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Melbourne v West Coast
Round 14, 2009
Hurn in his 50th game. Photo: aflphotos.com.au
Sat, 4 July 2009 (2:10 PM EST)
Lost by 20
MEL 17.10.112 - 13.14.92 WCE
3 J.Grimes (MEL)
2 B.Moloney (MEL)
1 N.Jones (MEL)

Melbourne won their second game of the season to honour inspirational president Jim Stynes, who had been diagnosed with cancer earlier in the week. The loss continued West Coast's terrible record away from home. Josh Kennedy kicked four goals and Shannon Hurn got 28 touches coming off half-back in his 50th game.


1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
Melbourne 6.1.37 11.2.68 16.6.69 17.10.112
West Coast 4.6.30 7.8.50 11.12.78 13.14.92

Goals: Kennedy 4, LeCras 3, A.Selwood 2, Butler, Masten, Spangher, Wirrpanda

Best: Lynch, Brown, Kennedy, Hurn, Masten, Embley, A.Selwood, Cockie

Injuries: B.Jones (hamstring)

Milestones: Hurn 50th game

Named sides[]

West Coast Melbourne
B: 30.Spangher 23.Glass 44.Wirrpanda B: 15.Petterd 37.Warnock 10.Morton
HB: 10.S.Selwood 16.MacKenzie 25.Hurn HB: 8.Frawley 27.Rivers 36.Davey
C: 32.Embley 11.Priddis 24.Rosa C: 48.Jurrah 5.McLean 39.Jetta
HF: 37.A.Selwood 17.Kennedy 13.Masten HF: 6.Bate 24.Robertson 32.Bruce
F: 2.LeCras 1.Brown 21.Lynch F: 2.Jones 12.Sylvia 18.Green
R: 9.Naitanui 18.Ebert 26.Butler R: 40.Jamar 16.Grimes 43.Bennell
I: 5.Stenglein 38.B.Jones 27.McKinley I: 22.Moloney 23.McDonald 34.Martin
7.Fletcher 31.Wheatley
E: 19.Houlihan 15.Swift 48.Cockie E: 7.Miller 11.Johnson 21.Bell

In: B.Jones, Fletcher

Out: Kerr (soreness), Swift

Late change: Cockie for MacKenzie

From the papers[]

The West Australian[]

"The loss of ruckman Dean Cox had a profound influence, with Demons' big man Mark Jamar dominating the centre clearances for Cameron Bruce, Brock McLean, Brad Green and Brent Moloney to cut West Coast to bits.

At one point in the second quarter, Quinten Lynch and Matt Priddis were the visitors' leading possession-getters, but used the ball at a sloppy 36 per cent efficiency.

While they deserve credit for working hard enough to get the ball, it was indicative of West Coast's woes.

Losing Brett Jones (hamstring) after five minutes hurt the rotations and structures, but that was no excuse for the lack of courage in running with desperate opponents and no excuse for over-using the ball by hand which the Demons fed off in a frenzy of tackles, which totalled 50."[1]

The Sunday Age[]

"West Coast needed the quarter-time siren, and seemed to have benefited from the break suitably when Josh Kennedy then David Wirrpanda goaled to put the Eagles six points up.

But Melbourne came again. Green snapped another from outside 50. Colin Sylvia dobbed a beauty from outside 50 on the run, Petterd another from a free kick, Bate another set shot, and Jurrah another big mark. That all happened within 10 minutes, blew the margin out to 24 points, and that, frankly, was about that.

Once early in the third quarter, and again in the last, West Coast strung two goals together. In most other teams up against a bottom-of-the-ladder side, that would be the source of some encouragement. But all it took for the Eagles to be put back in their box was the next Melbourne reply, an indictment, really, on a club that ruled the roost not all that long ago."[2]

Players in the WAFL[]

Round 15 (4 July)

West Perth (Seaby) vs Perth (Smith, Sullivan)

Swan Districts (Hansen, Notte, Davis) vs East Fremantle (Houlihan)

South Fremantle (Wilson) vs Claremont (Swift, Wilkes, McGinnity, Stevenson)

East Perth vs Subiaco

Bye: Peel

Injury list[]

In the lead-up to the match the following players were listed as injured or unavailable:

Player Injury Expected duration
Waters Elbow Season On the LTI list, replaced by Davis 2/4/09
Shuey Fibula 5-7 weeks
Staker Knuckle 5 weeks
J.Jones Hamstring 2-3 weeks
Cox Groin Test
Hunter Shoulder Test
Nicoski Back Test
Wilkes Concussion Test




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