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West Coast v St Kilda
Round 12, 2007
Hunter in action. Photo: aflphotos.com.au
Sun, 24 June 2007 (2:40 PM WST)
Lost by 23
STK 15.9 - 11.10.76 WCE
3 N.Dal Santo (STK)
2 D.Cox (WCE)
1 R.Harvey (STK)

West Coast were upset at Subiaco by a struggling St Kilda side that lifted for Robert Harvey's 350th game. The Saints led by as much as 44 points in the third quarter before a Daniel Kerr-led fightback wound the margin back to just 4 points, but St Kilda steadied to run out comfortable winners. Kerr and Michael Braun stood up in the midfield in the absence of Chris Judd, who was a late withdrawal with a groin issue, but had too few helpers.


1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
West Coast 3.4.22 4.5.29 10.7.67 11.10.76
St Kilda 3.3.21 10.6.66 12.7.79 15.9.99

Goals: Braun, Lynch 2, Cox, Graham, Hurn, R.Jones, LeCras, Seaby, Staker

Best: Kerr, Braun, Hurn, B.Jones, Cox, Stenglein

Injuries: Nil

Named sides[]

West Coast St Kilda
B: 38.B.Jones 23.Glass 44.Wirrpanda B: 27.Blake 8.Hudghton 43.Attard
HB: 8.Waters 39.Hunter 37.Selwood HB: 1.Gram 25.S.Fisher 6.L.Fisher
C: 24.Rosa 11.Priddis 10.Braun C: 17.Fiora 7.Hayes 11.Montagna
HF: 5.Stenglein 41.Staker 12.Morton HF: 35.Harvey 12.Riewoldt 3.X.Clarke
F: 14.Seaby 21.Lynch 17.Chick F: 44.Milne 23.Koschitzke 13.Voss
R: 20.Cox 3.Judd 4.Kerr R: 29.Rix 26.Dal Santo 14.Ball
I: 2.LeCras 6.Nicoski 22.Graham I: 10.Baker 16.R.Clarke 19.Gilbert
25.Hurn 4.Thompson
E: 15.C.Jones 35.Armstrong 18.R.Jones E: 21.Ferguson 22.Birss 5.Watts

In: Waters, Graham, Nicoski

Out: Fletcher (groin), Brown, R.Jones

Late change: R.Jones for Judd (groin)

From the papers[]

The West Australian[]

"Cox, Kerr and Hurn were instrumental in West Coast's revival in the second half, with Kerr redeeming himself for a poor first half against Luke Ball.

Hurn was given midfield responsibility in the momentum swinging third term, barging through packs and finding the space to unload his trademark bombs.

Cox was steady in the first half but especially dominant later, on the ball and up forward where Quentin Lynch was moved out to operate across half-forward.

Lynch kicked only two goals but had a strong appetite for the football in the second half while David Wirrpanda, also under the gun after a poor month of footy, found some touch and run to push the Eagles close to an improbable victory.

West Coast searched frantically for the killer blow but, with both teams physically and mentally drained, couldn't produce it."[1]

Players in the WAFL[]

Round 12 (16 June)

Peel (Schofield) vs East Fremantle (Spangher, Brown, Houlihan, McNamara)

Claremont (Morton, MacKenzie, C.Jones, Wilkes) vs East Perth (McKinley, Spaanderman). Thomson played reserves.

Swan Districts vs South Fremantle (Graham)

Subiaco (Nicoski) vs West Perth (Sharp)

Bye: Perth

Round 13 (23 June)

East Fremantle (Spangher, Brown, Houlihan, McNamara) vs Perth (Armstrong)

Peel (Schofield) vs East Perth (McKinley)

South Fremantle vs West Perth (Sharp)

Subiaco vs Swan Districts

Bye: Claremont



  1. Ray Wilson, The West Australian (25 June 2007, p.GAM6), "Saints slip under rader"