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West Coast v Melbourne
Round 20, 1990
Sun, 19 August 1990 (2:10 PM WST)
Lost by 36
MEL 21.13.139 - 15.13.103 WCE
3 B.Lovett (MEL)
2 J.Stynes (MEL)
1 A.Obst (MEL)

West Coast stumbled against fellow finals aspirants Melbourne, giving up 13 goals in the second half en route to a six-goal loss. Chris Lewis kicked three goals from 26 disposals and Steve Malaxos picked up 32 possessions.


1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
West Coast 1.3.9 5.5.35 10.8.68 15.13.103
Melbourne 4.5.29 8.8.56 15.10.100 21.13.139

Goals: Lewis, Sumich, Waterman 3, Irving 2, Lamb, Langdon, Malaxos, Narkle

Best: Lewis, Irving, Waterman, Malaxos, Hart, Melesso

Injuries: Lamb (arm)

Reports: Melesso for treading on the head of E.Spalding

Records: Melbourne highest score vs WCE

Milestones: Melesso final appearance, Miles final appearance

Named sides[]

West Coast Melbourne
B: 35.Ugle 14.Brennan 6.Miles B: 8.Yeats 10.Hughes 46.Mahoney
HB: 17.McKenna 26.Melesso 44.Begovich HB: 17.B.Lovett 5.Spalding 3.Lyon
C: 33.Kemp 8.Malaxos 3.Mainwaring C: 18.Stretch 7.Wilson 14.Grinter
HF: 39.Heady 40.McGrath 7.Turley HF: 25.Eishold 4.Campbell 26.J.Viney
F: 19.Langdon 4.Sumich 36.Hart F: 45.Jackson 19.Bennett 29.Obst
R: 34.Irving 5.Lamb 28.Lewis R: 11.Stynes 41.Rohde 33.Healy
I: 41.Narkle 12.Scott I: 15.Tingay 37.Flintoff
E: 25.Keene 1.Pyke 31.Waterman E: 21.S.Febey 28.Howat 54.Heaver

In: Sumich, Narkle

Out: Wilson (jaw), Pyke

Late change: (WCE) Waterman for McGrath; (MEL) S.Febey for Flintoff

From the papers[]

The Age[]

"Each quarter had a remarkably similar pattern. The Demons kicked away to a handy lead, the Eagles punched back to an occasionally threatening position, only to witness the fruits of their hard labour being dissipated by another sequence of quick Melbourne forays in the following term.

Darren Bennett set the pattern against his old team in the first quarter, when he had Melbourne's first four goals on the board before his counterpart, Peter Sumich, kicked the Eagles' first.

Bennett kicked his fifth early in the second quarter (it was a tribute to Michael Brennan's perseverance that the Demon goalsneak was limited to six for the game) and a snapped goal by Ricky Jackson took Melbourne to a 32-point lead after only four minutes of the second term."[1]

Canberra Times[]

"Bennett had little trouble breaking free from Eagles defenders Michael Brennan and Geoff Miles.

The former Eagles' sharpshooter kicked four goals in the opening 15 minutes and gave the Demons a lead the home team could never overcome.

West Coast's regular contributors Guy McKenna, Brennan, Dwayne Lamb and forward Peter Sumich succumbed to the finals-like atmosphere in a worrying sign for coach Mick Malthouse.

Many Victorian football experts expect the Eagles to falter in the finals in Melbourne and their form yesterday did little to silence the critics."[2]

Players in the WAFL[]

Round 20 (18 August)

Claremont (Cormack, O'Connell, Pyke, Mann) vs East Fremantle (Lockyer, Browning)

Swan Districts (Rance) vs East Perth (Turner, Peos)

South Fremantle (Watters) vs Subiaco (Keene, Breman, Cable, Hutchinson)

Perth (Barich) vs West Perth

Injury list[]

In the lead-up to the match the following players were listed as injured or unavailable:[3]

Player Injury Expected duration
Laidley Knee reconstruction Season
MacNish Arm surgery Season
Wilson Broken jaw 3-6 weeks
Annear Fractured skull 3-4 weeks
Worsfold Suspenion 1 week
Matera Knee OK
Sumich Hamstring OK



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