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West Coast v Brisbane
Round 18, 2024
Maric in action. Photo: aflphotos.com.au
Sun, 14 July 2024 (2.40pm WST)
Lost by 13
BRI 16.10.106 - 14.9.93 WCE

West Coast honoured departed coach Adam Simpson with a spirited but ultimately unsuccessful battle with the Lions. Under caretaker coach Jarrad Schofield, the Eagles trailed for most of the day but never let Brisbane get too far ahead, showing much-improved intensity and ball movement despite tricky damp conditions to eventually go down by 13 points. Tim Kelly had a game-high 29 possessions and a goal, while Liam Ryan celebrated his 100th game with two goals from 21 touches.


1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
West Coast 3.2.20 6.3.39 9.4.58 14.9.93
Brisbane 4.4.28 7.7.49 12.8.80 16.10.106

Goals: Allen 3, Ryan, Waterman 2, Brockman, Cripps, L.Edwards, Kelly, Hutchinson, J.Williams, Yeo

Best: Yeo, Kelly, Ryan, Hough, Allen, H.Reid

Injuries: Duggan (concussion), Brockman (ankle)

Substitutes: (WCE) Brockman for Duggan (concussion) in the second term; (BRI) Reville for Morris in the fourth term

Milestones: Ryan 100th game

Jumper: Indigenous, blue shorts

Named sides[]

West Coast Brisbane
B: 19.Hough 37.Barrass 23.Witherden B: 15.Zorko 41.Joyce 35.Lester
HB: 28.Cole 42.H.Edwards 14.Duggan HB: 44.Wilmot 31.Andrews 26.McKenna
C: 7.Ginbey 11.Kelly 5.Hunt C: 33.Bailey 16.Rayner 8.Ashcroft
HF: 15.Cripps 2.Waterman 1.Ryan HF: 23.Cameron 30.Hipwood 6.McCluggage
F: 44.Hutchinson 12.Allen 34.J.Williams F: 1.Lohmann 3.Daniher 13.Morris
R: 32.B.Williams 6.Yeo 9.H.Reid R: 46.McInerney 5.Dunkley 9.Neale
I: 10.Brockman 16.L.Edwards 26.Trew I: 4.Ah Chee 7.Berry 28.Fletcher
31.Jones 41.Maric 34.Brain 38.Reville
E: 27.Darling 35.Rotham 49.Culley E: 2.Robertson 20.Prior 32.Fort

In: H.Edwards, L.Edwards, Trew, Maric

Out: McGovern (ribs), Chesser, Darling, Rotham

Quarter by quarter[]

From the coach[]

From the papers[]


Round 15 (13 July)

West Coast's reserves finished on top of an arm-wrestle with West Perth at Lathlain to record their fourth win of 2024. In a see-sawing contest, the Falcons burst out of the blocks with the first five goals but the home side kicked the next five. The Eagles had a handy lead just before three-quarter time but a West Perth rally saw them push in front in the last quarter, before goals to Coby Burgiel and Jack Darling sealed the win. Archer Reid finished with three goals in a promising outing while Jai Culley had 21 possessions and two goals.

1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
West Coast 4.4.28 6.7.43 13.11.89 17.12.114
West Perth 5.2.32 8.6.54 11.8.74 16.10.106

Goals: A.Reid 3, Burgiel, Culley, Darling, Dewar, Lucassen 2, Baker, Barnett, Hall, Johnston

Best: Baker, Darling, Sparks, Sheed, A.Reid

Injuries: tbc

Named side:

West Coast
B: 51.Sparks 33.Bazzo 52.Spadanuda
HB: 24.Johnston 50.Ruscoe 38.Baker
C: 55.Gillbee 5.Sheed 8.Gaff
HF: 36.Rawlinson 30.Barnett 43.Dewar
F: 71.Sambo 22.A.Reid 70.Lucassen
R: 39.Livingstone 18.Chesser 29.Hall
I: 54.Barker 45.Burgiel 64.Mercer
E: 62.Alone 74.Anderson 63.Hansen

In: Bazzo, Sheed, Chesser, Johnston, Barker

Out: Maric, Trew, Culley, L.Edwards (AFL), L.Yeo

Late changes: Darling, Culley for Gaff (personal), Watson

Injury list[]

In the leadup to the match the following players were listed as injured or unavailable:

Player Injury Expected return
Long Knee Season (on inactive list)
Hewett Foot Season
Jamieson Knee TBC
McGovern Rib/lung 1 week
Petruccelle Hamstring 1 week
Sheed Hamstring Test
Flynn Ankle Test
Bazzo Groin Available