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West Coast v Port Adelaide
Round 1, 2003
Jako chaired off in his 250th game. Photo: aflphotos.com.au
Sat, 29 March 2003 (1:10 PM WST)
Won by 48
17.20.122 - 11.8.74 PA
3 B.Cousins (WCE)
2 C.Judd (WCE)
1 M.Gardiner (WCE)

West Coast got the season away to a strong start, blowing a close game wide open in the third quarter in kicking seven goals while holding Port scoreless to ensure that Glen Jakovich's 250th game and the farewell of the recently-retired Peter Matera was remembered for the right reasons. Michael Gardiner dominated his Port opponents, while midfielders Ben Cousins and Chris Judd were prominent as always. The game was also memorable for Chad Morrison who, on his 25th birthday, returned to the senior side after two knee reconstructions and a season and a half on the sidelines.


1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
West Coast 4.4.28 6.9.45 13.14.92 17.20.122
Port Adelaide 4.3.27 6.5.41 6.5.41 11.8.74

Goals: Ph.Matera 4, Haynes, Judd 3, Cousins, Cox 2, Embley, Gaspar, Wilson

Best: Gardiner, Judd, Embley, Haynes, Cousins, Carroll

Injuries: Nil

Reports: Cousins for striking D.Hardwick

Milestones: Jakovich 250th game

Named side[]

West Coast Port Adelaide
B: 46.Carroll 11.McIntosh 8.Humm B: 19.Bishop 14.Paxman 8.S.Burgoyne
HB: 32.Embley 27.Jakovich 5.Morrison HB: 11.Hardwick 2.Wakelin 4.Wanganeen
C: 3.Judd 9.Cousins 6.Banfield C: 3.Montgomery 36.N.Stevens 25.Cassisi
HF: 18.Jones 26.Gaspar 38.Haynes HF: 17.Dew 16.Tredrea 35.C.Cornes
F: 33.Ph.Matera 40.Wilson 7.Fletcher F: 7.P.Burgoyne 5.Lade 15.Pickett
R: 1.Gardiner 4.Kerr 10.Braun R: 1.Primus 26.Cochrane 10.Francou
I: 35.Green 44.Wirrpanda 20.Cox I: 28.Thurstans 31.Salopek 34.Guerra
13.Wooden 18.K.Cornes
E: 23.Glass 12.Munro 16.Adkins E: 27.Poulton 13.Hall 32.Gilham

Club Champion votes[]

Fletcher 20 Wirrpanda 12
Judd 20 Cox 10
Matera 17 Jones 9
Cousins 16 Kerr 9
Banfield 15 Braun 6
Embley 15 Green 5
Gardiner 15 Humm 5
Carroll 14 Jakovich 5
Gaspar 14 McIntosh 5
Haynes 14 Morrison 5
Wooden 13 Wilson 5

Players in the WAFL[]

Round 1 (22 March)

Claremont (Rudeforth) vs Peel

Swan Districts (Morrison, Hansen, Munro, Johnson) vs East Perth (Selwood, Beeck)

Round 2 (28-29 March)

Subiaco (Sierakowski, Nicoski) vs Claremont (Rudeforth)

South Fremantle (Sampi) vs East Fremantle (Read, Staker)

West Perth (Chambers, Seaby, Lynch, Edwards) vs East Perth (Selwood, Beeck)

Swan Districts (Hansen, Munro, Johnson) vs Perth (Adkins, Glass, McDougall)

Bye: Peel



  1. West Coast Eagles Year Book 2003, p.58