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Geelong v West Coast
Round 14, 2002
Fletcher in action. Photo: aflphotos.com.au
Sat, 6 July 2002 (2:10 PM EST)
Lost by 32
GEE 8.17.65 - 4.9.33 WCE
3 D.Milburn (GEE)
2 C.Ling (GEE)
1 J.Kelly (GEE)

At a blustery Kardinia Park, both sides struggled to score in the wind for three quarters before Geelong were able to pull away in the final term. West Coast scored just two points in the second half and were held to their lowest score against Geelong. In his 50th game, Chad Fletcher led West Coast with 20 possessions and David Wirrpanda had 19 before being taken from the ground with concussion in the final quarter.


1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
Geelong 3.5.23 3.8.26 5.15.45 8.17.65
West Coast 1.5.11 4.7.31 4.9.33 4.9.33

Goals: Braun, Embley, Kerr, Sampi

Best: Wirrpanda, Fletcher, Jakovich, McIntosh, Kerr

Injuries: Wirrpanda (concussion), Sampi (corked thigh)

Milestones: Fletcher 50th game, Sampi AFL debut

Records: WCE lowest score vs Geelong

Named sides[]

West Coast Geelong
B: 22.Collica 11.McIntosh 6.Banfield B: 11.Corey 30.Scarlett 27.Sanderson
HB: 23.Glass 27.Jakovich 44.Wirrpanda HB: 40.Wojcinski 2.Harley 39.Milburn
C: 4.Kerr 9.Cousins 3.Judd C: 9.Kelly 15.Riccardi 14.Clarke
HF: 30.Pe.Matera 1.Gardiner 21.Merenda HF: 35.Chapman 7.Graham 24.Lord
F: 39.Hunter 32.Embley 33.Ph.Matera F: 45.Ling 18.Kingsley 8.Burns
R: 20.Cox 13.Wooden 7.Fletcher R: 1.King 34.Rahilly 44.Enright
I: 10.Braun 35.Green 45.Lynch I: 20.S.Johnson 33.Rooke 41.Hunt
15.Chambers 21.Mooney
E: 25.Sierakowski 28.Sampi 37.Williams E: 3.Bartel 23.Foster 29.Ablett

In: Green, Braun

Out: Jones (knee), Williams

Late change: (WCE) Sampi for Gardiner (hamstring); (GEE) Bartel for Rooke (flu)

New: Ashley Sampi (South Fremantle)

Players in the WAFL[]

Round 14 (6 July)

East Fremantle vs East Perth (Prior, Humm, Tuckey)

Peel vs West Perth (Williams, Seaby)

Perth (McDougall) vs Swan Districts (Taylor, Munro, Hansen)

Claremont (Carroll, Rudeforth) vs Subiaco (Sierakowski, Haynes)

Bye: South Fremantle

Injury list[]

In the lead-up to the round the following players were listed as injured:[1]

Player Injury Expected duration
Read Knee Season
Morrison Knee Season
Jones Knee TBA
Gaspar Foot 4 weeks
Wilson Shoulder Test
Taylor Knee Test
Sierakowski Hamstring Test
Harding Ankle Test