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Collingwood v West Coast
Round 18, 2017
Kennedy kicked six goals. Photo: aflphotos.com.au
Sun, 23 July 2017 (3.20pm EST)
Lost by 8
COL 13.15.93 - 13.7.85 WCE
3 J.De Goey (COL)
2 J.Kennedy (WCE)
1 A.Treloar (COL)

West Coast coughed up a four-goal lead in the final term to lose a heartbreaker at Docklands, with the short-handed Magpies kicking the final five goals of the match to run over the top and send the Eagles tumbling from the top eight. West Coast took the lead on the quarter-time siren and appeared to have the game in control from then on but Collingwood upped their intensity in the second half and broke the dam open in the last quarter. Josh Kennedy kicked six goals in his 200th AFL game and Luke Shuey kicked a goal from 26 touches in his 150th game.


1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
Collingwood 3.4.22 5.6.36 8.11.59 13.15.93
West Coast 4.2.26 7.3.45 12.5.77 13.7.85

Goals: Kennedy 6, Cripps, Darling 2, Shuey, Vardy, Yeo

Best: Kennedy, Sheed, Hurn, Yeo, McGovern, Shuey

Injuries: Nil

Milestones: Kennedy 200th AFL game, Shuey 150th game, Yeo 100th AFL game

Named sides[]

West Coast Collingwood
B: Barrass Schofield Hurn B: Howe Dunn Langdon
HB: Duggan McGovern Sheppard HB: Crisp Goldsack Maynard
C: Gaff Priddis Redden C: Sidebottom Wills Hoskin-Elliott
HF: Yeo Petrie Jetta HF: Thomas Reid Varcoe
F: LeCras Kennedy Darling F: Elliott Moore Fasolo
R: Vardy Sheed Shuey R: Grundy Wells Treloar
I: Cripps Cole Nelson I: De Goey Blair Adams
Hutchings Greenwood
E: Mitchell McInnes Karpany E: Scharenberg Phillips Cox

In: Yeo, Cole

Out: Masten, Mitchell (managed)

Quarter by quarter[]

Both sides went in as named. With rain falling in Melbourne, the Docklands roof was closed for the match.

First term[]

Collingwood received a free in the centre and went forward where Schofield was penalised for chopping the arms of Alex Fasolo, whose set shot from out wide went across the face. Darling marked outside 50 and delivered to Kennedy who was able to mark in the pocket, but his checkside kick hit the post. Shuey received a free kick at a throw-in and delivered to LeCras in the same pocket, but his kick was narrow. LeCras chopped off a pass in the middle of the ground and found Sheed who found a leading Kennedy, who converted for the first goal in his 200th AFL game. Collingwood won the ball out of the middle and Josh Thomas had a flying shot but missed. Ben Reid outmarked McGovern on a lead and goaled to level the scores. Jamie Elliott added another seconds later from another centre clearance. Will Hoskin-Elliott had a chance to make it three in a row after outmarking Jetta but grazed the post.

After numerous forward entries Hoskin-Elliott finally got the Pies' third after crumbing from a marking contest. West Coast finally went forward after a crunching McGovern bump on Elliott and found Kennedy in the left pocket again, who curved the ball through from a tight angle to stem the tide. Unfortunately McGovern limped off with a knee issue, but the Eagles continued to press with Schofield finding a leading Darling at 50m. His kick fell short, and shortly afterwards Hurn hit Yeo on the lead but his set shot went out on the full. McGovern returned to the field and immediately took a couple of intercept marks. Vardy received a free kick after Lynden Dunn was harshly penalised for running the ball over the boundary, and kicked a curler through the middle. Yeo won a free kick at a ball-up and hit Cripps on the lead, who goaled right on the siren to take a 4-point lead into the first break.

Second term[]

Darling outmarked Tom Langdon strongly and kicked another curling goal to push the margin to double figures. It was short-lived as Elliott won a free in front of goal and kicked truly, as his teammate Darcy Moore was taken from the field for a concussion test. Collingwood threatened several times but could manage only a rushed behind. West Coast added a behind through Yeo. Darling came up limping fom a marking contest and struggled to run out a knock to the knee. A quick kick from Sheed out of a stoppage went to Kennedy, who was able to beat his opponent on the ground with good bodywork and squeeze through his third goal.

Reid answered quickly at the other end from a set shot. Redden received a free kick on the wing and delivered to Kennedy, who slotted his fourth goal from wide in the right pocket. Collingwood thought they had answered with a soccered goal by Fasolo but a free kick was paid against the Magpies in the marking contest. Reid had a chance for his third but his kick was narrow. West Coast went forward in the final seconds but Collingwood were able to close down the attack, with the visitors leading by 9 points at the long break.

Third term[]

A classy give-and-go between Sheppard and Gaff on the wing finished with Kennedy who kicked his fifth goal. He quickly added a sixth after another strong mark in a one-on-one contest. A kick inside 50 by Jeremy Howe ran over the top of the pack and through for a behind. Taylor Adams got a boot to the ball near the goal-line for Collingwood's first of the half. Travis Varcoe collided heavily with Nelson going for a loose ball and went straight off for another concussion test. Collingwood continued to push though and goaled through Jordan De Goey to cut the margin to 8 points. De Goey added another one despite Gaff's best efforts to touch the ball on the line.

A flying shot by Howe went out on the full. Another long kick to the square was hurriedly rushed across to halve the margin as Collingwood's intensity went up. De Goey was within the width of the post of kicking his third in a row as he leveled the scores. West Coast went straight through the middle but SHuey's running shot from 50m just went wide. Darling found Cripps on the ground and his round-the-body kick gave West Coast a much-needed goal. A long kick from Schofield was punched through for a behind. Hurn won a free kick at 60m and laid off to Shuey, whose set shot was perfect. A dribbled kick by Levi Greenwood just went the wrong side of the post. Duggan won a crucial one-on-one battle in the backline and the Eagles were able to go the length of the field, with Yeo finishing off with the goal to give his side a three-goal buffer at the last change.

Final term[]

West Coast won the ball out of the middle and Shuey drilled a pass to Darling, who converted from the goal line after his opponent Tyson Goldsack gave away a 50m penalty. Shuey hobbled to the bench shortly afterwards after copping a stray boot to the knee. Rupert Wills had a shot from a stoppage but missed. De Goey soccered his third goal off the ground to bring the margin back to 17 points. Jetta had a chance to get one back but his kick was punched across the line. Reid had a set shot down the other end but couldn't convert. De Goey had a chance for a fourth goal but his kick from 50m was narrow. Treloar had a running shot from outside 50 but hit the base of the post. Petrie caught an opponent holding the ball just inside the centre square and found a leading Kennedy, but he hooked his kick badly and missed everything.

A smother by Cole at one end led to a goal opportunity at the other but Yeo muffed his kick. Greenwood marked at the other end and goaled to cut the margin to 10 points. De Goey was paid a free kick against Schofield at the top of the square and made it a four-point margin. De Goey then ran down Duggan in the middle and found Elliott, whose kick from just outside 50 found the target and gave the home side the lead. Fasolo caught Barrass holding the ball and pumped the ball inside 50 where Reid received a baffling free kick against Schofield. He gave back to Fasolo who goaled to seal the win. West Coast pushed desperately forward in the final moments in vain.

Club Champion votes[]

Kennedy 15 Shuey 4
Hurn 14 Jetta 3
McGovern 11 Barrass 2
Redden 9 Nelson 1
Hutchings 8 Priddis 1
Darling 6 Schofield 1
Yeo 6 Cole 0
Sheed 5 Gaff 0
Sheppard 5 LeCras 0
Cripps 4 Petrie 0
Duggan 4 Vardy 0

From the coach[]

"[Losing] around the contest in the last quarter in particular was a pattern. It's really disappointing that we put so much work in and then to lose like we did. You've got to give credit to Collingwood, but we need to look within ourselves about that.

"We've got to look into it. Mental, fitness, personnel - we've got to look at everything. It's been happening long enough to become a pattern. They're the moments you look forward to as a player. Some players stood up and some didn't. We've got some kids coming through as well. Some of the critical moments in the last 10 minutes were our kids coming through. That's experience. But their will to win should override some of those errors.

"...We need to look at what happened, find out why, interrogate our players to a certain degree, see how they're feeling. We put a lot of things in place to get better in this area. We've still got a lot of work to do."

From the papers[]

The West Australian[]

"De Goey kicked four goals in the second half after being sent forward by coach Nathan Buckley.

The midfielder ran down Liam Duggan with a magnificent effort in fourth quarter time-on.

All of a sudden, the 22,927 in attendance - the smallest crowd for this fixture since the Magpies left Victoria Park - sounded like a full house.

Elliott - who finished with three goals of his own - put Collingwood in front before Alex Fasolo added a late sealer."

The Age[]

"After Kennedy kicked two consecutive goals to start the third term, Collingwood fought back to kick three in a row through Adams and De Goey, with two going to the latter. Goals to De Goey, Elliott and Reid in the final term propelled the Pies to the front, with Eliott Yeo missing a sitter to potentially ice the game before those Magpie majors.

Eagles Jeremy McGovern, Liam Duggan, Tom Barass, Brad Sheppard and Hurn all excelled in the first half at marking in their defensive 50, while at the other end Collingwood's biggest defensive marking threat, Jeremy Howe, didn't have his usual influence in breaking up the opposition's play.

West Coast's forwards regularly and cleverly broke into a lead when matched up with Howe, so as to draw him away from the marking contests he's usually so adept at influencing."

East Perth report[]

Round 18 (22 July)

East Perth hosted South Fremantle in Busselton, with the Bulldogs coming out on top by 30 points after booting six goals in the final term. Luke Partington continued to edge closer to a senior debut with two goals from 29 possessions and the axed Chris Masten racked up 27 disposals.

Appearing for East Perth: Giles, Hill, Karpany, Lamb, Masten, McInnes, Mutimer, Partington, Snadden, Watson, Wellingham. Reserves: Bayok, Rioli, Tunbridge, Waterman.

Injury list[]

In the leadup to the match the following players were listed as injured:

Player Injury Expected duration
Allen Foot Season
Naitanui Knee Late 2017 season (On LTI list 21/3/17, replaced by Petrie)
Lycett Shoulder TBC
Venables Toe 3 weeks
Butler Hamstring 1-2 weeks
MacKenzie Hamstring 1 week
Rioli Hamstring Test
Yeo Knee Test
Karpany Quad Test
Tunbridge* Knee Test




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