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West Coast v Brisbane
Round 16, 2005
Cousins in action in his 200th. Photo: aflphotos.com.au
Sat, 16 July 2005 (5:40 PM WST)
Won by 23
WCE 17.9.111 - 13.10.88 BRI
3 B.Cousins (WCE)
2 C.Judd (WCE)
1 M.Braun (WCE)

In his 200th game, skipper Ben Cousins turned in a performance for the highlight reels to propel his side to a comfortable win against the Lions. Cousins kicked three first-quarter goals and had 19 possessions by halftime as West Coast sped out to a big lead early and held off a number of Brisbane challenges before some late Lions goals gave some respectability to the margin.


1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
West Coast 8.3.51 10.7.67 13.8.86 17.9.111
Brisbane 1.3.9 4.8.32 6.10.46 13.10.88

Goals: Cousins 4, Chick, Lynch 3, Gardiner 2, Braun, Matera, McDougall, Nicoski

Best: Cousins, Judd, Fletcher, Wirrpanda, Lynch, Braun

Injuries: Nil

Reports: Gardiner for striking C.Johnson, Cox for striking J.Charman

Milestones: Cousins 200th game, Selwood Rising Star nomination, Adkins final appearance

Records: WCE 18th straight win at Subiaco (extending club record)

Named sides[]

West Coast Brisbane
B: 44.Wirrpanda 23.Glass 17.Chick B: 7.Adcock 15.Michael 39.Drummond
HB: 5.Stenglein 41.Staker 6.Banfield HB: 2.Johnson 26.Macdonald 33.White
C: 31.Nicoski 9.Cousins 10.Braun C: 6.Power 3.Voss 8.Notting
HF: 26.Butler 29.Hansen 4.Kerr HF: 18.Corrie 16.Brown 44.Lappin
F: 33.Matera 21.Lynch 14.Seaby F: 9.McGrath 36.Bradshaw 21.Merrett
R: 20.Cox 3.Judd 7.Fletcher R: 27.Keating 20.Black 12.Akermanis
I: 16.Adkins 38.B.Jones 2.McDougall I: 19.Charman 29.Sherman 5.B.Scott
37.Selwood 28.Selwood
E: 35.Green 1.Gardiner 24.Rosa E: 10.Moody 35.Rischitelli 13.Pike

In: McDougall

Out: Hunter (knee)

Late change: Gardiner for Hansen (groin)

Players in the WAFL[]

Round 17 (16 July)

Claremont (R.Jones, Morton, Wilkes) vs South Fremantle (Gaspar, Graham)

West Perth (LeCras, Sharp) vs Swan Districts. M.Embley played reserves

Peel (Rosa) vs Perth

East Perth vs Subiaco

Bye: East Fremantle

From the papers[]

The West Australian[]

"The Lions are known for being pretty good sledgers but if Johnson had wanted to trash talk his West Coast opponent Mark Nicoskiin the first term, he would have needed a mobile phone.

He got nowhere near him! Nicoski kicked a goal, had eight touches and was instrumental in three other West Coast goals.

Ben Cousins had nine first-quarter touches and three goals by quarter-time. The favourite for the Brownlow Medal was in superb touch in his 200th gamebut a player who should have been given maximum respect and high attention was left to run his own race. By quarter time, the Eagles had run up 113 possessions to Brisbane's 58.

Michael Gardiner had already kicked two goals and both from relayed free kicks. The fact that Brown had played all over Brent Staker meant nothing, the ball hadn't been near Bradshaw and Brisbane were dead in the water.[1]

Injury list[]

In the lead-up to the round the following players were listed as injured:

Player Injury Expected duration
Smith Knee Season
Waters Groin 5 weeks (On LTI list, replaced by Edwards)
Embley Foot 5 weeks
Humm Ankle 4 weeks
Wooden Shoulder 2 weeks
Hunter Knee 1-2 weeks
Sampi Ankle 1 week
Gardiner Knee Available



  1. Mark Duffield, The West Australian (17 July 2005, p.GAM4), "Why the arrogant Lions lose to Eagles"