Collingwood v West Coast
Round 14, 1990
Sat, 7 July 1990 (2:10 PM EST)
Lost by 32
COL 15.12.102 - 11.10.76 WCE
3 T.Shaw (COL)
2 R.McKeown (COL)
1 D.Monkhorst (COL)

West Coast got out to an early lead but thereafter allowed Collingwood to take control of the match and cruise to victory, with the 32-point margin not reflecting the Magpies' dominance. Dean Kemp was one Eagle to stand up with 29 disposals and nine marks.


1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
Collingwood 2.5.17 8.7.55 11.11.77 15.12.102
West Coast 4.3.27 5.5.35 8.8.56 11.10.76

Goals: Jackson 3, Turley 2, Hart, Heady, Malaxos, Narkle, Sumich, Wilson

Best: Kemp, Malaxos, Lewis, Ugle, Hart

Injuries: Nil

Named sidesEdit

West Coast Collingwood
B: 35.Ugle 14.Brennan 24.Worsfold B: 24.Turner 5.McKeown 12.Banks
HB: 17.McKenna 23.Rance 7.Turley HB: 3.Gayfer 23.Kelly 7.Morwood
C: 33.Kemp 28.Lewis 11.Breman C: 42.Millane 34.McGuane 19.Wright
HF: 19.Langdon 12.Scott 9.Wilson HF: 2.Francis 21.Christian 17.Barwick
F: 39.Heady 4.Sumich 41.Narkle F: 35.Daicos 26.Brown 30.Manson
R: 34.Irving 8.Malaxos 36.Hart R: 1.Monkhorst 29.Russell 22.Shaw
I: 27.Jackson 5.Lamb I: 13.Richardson 6.Tuddenham
E: 44.Begovich 6.Miles 10.Turner E: 37.Hrysoulakis 14.Keays 36.Tarpey

No change

From the papersEdit

The AgeEdit

"By the end of the second quarter, the Collingwood defence had totally shut out the Eagles' forwards. And turned defence into attack, which was typified by defender Shane Morwood's goal 24 minutes into the term. Morwood ran from the wing, gathered the ball and kicked a wobbly torpedo punt goalwards. Long and flat, the kick tumbled over the goal line and the Maggies were 15 points up. More comfort for Collingwood followed with Daicos' fifth goal just before the interval.

The third quarter was Collingwood's from the start. When Darren Millane kicked the Magpies' 11th goal 12 minutes into the quarter there was a real chance that the Eagles were going to be humiliated. Collingwood had scored the last nine goals and the opposition was looking for places to hide.

Millane's goal summed up both his own game and that of his team. A Brown handpass found him 50 metres from goal, seemingly trapped by Wilson and Ugle. But with superb poise, he eluded both opponents, steadied, bounced the ball, and goaled. Great stuff."[1]

Canberra TimesEdit

"West Coast kicked with a strong breeze in the first term and led by 10 points at the break. Within three minutes of the start of the second term it extended the lead by another goal, but from then Collingwood fired and had added 9.6 points before the Eagles scored their next goal, just before the time-on period in the third term.

The Magpies played intelligently with the wind and halted Eagles' attacks when kicking against the breeze with short play along the flanks."[2]

Players in the WAFLEdit

General bye.

Injury listEdit

In the lead-up to the match the following players were listed as injured or unavailable:[3]

Player Injury Expected duration
Peos Knee 2 weeks
Gwilliam Groin strain 1-2 weeks
McGrath Suspended 1 week
Keene Heel OK


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