West Coast v Collingwood
Round 1, 1990
Sun, 1 April 1990 (2:10 PM WST)
Won by 46
WCE 14.16.100 - 8.6.54 COL
3 T.Ugle (WCE)
2 P.Wilson (WCE)
1 P.Scott (WCE)

West Coast got the reign of Mick Malthouse off to a successful start with a big win over the Pies. Peter Sumich kicked six goals and Paul Peos had 25 possessions.


1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
West Coast 4.4.28 6.7.43 9.11.65 14.16.100
Collingwood 2.3.15 4.4.28 6.6.42 8.6.54

Goals: Sumich 6, Langdon 2, Annear, Laidley, Mainwaring, Peos, Ugle, Wilson

Best: Brennan, Langdon, Ugle, Scott, Peos, Sumich

Injuries: Nil

Milestones: Gwilliam AFL debut, Irving AFL debut, Kemp AFL debut, Matera AFL debut, Wilson WCE debut

Named sidesEdit

West Coast Collingwood
B: 35.Ugle 45.Lockyer 24.Worsfold B: 44.Kerrison 7.Morwood 12.Banks
HB: 14.Brennan 23.Rance 20.Peos HB: 28.Crosisca 23.Kelly 24.Turner
C: 15.Laidley 17.McKenna 3.Mainwaring C: 19.Wright 35.Daicos 26.Brown
HF: 5.Lamb 12.Scott 9.Wilson HF: 42.Millane 30.Manson 27.Starcevich
F: 19.Jackson 4.Sumich 37.Matera F: 32.Alexander 9.Taylor 17.Barwick
R: 34.Irving 2.Annear 1.Pyke R: 1.Monkhorst 22.Shaw 2.Francis
I: 43.Gwilliam 33.Kemp I: 6.Tuddenham 29.Russell
E: 11.Breman 25.Keene 13.Watters E: 8.Croall 14.Keays 18.Wrensted

New: Brad Gwilliam (West Perth), Dean Irving (South Fremantle), Dean Kemp (Subiaco), Peter Matera (South Fremantle), Peter Wilson (Richmond/East Fremantle)

From the papersEdit

The AgeEdit

"The Eagles led from the second minute and increased the lead throughout the day.

In Peter Sumich, who finished with six goals and had the upper hand on Dennis Banks throughout, thanks to some precision delivery, the Eagles may have found a more reliable way to goal.

Karl Langdon played with more level-headedness (apart from a few silly infringements) but he was no less exuberant and will prove a handful for many backmen.

At the other end of the ground, Brian Taylor got none of the sort of support that came Sumich's way and he could not shrug off the close checking of Michael Brennan, who contributed much to Matthews' proper assessment that Collingwood was simply unable to score goals."[1]

Canberra TimesEdit

"The Eagles never appeared in danger and the ever aggressive Karl Langdon produced one of his finest displays.

While aggression has always been a feature of his play, it was not used recklessly yesterday but aimed successfully at winning possession of the ball.

Collingwood had few contributors although veteran Shane Morwood was again effective at centre-half-back and Paul Tuddenham provided a focal point in attack."[2]

Players in the WAFLEdit

Round 1 (31 March)

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Claremont (O'Connell, Turnbull, Mann, Evans) vs South Fremantle (Hart, Jackson, Watters)

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  1. David Humphries, The Age (2 April 1990, p.30), "New, tougher Eagles expose Magpie flaws"
  2. Canberra Times (2 April 1990, p.22), "Subiaco is different to Moorabbin":
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