Adelaide v West Coast
Round 19, 2000
Donnelly in action. Photo:
Fri, 14 July 2000 (8:10 PM CST)
Lost by 17
ADL 15.17.107 - 13.12.90 WCE
3 A.McLeod (ADL)
2 D.Kemp (WCE)
1 B.Cousins (WCE)

Adelaide made an 11th-straight Eagles' finals appearance almost impossible with a hard-fought victory at home under lights. Ryan Turnbull competed hard against Crow Shaun Rehn with 29 hitouts and two goals and Chad Fletcher also kicked two from 24 touches.

Summary[edit | edit source]

1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
Adelaide 3.6.24 9.10.64 11.11.77 15.17.107
West Coast 5.2.32 5.4.34 11.10.76 13.12.90

Goals: McIntosh 3, Fletcher, Turnbull 2, Gehrig, Kemp, Jones, Pe.Matera, Ph.Matera, Read

Best: Jakovich, Kemp, Turnbull, Cousins, Fletcher, Read

Injuries: Nil

Milestones: Bellotti final appearance, Crabb final appearance

Named sides[edit | edit source]

West Coast Adelaide
B: 37.Williams 11.McIntosh 36.Read B: 34.Hart 8.Bassett 9.Edwards
HB: 8.Metropolis 27.Jakovich 6.Banfield HB: 28.Johnson 44.Caven 26.Bickley
C: 16.Symmons 47.Green 18.Jones C: 14.Connell 32.Ricciuto 38.Gallagher
HF: 12.White 29.Donnelly 5.Morrison HF: 6.Byrne 10.Robran 11.James
F: 30.Pe.Matera 7.Gehrig 33.Ph.Matera F: 17.Welsh 22.Perrie 52.Rehn
R: 50.Turnbull 2.Kemp 9.Cousins R: 35.Biglands 36.Goodwin 23.McLeod
I: 45.Bellotti 35.Crabb 41.Fletcher I: 1.Crowell 16.McGregor 27.O'Loughlin
38.Haynes 30.Vardy
E: 4.Antonowicz 13.Wooden 32.Embley I: 42.Cicolella 31.Marsh 29.Thiessen

In: Pe.Matera

Out: Embley

From the papers[edit | edit source]

The Sunday Age[edit | edit source]

"Ashley McIntosh, switched from full-back to full-forward, kicked three goals in nine minutes in the third quarter, while the reinvigorated Eagles were taking advantage of a strong northerly wind and some defensive errors by the Crows, and seemingly ignoring the wet, slippery conditions.

Adelaide, five goals in front at half-time, was a goal behind 17 minutes into the last term, but McLeod, Goodwin, Ricciuto and Bickley lifted their work-rate again as the home team quickly added 3.4 to nil to clinch its sixth win in nine matches - and leave West Coast rueing its seventh loss in eight games and its first season out of the finals since 1989."[1]

WAFL[edit | edit source]

Round 16 (15 July)

East Perth (Wooden, Chambers, Antonowicz, O'Brien, Munro, Cox) vs Swan Districts (Embley, Hunter)

Claremont (Stone) vs East Fremantle (Bennett)

Peel (Hill) vs South Fremantle

Subiaco (Holmes) vs Perth (Glass)

Bye: West Perth

Injury list[edit | edit source]

In the leadup to the match the following players were listed as injured or unavailable:[2]

Player Injury Expected duration
Cummings Groin Season
Wirrpanda Foot 1-2 weeks
Gardiner Shoulder Test
Braun Knee Test
Pe.Matera Calf Test
McKenna Back Test

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Alan Shiell, The Sunday Age (16 July 2000, p.SPORT12), "Hot-and-cold Crows do enough"
  2. The Age (11 July 2000, p.SPORT2), "The injury list"
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