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West Coast v Fremantle
Round 16, 1999
Sun, 18 July 1999 (2:10 PM WST)
Lost by 47
FRE 17.17.119 - 11.6.72 WCE
3 A.Fletcher (FRE)
2 J.Norrish (FRE)
1 C.Michael (FRE)

Fremantle comprehensively outplayed the Eagles in the 10th Western Derby to record their first win over their cross-town rivals, and in the process knocked West Coast from top spot and spoiled the 200th game of fan favourite Chris Mainwaring. The Eagles gave up seven goals in the opening term and never recovered. Glen Jakovich and the returning Ben Cousins each recorded 23 possessions.


1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
West Coast 4.0.24 7.3.45 10.4.64 11.6.72
Fremantle 7.5.47 10.8.68 14.10.94 17.17.119

Goals: Cummings 3, Pe.Matera, Ph.Matera, Metropolis 2, Fewster, Morrison

Best: Banfield, Wirrpanda, Cummings, Jakovich, Morrison

Injuries: McKenna (knee)

Milestones: Mainwaring 200th game

Records: Fremantle biggest (only) win vs WCE, Fremantle highest score vs WCE

Named sides[]

West Coast Fremantle
B: 44.Wirrpanda 11.McIntosh 26.Ball B: 32.Bond 10.O'Reilly 22.Carroll
HB: 8.Metropolis 27.Jakovich 17.McKenna HB: 11.Kickett 23.S.Parker 31.Clement
C: 42.Morrison 2.Kemp 3.Mainwaring C: 25.Norrish 2.Fletcher 13.Taylor
HF: 42.Rintoul 23.Fewster 36.Read HF: 29.Wira 26.Waterhouse Black
F: 12.White 14.Cummings 33.Ph.Matera F: 4.Wills 6.Modra 42.Callaghan
R: 45.Bellotti 14.Braun 6.Banfield R: 44.Bandy 17.Holland 33.Shipp
I: 9.Cousins 25.Holmes 30.Pe.Matera I: 36.Prescott 35.Gale 16.Michael
31.Jones 8.McManus
E: 29.Donnelly 37.Williams 16.Symmons E: 19.Walker 9.Mann 3.Harding

In: Pe.Matera, Cousins, Holmes

Out: Fletcher, Donnelly, Williams

Late change: (FRE) Harding for Shipp (thigh)

From the papers[]

The Age[]

"The biggest margin came late in the second term when the Dockers cleared out to a 30-point break but the Eagles had one final fling in the third term.

Goals to the Matera brothers edged the Eagles to within 13 points 10 minutes into the third quarter. This was the moment of truth for the Dockers. Survive this and Fremantle would shed the biggest monkey ever placed on the team's back.

Tony Modra, a player not steeped in derby traditions, answered the challenge. A miraculous goal from the boundary line, with McIntosh riding him, and his next goal, two minutes later, was his 500th."[1]


Round 15 (17 July)

Subiaco (Donnelly) vs Claremont (Gardiner, Wooden, Stone, Crabb, Chambers, Williams, Antonowicz, Fletcher, Hill, O'Brien, Embley, Bennett, Younie, S.Duckworth)

West Perth (Symmons) vs South Fremantle

Peel vs East Fremantle

East Perth (Turnbull) vs Swan Districts

Bye: Perth. Gehrig obtained permission to play reserves for Claremont.

Injury list[]

In the lead-up to the round the following players were listed as injured:[2]

Player Injury Expected duration
Lewis Ankle 4 weeks
Wooden Thigh 1 week
Gardiner Buttock Doubtful
Pe.Matera Calf Test
Cousins Thigh Test
Turnbull Shoulder Test



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  2. The Age (13 June 1999, p.SPORT2), "Your club"