Thigh Test
Evans Ankle Available
Sumich Quadriceps Available



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  2. The Age (23 August 1995, p.36), "AFL injury list"