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West Coast v Adelaide
Round 19, 1995
Sun, 13 August 1995 (2:15 PM WST)
Won by 135
WCE 26.21.177 - 5.12.42 ADL
3 P.Matera (WCE)
2 C.Turley (WCE)
1 M.White (WCE)

West Coast handed the Crows a record thrashing, the 135-point margin the biggest win in the club's history. The Eagles held Adelaide goalless in the first term and kicked eight goals to one in the last, as Peter Matera put on a clinic in the middle with 32 possessions and three majors. Matera was one of 14 goalscorers and half a dozen multiple goalscorers with Guy McKenna (20 possessions, three goals) and Chris Waterman (26 and three) also prominent.


1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
West Coast 7.6.48 12.13.85 18.15.123 26.21.177
Adelaide 0.3.3 2.6.18 4.10.34 5.12.42

Goals: Ball 4, Kemp, Matera, McKenna, Waterman 3, Worsfold 2, Gehrig, Lewis, Lyle, Metropolis, Peos, Pyke, Turley, Turnbull

Best: Matera, Kemp, McKenna, Waterman, Ball

Injuries: Nil

Milestones: Banfield 50th game, Peos final appearance

Records: WCE biggest win vs any opponent, WCE highest score vs Adelaide, Adelaide lowest score vs WCE

Named sides[]

West Coast Adelaide
B: 10.Pyke 12.White 14.Brennan B: 37.Edwards 7.Smart 44.Wellman
HB: 17.McKenna 27.Jakovich 16.Symmons HB: 26.Bickley 5.Robran 34.Hart
C: 30.Matera 2.Kemp 7.Turley C: 12.Tregenza 2.Jarman 28.McKinnon
HF: 39.Waterman 25.Gehrig 37.Lyle HF: 23.McLeod 8.McCartney 9.Hall
F: 24.Worsfold 26.Ball 32.Peos F: 16.Pesch 32.Ricciuto 29.Ingerson
R: 50.Turnbull 6.Banfield 28.Lewis R: 15.Pittman 10.McDermott 14.Connell
I: 9.Wilson 36.Hart 8.Metropolis I: 31.Kluzek 27.Liptak 4.Tasker
E: 20.Bond 40.Downsborough 18.Evans E: 1.Anderson 18.Maynard 39.Ross
21.Schofield 33.Weidemann

In: Metropolis

Out: Bond

From the papers[]

The Age[]

"The wily Peter Matera appears to be back to full fitness. He grabbed five marks, 23 kicks and six handballs and kicked three goals as well in a top performance.

After Guy McKenna received a head-jarring bump midway through the opening quarter, Eagles coach Mick Malthouse decided to "rest" him in the forward line opposite Sean Wellman. McKenna seemed to perk up very quickly and, at the 24-minute mark, evaded a couple of Crows and snapped truly with his left foot from deep on the boundary - his first goal for the year.

More importantly, his presence up forward, with fellow champion backman John Worsfold, generated ferocious, sustained tackling - with Dean Kemp, Chris Lewis and Chris Waterman assisting - against the Crows' back and centre lines."[1]

Players in the WAFL[]

Round 17 (5 Aug)

South Fremantle (Hynes) vs Claremont

East Perth (Bond) vs Subiaco (Heady, Schofield, Godden, Heatley)

Perth (Robbins, Sikora, Dyer) vs East Fremantle (Mainwaring)

West Perth (Blurton, Downsborough) vs Swan Districts

Injury list[]

In the lead-up to the match the following players were listed as injured or unavailable:[2]

Player Injury Expected duration
J.Spinks Knee TBA (not on official list)
Harding Knee 2 weeks
B.Spinks Ankle Test
Dunstan Arm Test
McIntosh Quad Test
Evans Ankle Test
Heady Back/shoulder Test
Sumich Quadriceps Test



  1. Tim Atkinson, The Age (14 August 1995, p.37), "Eagles soar as Crows plummet"
  2. The Age (9 August 1995, p.34), "AFL injury list"