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West Coast v GWS Giants
Round 16, 2018
Schofield in action. Photo: aflphotos.com.au
Sun, 8 July 2018 (2.40pm WST)
Won by 11
WCE 13.8.86 - 10.15.75 GWS
3 A.Gaff (WCE)
2 J.Redden (WCE)
1 S.Hurn (WCE)

West Coast snapped a three-game losing streak and solidified their hold on a top-four spot with a hard-fought win over the Giants. In an entertaining contest, the Eagles led by 23 points during the third term before GWS fought back to take the lead, but were able to steady to win by 11 points. Andrew Gaff was immense with 41 possessions and two valuable goals, and Mark Hutchings also kicked two while negating the dangerous Josh Kelly.


1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
West Coast 1.2.8 6.3.39 10.3.63 13.8.86
GWS Giants 2.2.14 3.8.26 7.12.54 10.15.75

Goals: Cripps, Gaff, Hutchings, McGovern, Rioli 2, Ainsworth, Lycett, Redden

Best: Gaff, Yeo, Hurn, Redden, Hutchings, Shuey, Naitanui

Injuries: Nil

Milestones: O.Allen AFL debut

Named sides[]

West Coast GWS Giants
B: 25.Hurn 31.Schofield 5.Sheppard B: 15.Taylor 1.Davis 23.Shaw
HB: 28.Cole 20.McGovern 23.Jetta HB: 32.Griffen 35.Corr 20.Tomlinson
C: 14.Duggan 6.Yeo 7.Masten C: 6.Whitfield 5.Shiel 31.Finlayson
HF: 8.Redden 19.Vardy 34.Hutchings HF: 17.Langdon 37.Lobb 24.De Boer
F: 15.Cripps 29.Lycett 44.Rioli F: 50.Reid 27.Himmelberg 8.Ward
R: 9.Naitanui 3.Gaff 13.Shuey R: 26.Simpson 22.Kelly 3.Coniglio
I: 33.Ainsworth 12.O.Allen 18.Venables I: 36.Perryman 16.Daniels 14.Taranto
41.Ah Chee 19.Haynes
E: 4.Sheed 21.Petruccelle 30.Nelson E: 10.Bonar 34.Shipley 25.Keeffe
45.Waterman 40.Kennedy

In: O.Allen, Venables, Vardy

Out: Ryan (personal), McInnes, Waterman

New: Oscar Allen (West Perth)

Quarter by quarter[]

Both sides went in as named. The match was played in cool but sunny conditions.

First term[]

GWS locked the ball in their forward line for large periods early and eventually had a chance to score through Harry Himmelberg, who could only manage a behind from his set shot. A quick transition from the kick-in ended with Hutchings, who converted his set shot for the game's first goal. A long bomb by Yeo from a stoppage on the 50m line nearly resulted in the second, but faded late. GWS went forward and found Adam Tomlinson who converted from close range to level the scores. Shuey had an opportunity running into goal but a push in the back from his opponent, which went unpunished, sent his shot wide.

A dropped mark by Ah Chee resulted in a set shot for Zac Langdon from the pocket, but his kick missed everything. Cripps got out the back and then found Lycett, playing as a permanent forward, but his kick drifted across the face and was rushed out of bounds. Down the other end Matt De Boer had a chance but a desperate smother by first-gamer Allen saved the day. Harry Perryman received a marginal downfield free kick and slotted the Giants' second. Allen brought down Ryan Griffen to win a free kick but the resulting forward thrust was cut off. er had a chance for his second goal on the siren but kicked just wide, giving GWS a six-point lead at the first change.

Second term[]

Both sides squandered some forward entries before Ainsworth was able to crumb off a pack and dribble through the first goal of his career. A 'chaos ball' forward for GWS resulted in a behind, and from the kick-in Redden found a leading Lycett, who drilled the goal to give his side a five-point lead. The lead changed again moments later as Stephen Coniglio replied with a goal of his own. Ainsworth fell into Callan Ward's back in front of the Giants' goal but the skipper's shot missed to the near side. Down the other end, Hutchings found a running Gaff who coolly slotted the goal from the pocket. GWS went forward quickly but a rushed kick from Langdon managed only a behind.

Yeo had a running shot from the pocket but it skidded across goal and into the behind post. Seconds later Sam Reid had a set shot down the other end but shanked it for a behind. Rioli swooped on a loose ball at 50 and drilled the ball through an open goalsquare to put the Eagles up by 8. Dylan Shiel had a chance for a quick reply but missed. Redden squeezed a kick out of a stoppage but it went to the wrong side of the goalpost. The Giants had an opportunity down the other end but Ainsworth was able to rush a behind. Hutchings was able to outmark Jake Kelly and run in to an open goal for his second. Both sides had opportunities late in the half but neither was able to add to their score, with West Coast leading by 13 at the siren.

Third term[]

GWS got an early goal through Ward in the goalsquare. Cripps answered at the other end to restore the 31-point halftime margin. Tomlinson kicked his second after holding a low mark. A bouncing run and pinpoint kick from Gaff found Cripps who found McGovern who goaled with his belated first kick of the afternoon. Brent Daniels had a chance for a goal on debut but his snap missed narrowly. From the kick-in, Naitanui took a Mark of the Year contender over Lycett and Aidan Corr. Daniels had another chance but put this one out on the full.

Cole was penalised for holding the ball on his defensive 50 but Griffen's shot was punched through for a behind. Redden trapped Lachie Whitfield down the other end and goaled from straight in front to push the margin to 17. Cripps received a free in the forward pocket and curled the ball around the goalpost perfectly. Naitanui took the ball cleanly out of the ruck and had a ping but it went out on the full, and the Giants took the ball quickly down the other end where Tomlinson kicked his third for the day. They got another quick one when Duggan gave away a free kick and De Boer kicked truly. Rory Lobb had a chance to cut the margin to single figures just prior to the final change but missed. Coniglio hit the post to make it just single figures, the Eagles leading by 9 going into the fourth term.

Final term[]

Yeo broke out of the centre square and had a shot from 60 but it drifted right. Griffen had a shot on his left but it too went wide. Jetta hit Lycett on the chest but the makeshift forward's set shot was rushed through for a behind. Hutchings found Ah Chee on a lead but his set shot just faied to clear the pack on the line, a score review confirming the umpire's touched call. Himmelberg marked at the top of the square and kicked the first goal of the term, putting GWS within a kick. Whitfield bombed one from outside 50 to give them the lead for the first time since the second quarter. Rioli scrambled the ball along the boundary line, lost it, slapped it to Gaff who snapped truly to put the Eagles back in front.

It was short lived, with a contentious holding the ball free kick against Cole deep in defence leading to Himmelberg's second goal. Cripps went with the outside of the right but missed everything. The Giants' kick-in was marked by Naitanui in a repeat of his MOTY effort. His kick forward was rushed through for a behind to tie the scores. Ah Chee was infringed in a marking contest but his shot went virtually over the goal post for a behind, and the narrowest of leads. Rioli outbodied the bigger Corr and converted from right on 50. Lycett received a free and McGovern took the advantage, kicking his second and giving the Eagles a 13-point buffer. A wayward shot by Whitfield reduced that by one. Tim Taranto outmarked Masten but his shot also went wide as time expired, leaving the Eagles ahead by 11 points.

Club Champion votes[]

Gaff 15 Duggan 7
Hurn 15 Jetta 7
Naitanui 15 Rioli 7
Shuey 15 Lycett 6
Cripps 14 O.Allen 5
Hutchings 14 Sheppard 5
Yeo 14 Ainsworth 4
Redden 13 McGovern 4
Masten 10 Ah Chee 3
Schofield 10 Venables 1
Cole 9 Vardy 0

From the coach[]

"I think it would have been a pretty good spectacle. Both teams had a real go. Momentum shifts throughout the game, a real arm-wrestle, and to get over the line ... we are really proud of our boys. We just hung in there. Sometimes we couldn't keep up with our own ball movement, which exposes us the other way and the Giants had the same issue at stages. It would have been a ping-pong game, but in the end we got over the line.

"...Yeah, really pleased with our mids. I think they have been down a bit in the last few weeks and for them to step up and for Nic to step up, he has been a little bit sore and there was a question mark on whether he should play or not and I am really glad that he did.

"...I thought there were times when our dominance from the clearance and what we did from stoppages was really pleasing. It is their number one strength, their ability to spread from the stoppages and they are pretty healthy across the midfield. That was always a challenge our players were up for. They were really looking forward to this week. We got Elliot back in the midfield and I thought he made a difference as well."[1]

From the papers[]

The West Australian[]

"The lack of firepower was evident in the opening term as both sides struggled to turn attacking forays into goals.

The two teams combined for just three goals in the opening quarter.

But West Coast booted five goals to one in the second term to take a 19-point lead into the long break.

West Coast threatened to break away in the third quarter, before GWS pegged them back to ensure for a thrilling finish."[2]

The Age[]

"West Coast were superior in finding alternative avenues to goal, with Mark Hutchings notching two by half-time.

In the third quarter, the Eagles - with Gaff continuing to dominate – gradually built a four-goal lead. At that point, the Giants’ finals ambitions appeared to have suffered a massive body blow.

Against the flow, however, the Giants found ways to score through Adam Tomlinson and Matt de Boar to cut the margin in half. But missed chances from Rory Lobb and Coniglio left West Coast with their heads above water. Only just.

The stage was set for a grandstand finish for two clubs desperate for another four points. And the thrilling final stanza didn’t disappoint with the West Coast victory not settled until well into time-on."[3]

East Perth report[]

Round 14 (6-7 July)

East Perth had the bye.

Injury list[]

In the leadup to the match the following players were listed as injured:

Player Injury Expected return
MacKenzie Toe Season
LeCras Wrist 4 weeks
Karpany IT band 3 weeks
Darling Ankle 1-2 weeks
Kennedy Knee 1-2 weeks
Rotham Groin 1 week
Barrass Back Test
Olango* Hamstring 3 weeks
England* Back 1-2 weeks




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