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Adelaide v West Coast
Round 17, 1994
Sun, 17 July 1994 (5:45 PM CST)
Lost by 4
ADL 12.10.82 - 11.12.78 WCE
3 S.Rehn (ADL)
2 W.Weidemann (ADL)
1 T.McGuinness (ADL)

Adelaide overcame the ladder-leaders to keep touch with the top eight, prevailing by just four points in a tight contest at Football Park. David Hart led West Coast with 25 possessions.


1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
Adelaide 2.3.15 6.5.41 10.7.67 12.10.82
West Coast 4.1.25 6.4.40 8.8.56 11.12.78

Goals: Heady, Sumich 3, Evans, Jakovich, Lewis, Pyke

Best: Pyke, Wilson, McKenna, Sumich, Heady

Injuries: Nil

Records: WCE lowest score vs Adelaide

Named side[]

West Coast Adelaide
B: 36.Hart 14.Brennan 26.Ball B: 13.Lee 15.Pittman 44.Wellman
HB: 24.Worsfold 27.Jakovich 17.McKenna HB: 40.Schwerdt 35.Jameson 10.McDermott
C: 30.Matera 2.Kemp 3.Mainwaring C: 34.Hart 33.Weidemann 12.Tregenza
HF: 9.Wilson 11.McIntosh 39.Waterman HF: 32.Ricciuto 7.Smart 31.Kluzek
F: 18.Evans 4.Sumich 28.Lewis F: 21.Brown 6.Modra 29.Ingerson
R: 50.Turnbull 7.Turley 10.Pyke R: 52.Rehn 26.Bickley 11.McGuinness
I: 6.Banfield 1.Heady 29.Spinks I: 27.lLiptak 39.Ross 16.Pesch
E: 16.Connell 33.Godden 12.White E: 14.Wigney 28.McKinnon 18.Maynard

In: Spinks

Out: Godden

Late change: (ADL) McKinnon for Tregenza

From the papers[]

The Age[]

"The Eagles led by 10 points at quarter-time, but the Crows fought back to earn a break at the final change.

McDermott and McGuinness each gathered more than 30 possessions, while Rehn's 21 touches around the field were complemented by 10 marks and complete dominance over Ryan Turnbull and Jason Ball.

Adelaide's form slip of the past two months has been reflected in the demise of full-forward Tony Modra, but the Crows had a surprise for the Eagles in the form of third-gamer Matthew Kluzek.

Kluzek kicked five goals on the accomplished Chris Waterman, while Anthony Ingerson have Glen Jakovich the run-around at centre half-forward."[1]

Canberra Times[]

"The visitors applied constant pressure to the wilting Crows late in the final quarter but the desperate Crows, in a match they had to win, held on valiantly.

Star for the Crows was rookie Matthew Kluzek, who finished with five goals, all at crucial times.

Adelaide's defence was tested to the limits in the final term as the Eagles made up an 11-point deficit and had two chances to tie the game in the dying stages.

Eagles full-forward Peter Sumich and Peter Matera both missed to give the Crows victory and keep their finals hopes alive."[2]


Round 15 (16 July)

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South Fremantle vs West Perth (Symmons)

East Perth (Clape, Lyle) vs East Fremantle (Harding, Krummel)

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Injury list[]

In the lead-up to the round the following players were listed as injured:[3]

Player Injury Expected duration
Bond Hamstring 2 weeks
Spinks Back Test
Harding Knee Test



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