West Coast v St Kilda
Round 15, 1990
Fri, 13 July 1990 (7:40 PM WST)
Won by 18
WCE 16.12.108 - 14.6.90 STK
3 K.Langdon (WCE)
2 S.Loewe (STK)
1 C.Mainwaring (WCE)

In a remarkable game, West Coast gave up 9 goals and a sizeable lead in the first quarter before pegging the Saints back, hitting the front in the final quarter and going on to win by three goals. Troy Ugle went from villain to hero, giving up five goals to his direct opponent, Craig Devonport, before switching forward to kick half a dozen of his own.


1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
West Coast 2.1.13 6.6.42 8.10.58 16.12.108
St Kilda 9.3.57 11.4.70 12.5.77 14.6.90

Goals: Ugle 6, Langdon, Sumich 3, Heady 2, Lewis, McGrath

Best: Lamb, Langdon, Hart, Malaxos, Lewis, Ugle

Injuries: Heady (chest), Langdon (nose)

Reports: Jackson for striking S.Loewe

Named sidesEdit

West Coast St Kilda
B: 35.Ugle 6.Miles 12.Scott B: 26.K.Taylor 2.Frawley 32.Lawrie
HB: 17.McKenna 14.Brennan 24.Worsfold HB: 44.Devonport 24.Jeffrey 8.Russo
C: 7.Turley 8.Malaxos 3.Mainwaring C: 37.Rice 15.Coghlan 29.Burke
HF: 9.Wilson 40.McGrath 39.Heady HF: 7.Winmar 23.Loewe 35.Harvey
F: 19.Langdon 4.Sumich 36.Hart F: 47.Harris 50.Doyle 6.Grant
R: 34.Irving 28.Lewis 5.Lamb R: 10.Harding 41.Pekin 18.Bowey
I: 44.Begovich 27.Jackson I: 9.Kitschke 34.Daniels
E: 11.Breman 23.Rance 10.Turner E: 17.Lamb 51.Donald 38.Simpson

In: Mainwaring, Begovich, Miles, McGrath

Out: Kemp (hamstring), Narkle (knee), Breman, Rance

From the papersEdit

The AgeEdit

"While Ugle was on the receiving end of great midfield work, mainly from Craig Turley and skipper Steve Malaxos, he earned his stripes with several courageous marks in the heart of the unforgiving Saints backline.

His four goals in the last quarter when the match hung in the balance dumped the Saints to eighth place on the ladder and, probably, another idle September.

Ugle was beautifully offset by the flashy Karl Langdon (three goals), who was helped from the ground late in the third quarter with blood streaming from his face.

To his credit, Langdon returned for the last skirmish, kicking the last goal of the match, after a feed from Ugle."[1]

Players in the WAFLEdit

Round 15 (14 July)

Claremont (Annear, O'Connell, Cormack, Higgins, Evans, Mann) vs South Fremantle (Watters)

East Perth (Turner, Melesso) vs Subiaco (Keene, Breman, Cable, Hutchinson)

Perth vs Swan Districts (Rance)

East Fremantle (Lockyer, Waterman, Browning) vs West Perth (Gwilliam)

Injury listEdit

In the lead-up to the match the following players were listed as injured or unavailable:[2]

Player Injury Expected duration
Laidley Knee reconstruction Season
MacNish Arm surgery Season
Keene Heel Long-term
Peos Knee 4 weeks
Wilson Groin Test
Narkle Shoulder Test
Gwilliam Groin strain OK


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  2. The Age (11 July 1990, p.35), "The injury list"
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