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Brisbane v West Coast
Round 1, 2009
West Coast were crunched in the third term. Photo: aflphotos.com.au
Sat, 28 March 2009 (6:10 PM EST)
Lost by 9
BRI 14.11.95 - 13.8.86 WCE
3 L.Power (BRI)
2 T.Johnstone (BR)
1 M.LeCras (WCE)

West Coast led by 38 points when Mark LeCras kicked his fourth goal early in the second quarter and looked set for a big win. Brisbane steadied and then exploded after half time, kicking nine goals to two in the third, ending up winning by nine points. LeCras finished with six goals and Dean Cox had 23 touches and 26 hitouts.


1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
Brisbane 2.1.13 5.3.33 14.6.90 14.11.95
West Coast 6.2.38 9.4.58 11.8.74 13.8.86

Goals: LeCras 6, Hansen 3, Cox, Hurn, Kerr, Lynch

Best: LeCras, Hurn, Cox, Wirrpanda, Masten, Hansen

Injuries: Nil

Named side[]

West Coast Brisbane
B: 38.B.Jones 23.Glass 44.Wirrpanda B: 24.Patfull 21.Merrett 9.McGrath
HB: 6.Nicoski 16.MacKenzie 25.Hurn HB: 39.Drummond 26.Macdonald 6.Power
C: 24.Rosa 4.Kerr 30.Spangher C: 7.Adcock 20.Black 34.Dalziell
HF: 41.Staker 29.Hansen 26.Butler HF: 11.Sherman 16.Brown 35.Rischitelli
F: 1.Brown 21.Lynch 2.LeCras F: 1.Clark 36.Bradshaw 4.Johnstone
R: 20.Cox 11.Priddis 13.Masten R: 23.Leuenberger 5.Harding 10.Rich
I: 18.Ebert 32.Embley 14.Seaby I: 33.Hooper 32.Stiller 22.Collier
5.Stenglein 28.Selwood
E: 7.Fletcher 27.McKinley 10.S.Selwood E: 19.Charman 8.Notting 31.Polkinghorne

Late change: (WCE) Fletcher for B.Jones; (BRI) Charman for Black

From the papers[]

The West Australian[]

"Although the Eagles had led by 38 points and maintained a 25-point buffer at half-time, the game was about to turn quickly.

Midfield stars Travis Johnstone and Luke Power took charge as WA ruckman Matthew Leuenberger fought hard to match Cox.

And as much as David Wirrpanda's silky defence crucial to helping build a lead, he was now under pressure as Rhan Hooper exploded for three goals in ten minutes.

Brisbane's defence also started to turn the tide, with Joel Patfull blunding many attacks and Troy Selwood putting a personal tutoring session from Voss on Friday afternoon to effective use against Daniel Kerr."[1]

The Sunday Age[]

"Three Lions goals early in the third term shaved the margin to a mere five points, until Shannon Hurn - another Eagle returning from an injury-ruined season - kicked a booming 65-metre goal to stem the tide. But a lively Rhan Hooper responded with his second snap in five minutes, bringing the crowd to life.

Suddenly the hesitant Lions of earlier in the match couldn't miss: Michael Rischitelli pinned a long set-shot with aplomb; Hooper, so troubled in the pre-season, had a fourth and was proving impossible to contain; Daniel Bradshaw marked running with the flight of the ball for his third.

A third goal to Brown - finally shaking himself free of Glass - made it nine goals for the quarter to the Lions and a handy 16-point buffer going into the final stanza.

From there, the Lions lost their fluidity, and for a time it looked like it might cost them dearly as they reverted to their earlier timidity, failing to kick another goal while seeking to protect their lead. But the Eagles were also tiring, and despite controlling much of the last-quarter play were unable to make inroads into the margin."[2]

Players in the WAFL[]

Round 1 (20-21 March)

Subiaco (Cockie) vs Claremont (Swift, Stevenson, Bedford)

South Fremantle (Wilson) v Swan Districts (Hunter, Notte, Davis)

East Fremantle (McNamara, Houlihan) v Peel (Ebert, Schofield)

West Perth vs East Perth

Bye: Perth

Round 2 (27-28 March)

East Perth (McKinley) vs East Fremantle (Kennedy, McNamara, Houlihan)

Peel (Schofield) v Perth (S.Selwood, Sullivan)

Swan Districts (Hunter, Notte, Davis) v Subiaco (Cockie)

West Perth vs South Fremantle

Bye: Claremont

Injury list[]

In the lead-up to the match the following players were listed as injured or unavailable:

Player Injury Expected duration
Waters Elbow Season
Wilkes Finger 5 weeks
Naitanui Knee 4 weeks
Shuey Groin 3-4 weeks
McGinnity Broken jaw 2 week
Smith Hamstring 2 weeks
A.Selwood Knee 1 week
Embley Knee Test
Hunter Shoulder Test
Kennedy Foot Test



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