West Coast v N.Melbourne
Round 19, 2019
Sat, 27 July 2019 (2.35pm WST)
Won by 49
WCE 18.13.121 - 10.12.72 NM
3 J.Kennedy (WCE)
2 D.Sheed (WCE)
1 J.Darling (WCE)

West Coast cruised to victory over North Melbourne, breaking the game open in the third quarter with six goals to one to move into second spot. The Kangaroos goaled inside the first minute but West Coast answered moments later and were never headed again, running out 49-point winners. Josh Kennedy returned to form with seven goals, and Jack Redden had 27 possessions and seven tackles.

Summary[edit | edit source]

1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
West Coast 6.5.37 8.10.58 14.10.94 18.13.121
North Melbourne 3.1.19 6.4.40 7.6.48 10.12.72

Goals: Kennedy 7, Darling, Rioli, Waterman 2, O.Allen, Hickey, Petruccelle, Ryan, Yeo

Best: Kennedy, Yeo, Gaff, Sheed, Sheppard, Darling

Injuries: Nil

Named sides[edit | edit source]

West Coast N.Melbourne
B: 5.Sheppard 37.Barrass 31.Schofield B: 2.Williams 24.Durdin 34.MacMillan
HB: 23.Jetta 20.McGovern 26.Watson HB: 17.Pittard 25.Tarrant 18.Atley
C: 3.Gaff 8.Redden 7.Masten C: 14.Dumont 7.Ziebell 13.Polec
HF: 44.Rioli 27.Darling 1.Ryan HF: 32.Wood 20.Larkey 26.Thomas
F: 39.Cameron 17.Kennedy 12.O.Allen F: 44.Zurhaar 50.Brown 12.Simpkin
R: 16.Hickey 6.Yeo 13.Shuey R: 22.Goldstein 4.Higgins 10.Cunnington
I: 2.Waterman 4.Sheed 21.Petruccelle I: 3.Anderson 6.Garner 9.Davies-Uniacke
30.Nelson 15.Ahern
E: 28.Cole 32.Williams 33.Ainsworth E: 8.Hrovat 28.Turner 31.Taylor
35.Rotham 42.Campbell

In: Schofield

Out: Cole

Quarter by quarter[edit | edit source]

Both sides went in as named. The game was played in cool but dry conditions.

Club Champion votes[edit | edit source]


Jetta 15 McGovern 9
Kennedy 15 Nelson 9
Yeo 15 Hickey 8
Barrass 14 Shuey 7
Darling 14 Allen 6
Gaff 14 Masten 6
Sheed 14 Ryan 6
Rioli 13 Petruccelle 5
Schofield 11 Waterman 5
Redden 10 Cameron 3
Sheppard 10 Watson 3

From the coach[edit | edit source]

"The Kangas are a really good starting side, probably the best since (Rhyce) Shaw took over. We had a big focus on that and I thought we brought some good pressure. Albeit wasn’t a massive lead, it was enough to suggest we could help control the game. They’re coming off three out of four interstate games and they’re a younger side. We thought if we could start well we might be hard to chase down.

"...The supply was a bit different this week than previous weeks. It’s been a bit of a grind, the ball movement. (Kennedy)’s playing on really good defenders and he had it again today. They didn’t have (Scott) Thompson, so we thought we might be able to expose them through some good, deep entries and he delivered. Darling, Waterman and Oscar Allen, our other talls up front, always looked dangerous. And then they bring in the smaller players; they complement our bigs. But it all starts with our mids. Our mids have been pretty good all year and I thought today they put the foot down.

"...You don’t really want to talk halfway through the last (quarter) about getting good percentage, but I did have the conversation. When you get to that stage you want to reduce the oppo scoring. I thought North never gave up all day. They always looked threatening. They looked tired at stages through circumstance, but I don’t think they gave up. We’ll take the win. We really rate what North have been doing in the last six or seven weeks. They are really well coached. I thought there was some real issues that you’ve got to deal with when you play the Kangas and I thought our experience probably helped out over the course of the day."[2]

From the papers[edit | edit source]

The West Australian[edit | edit source]

The performance was underpinned by a sustained midfield effort, with Elliot Yeo superb as he won five of his nine clearances directly out of centre square restarts and Dom Sheed, Andrew Gaff, Jack Redden and Luke Shuey all important.

The Eagles had just a three-goal lead as reward for their first-half dominance, with the Kangas remaining in the picture despite being on the back foot.

But a more efficient West Coast swiftly ended the contest in a fruitful third stanza, kicking clear with six goals to one despite having just one more forward entry as their authority was reflected on the scoreboard.

The Eagles had 18 scoring shots to 10 until half-time on the back of a 29-20 edge in inside 50 entries. Midfield quartet Shuey, Sheed, Yeo and Gaff were all prominent around the ball as the Eagles controlled clearance battle, although the visitors lifted in the contest late in the second term."[3]

The Age[edit | edit source]

"After close losses to top eight sides, Essendon and Brisbane, the Kangaroos looked out of their depth early against the reigning premiers.

In the first term, the Eagles smashed the Roos in the fight for contested possessions and it resulted in 10 more entries forward.

If West Coast had kicked better than 6.5 from their chances, the game could have been over at the first break.

As it is, the result in Perth was the worst for the Kangaroos under Shaw since he took over in Round 11."[4]

Reserves[edit | edit source]

Round 16 (27 July)

West Coast were thumped by reigning premiers Subiaco at Leederville Oval, with the Lions extending their lead at every change and holding the Eagles to just four goals for the match. Youngster Hamish Brayshaw had a team-high 25 possessions and defender Josh Rotham had 19 touches and 10 marks.

1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
Subiaco 3.2.20 6.5.41 10.7.67 15.9.99
West Coast 0.1.1 1.2.8 2.7.19 4.7.31

Goals: Brander, Hug, McInnes, Vardy

Best: Brayshaw, Williams, M.Allen, Mutimer, Rotham, Ah Chee

Injuries: Cary (hamstring)

Named side:

West Coast
B: 62.Cary 9.Petrie 64.Curnow
HB: 29.Foley 60.Salomone 51.Fisher
C: 38.Mutimer 41.Ah Chee 10.Brander
HF: 55.Flint 19.Vardy 24.O'Neill
F: 66.Reid 36.McInnes 59.Ashman
R: 40.Brooksby 43.M.Allen 22.Brayshaw
I: 47.Bines 65.Hobbs 56.Hug
E: 52.Acres 58.Busher 63.Lamont

In: Foley, Ah Chee, Vardy, O'Neill, Bines, Cary, Salomone, Hobbs, Hug, Kalajzic

Out: Waterman, Schofield, Petruccelle, Watson, Ainsworth, Rotham, Williams (AFL), Smith (hamstring), Grey (suspended), Riach (soreness)

Late changes: Cole, Rotham, Williams for Bines, Kalajzic, Salomone

New: Sam Hobbs (Jurien Bay)

Injury list[edit | edit source]

In the leadup to the match the following players were listed as injured or unavailable:

Player Injury Expected return
Venables Concussion Season
Naitanui Ankle Indefinite
Cripps Abductor 2-3 weeks
Duggan Ankle 2-3 weeks
Hutchings Hamstring 1 week
Hurn Calf Test
McGovern Ankle Test
Vardy Ankle Test
Ah Chee Calf Test
O'Neill Hip Test
Foley Calf Available
Smith* Hamstring 5-7 weeks
Edwards* Foot 1 week
Bines* Hernia Test

References[edit | edit source]


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