West Coast v Collingwood
Round 18, 1999
Sat, 31 July 1999 (8:10 PM WST)
Won by 36
WCE 16.12.108 - 10.12.72 COL
3 Pe.Matera (WCE)
2 S.Cummings (WCE)
1 N.Buckley (COL)

West Coast bounced back from three straight defeats to down the visiting Magpies by six goals. Scott Cummings kicked seven goals and Phil Matera added four, while Ben Cousins kicked two goals from his 26 possessions.

Summary[edit | edit source]

1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
West Coast 4.2.26 8.6.54 13.9.87 16.12.108
Collingwood 4.3.27 5.7.37 9.9.63 10.12.72

Goals: Cummings 7, Ph.Matera 4, Cousins 2, Braun, Gehrig, Read

Best: McKenna, Cummings, Pe.Matera, Cousins, Rintoul, Gardiner

Injuries: McIntosh (knee)

Named sides[edit | edit source]

West Coast Collingwood
B: 44.Wirrpanda 11.McIntosh 12.White B: 13.Tape 35.Prestigiacomo 44.Scotland
HB: 17.McKenna 27.Jakovich 8.Metropolis HB: 32.Licuria 3.Richardson 24.Lockyer
C: 37.Williams 9.Cousins 16.Symmons C: 28.Crosisca 10.Williams 33.Lane
HF: 36.Read 7.Gehrig 42.Rintoul HF: 9.Freeborn 30.Kinnear 6.Patterson
F: 33.Ph.Matera 14.Cummings 23.Fewster F: 26.Brown 23.A.Rocca 48.Michael
R: 19.Gardiner 30.Pe.Matera 10.Braun R: 1.Monkhorst 5.Buckley 49.Betheras
I: 6.Banfield 29.Donnelly 2.Kemp I: 12.Schauble 46.Raso 2.Orchard
5.Morrison 38.Jacotine
E: 35.Crabb 41.Fletcher 50.Turnbull E: 19.Davis 15.Smith 21.Tuckey

In: McKenna, Gehrig, Gardiner, Symmons, Williams, Donnelly

Out: Stone (hand), Ball, Bellotti, Jones, Holmes, Mainwaring

Late change: (COL) Tuckey for Brown (back)

From the papers[edit | edit source]

The Age[edit | edit source]

"The Eagles were nervous and hesitant with their disposal early, while the Magpies got great drive from Paul Licuria, opposed to Ben Cousins, and Tyson Lane on a wing.

Mel (sic) Michael lined up in attack and was a clear winner early over Andrew Donnelly, while Rocca was proving a handful for Ashley McIntosh.

But then Collingwood's avenues to goal dried up as the miserly West Coast defence led by Glen Jakovich and Guy McKenna tightened up.

With Cousins (26 possessions), Chad Rintoul (31) and Peter Matera (27) all doing well in the midfield, Cummings and Phil Matera (four goals) got plenty of chances and made the Magpies pay."[1]

WAFL[edit | edit source]

Round 17 (31 July)

Perth vs Claremont (Wooden, Crabb, Chambers, Jones, Holmes, Antonowicz, Bellotti, Fletcher, Hill, O'Brien, Embley, Bennett, S.Duckworth, Younie)

East Fremantle (Mainwaring) vs East Perth (Turnbull)

South Fremantle vs Swan Districts (Ball)

Peel vs West Perth

Bye: Subiaco

Injury list[edit | edit source]

In the lead-up to the round the following players were listed as injured:[2]

Player Injury Expected duration
Lewis Ankle Indefinite
Wooden Thigh 1 week
McKenna Knee Test
Cummings Buttock Test
Gehrig Groin Available
Gardiner Virus Available

References[edit | edit source]


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