Adelaide v West Coast
Round 1, 2005
Stenglein on debut against his former side. Photo:
Sun, 27 March 2005 (2:45 PM CST)
Won by 11
WCE 9.10.64 - 7.11.53 ADL
3 D.Kerr (WCE)
2 T.Edwards (ADL)
1 A.Embley (WCE)

On a sunny Easter Sunday, West Coast came from behind to beat the Crows in Adelaide for the first time since 1996. Both sides struggled to shake off the pre-season rust, but Adelaide led for most of the match before a couple of final-quarter goals from Andrew Embley and one from Ashley Hansen turned the match for the Eagles. Embley had 21 touches to go with his three goals, and Daniel Kerr and Ben Cousins also had plenty of the ball.

Summary[edit | edit source]

1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
Adelaide 3.3.21 5.7.37 7.9.51 7.11.53
West Coast 1.1.7 3.4.22 6.5.41 9.10.64

Goals: Embley 3, Cox, Gardiner, Hansen, Hunter, Matera, Sampi

Best: Kerr, Wirrpanda, Cousins, Fletcher, Braun, Cox

Injuries: McDougall (shoulder), Cousins (finger)

Milestones: Stenglein WCE debut

Named sides[edit | edit source]

West Coast Adelaide
B: 44.Wirrpanda 23.Glass 39.Hunter B: 8.Bassett 25.Rutten 34.Hart
HB: 6.Banfield 41.Staker 5.Stenglein HB: 11.Doughty 16.McGregor 39.Mattner
C: 26.Butler 7.Fletcher 10.Braun C: 24.Burton 32.Ricciuto 33.Reilly
HF: 32.Embley 29.Hansen 9.Cousins HF: 12.Shirley 19.M.Stevens 37.Hentschel
F: 28.Sampi 21.Lynch 1.Gardiner F: 18.Johncock 22.Perrie 17.Welsh
R: 20.Cox 3.Judd 4.Kerr R: 13.Hudson 23.McLeod 9.Edwards
I: 33.Matera 17.Chick 2.McDougall I: 4.Clarke 10.Bode 14.Skipworth
37.Selwood 28.Begley
E: 16.Adkins 18.R.Jones 38.B.Jones E: 7.Van Berlo 35.Biglands 44.Bock

Late change: B.Jones for Selwood

New: Tyson Stenglein (Adelaide/Subiaco)

From the papers[edit | edit source]

The West Australian[edit | edit source]

"At the long break, the Eagles had scored three goals from 27 trips inside 50m.

The Crows were not much better with five goals from 22 trips, but they led by 15 points.

It was not a great spectacle and it was not helped when three of the most talented players in the game - Mark Ricciuto, Andrew McLeod and Chris Judd - were ruthlessly tagged out of the contest.

Stenglein kept McLeod to five touches to half-time, Drew Banfield kept Ricciuto to just six while Robert Shirley again did the job on Judd, restricting him to just six ineffective possessions, four of which were received handballs."[1]

The Age[edit | edit source]

"Worsfold's move to shift Rowan (sic: Brett) Jones on to Welsh after he started well was crucial, as the Adelaide forward added only one behind. Without him in the scoring picture, the Crows had few successful options.

The inability to kick goals was also largely due to the outstanding effort in defence by David Wirrpunda. Tyson Edwards battled hard for Adelaide without dominating, while Graham Johncock - and Burton until injured - did well.

Ultimately, it was Andrew Embley who saved the day for the Eagles with some brilliant goalkicking. He finished with three, and steadied the crew under pressure.

The Crows looked good early when they kicked long and played direct, but sadly were not allowed to sustain that style. From then on, it became a scramble, and the skills were thrown out of the game."[2]

Players in the WAFL[edit | edit source]

Round 1 (18-19 Mar)

South Fremantle (Graham) vs East Perth (Humm, McConnell, Beeck)

Subiaco (Nicoski) vs East Fremantle (Green)

Claremont (B.Jones, Morton, Wilkes) vs West Perth (LeCras, Sharp)

Swan Districts (M.Embley, Edwards) vs Peel (Rosa, Thornton)

Bye: Perth

Round 2 (26-28 Mar)

East Fremantle (Green) vs Swan Districts (Edwards)

Perth (Adkins) vs Subiaco (Wooden, Nicoski)

Peel (Rosa, Thornton) vs South Fremantle

East Perth (Humm, McConnell) vs Claremont (R.Jones, Morton, Wilkes)

Bye: West Perth

Injury list[edit | edit source]

In the lead-up to the round the following players were listed as injured:

Player Injury Expected duration
Smith Knee Season
Gaspar Foot Indefinite
Beeck Finger 8 weeks
Waters Groin 3 weeks
Cox Cheekbone Test
Matera Shoulder Test
McDougall Hip Test

References[edit | edit source]

  1. David Reed, The West Australian (28 March 2005, p. GAM6), "Eagles break drought in Adelaide"
  2. Ashley Porter, The Age (28 March 2005), "Eagles stem flood for rare win":
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