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West Coast v N.Melbourne
Round 1, 2011
Darling, Shuey and Gaff celebrate their first win. Photo: aflphotos.com.au
Sun, 27 March 2011 (4:10 PM WST)
Won by 4
WCE 13.14.92 - 13.10.88 NM
3 D.Cox (WCE)
2 L.Adams (NM)
1 L.Shuey (WCE)

On a hot Sunday afternoon, West Coast overcame the loss of Nic Naitanui before the bounce and Chris Masten and Mark LeCras to serious-looking injuries during the match to post a narrow win over North to kick off the season. The Eagles led by 19 points during the third term but North Melbourne fought their way back to lead at the final change. Three goals from West Coast to start the final term restored the lead, and a goal to Luke Shuey sealed the win. In the absence of Naitanui and North's Todd Goldstein, Dean Cox dominated the ruck before suffering cramp in the second half, while draftees Jack Darling and Andrew Gaff impressed greatly on debut.


1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
West Coast 3.7.25 6.9.45 9.12.66 13.14.92
North Melbourne 4.3.27 6.5.41 10.8.68 13.10.88

Goals: Cox, Darling, LeCras, Nicoski 2, Ebert, Embley, Kennedy, Priddis, Shuey

Best: Cox, Embley, A.Selwood, Priddis, Shuey, Darling, Nicoski

Injuries: Masten (knee), LeCras (groin)

Sub: Gaff for Masten (knee) at quarter time

Milestones: Darling AFL debut, Gaff AFL debut

Named side[]

West Coast N.Melbourne
B: 12.Sheppard 23.Glass 25.Hurn B: 3.Rawlings 39.Pedersen 16.Thompson
HB: 8.Waters 1.Brown 10.S.Selwood HB: 11.Firrito 25.Tarrant 21.Richardson
C: 24.Rosa 11.Priddis 32.Embley C: 8.Wells 4.Anthony 29.Harvey
HF: 5.Ebert 17.Kennedy 13.Shuey HF: 18.Atley 6.Hansen 42.McMahon
F: 27.Darling 9.Naitanui 2.LeCras F: 19.Wright 26.McKinley 12.Thomas
R: 20.Cox 7.Masten 37.A.Selwood R: 22.Goldstein 9.Swallow 32.Garlett
I: 43.Hams 21.Lynch 35.McGinnity I: 7.Ziebell 10.Cunnington 13.Adams
31.Schofield 27.Edwards
E: 6.Nicoski 36.C.Wilson 3.Gaff E: 5.Warren 14.Urquhart 30.Pratt

Late changes: (WCE) Nicoski, Gaff for Naitanui (shoulder), McGinnity (foot), (NM) Warren for Goldstein (ill)

New: Jack Darling (West Perth/Sorrento-Duncraig JFC), Andrew Gaff (Oakleigh Chargers/Kew Comets JFC)

Club Champion votes[]

Cox 25 Hurn 12
A.Selwood 25 LeCras 11
Nicoski 20 Schofield 11
Embley 19 Brown 10
Priddis 16 Gaff 10
Rosa 16 Kennedy 10
Lynch 14 S.Selwood 10
Shuey 14 Waters 10
Darling 13 Hams 7
Ebert 13 Sheppard 5
Glass 12 Masten 2


From the coach[]

"Yeah it was a really intense win for us. Very proud of the way the players held up in a lot of individual efforts in terms of taking up a lot of the slack so we could keep some rotations going.

"...We had to dig deep. A lot of the defenders especially knew they weren't going to get a rest. Quinten Lynch taking over the ruck work with Dean Cox struggling in the last quarter. Some of those efforts were great for us. They had to hold up and stay out there.

"...People had question marks on players like Mark Nicoski, they publicly questioned his selection. Brad Ebert there is a lot of questions on and he performed really strongly. Should have kicked two goals and gave one away. I thought Masten started all right for us and Luke Shuey coming in, some of Brad Sheppard's efforts in the last quarter. It is exciting."[2]

From the papers[]

The West Australian[]

"The victory came through a myriad of brave acts by West Coast players.

From the first-half heroics of Embley, who wasn't supposed to run around like a sheepdog in the 30C heat, to the relentless work of Matt Priddis and the collective defensive work of the Eagles backs.

It came, too, because of Adam Selwood's selfless acts on effervescent Roos playmaker Brent Harvey, who was corralled more than normal, finishing with only 11 touches and a solitary goal.

And, it resulted from the works of the West Coast tyros, the new chums who were collected in last year's draft, especially Jack Darling, who throws his 18-year-old frame with purpose and menace."[3]


"Cox and Embley led a West Coast revival, with the home side grabbing the lead briefly before Anthony regained the advantage for the visitors on the stroke of quarter-time.

The Eagles rued missed opportunities in the first quarter, with the home side scoring seven behinds, including three to late inclusion Mark Nicoski.

Josh Kennedy put West Coast back in front early in the second and when LeCras kicked truly after pouncing on a loose ball 40m out from goal, the Eagles looked in control and set to run away with the match.

But North, renowned for their Shinboner spirit, refused to lie down in the heat to hit the front once again."[4]


Round 1 (19 March)

East Fremantle (Kerr, Sheppard, Stevens, Brennan, Houlihan) vs Claremont (B.Jones, Swift, McGinnity, Stevenson, Weedon, Broome, Hamp). McGovern played reserves

Swan Districts vs East Perth

Bye: West Perth, Perth, Subiaco, South Fremantle, Peel

Round 2 (25-26 March)

Subiaco vs West Perth (Strijk)

East Perth vs South Fremantle (C.Wilson)

Claremont (MacKenzie, B.Jones, Swift, Stevenson, Weedon, Broome, Hamp) vs Swan Districts. McGovern played reserves

Perth (Butler, Smith) vs East Fremantle (Kerr, Dalziell, Stevens, Brennan, Houlihan)

Bye: Peel

Injury list[]

In the lead-up to the round the following players were listed as injured:

Player Injury Expected duration
Neates Groin 9 weeks (placed on LTI 22/3/11, replaced by Hams)
Kerr Hamstring Test
Brown Shoulder Available
Naitanui Shoulder Available




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