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GWS Giants v West Coast
Round 10, 2021
Williams in action. Photo: aflphotos.com.au
Sun, 23 May 2021 (1.10pm EST)
Lost by 16
GWS 13.15.93 - 11.11.77 WCE
3 T.Green (GWS)
2 C.Ward (GWS)
1 J.Hopper (GWS)

West Coast's winning run came to an end with a disappointing 16-point loss to the Giants in Sydney. The visitors were beaten up around the ball but kept pace with GWS until the final term, with the sides trading the lead 13 times during the match, but the Giants pulled away late in the last term to move into the eight. Shannon Hurn picked up 21 disposals in his record-breaking 291st club game, and Nic Naitanui had 34 hitouts and eight clearances.


1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
GWS Giants 4.2.26 7.8.50 10.13.73 13.15.93
West Coast 3.4.22 7.7.49 10.9.69 11.11.77

Goals: Cripps, Petruccelle 2, Allen, Darling, Kelly, Kennedy, Redden, Waterman, Williams

Best: Naitanui, Kelly, Redden, Gaff, Petruccelle, Sheed

Injuries: Sheppard (ankle)

Medical subs: (WCE) Jones, unused; (GWS) O'Halloran, unused

Reports: Sheed for misconduct against B.Hill

Milestones: Hurn 291st game (new WCE record)

Jumper: Away, white shorts

Named sides[]

West Coast GWS Giants
B: 42.H.Edwards 37.Barrass 5.Sheppard B: 44.Buckley 15.Taylor 19.Haynes
HB: 25.Hurn 35.Rotham 28.Cole HB: 21.Buntine 13.Cumming 50.Reid
C: 8.Redden 4.Sheed 15.Cripps C: 6.Whitfield 8.Ward 7.Ash
HF: 10.Brander 27.Darling 21.Petruccelle HF: 37.Hill 31.Finlayson 22.Kelly
F: 12.Allen 17.Kennedy 1.Ryan F: 38.Lloyd 28.Sproule 27.Himmelberg
R: 9.Naitanui 11.Kelly 3.Gaff R: 30.Flynn 14.Taranto 2.Hopper
I: 2.Waterman 23.Witherden 32.Williams I: 39.Idun 26.Riccardi 41.Mumford
41.Ah Chee 12.Green
E: 7.Langdon 24.O'Neill 30.Nelson E: 33.O'Halloran 32.Briggs 5.Bruhn
31.Jones 34.Shipley

In: H.Edwards, Hurn, Ryan

Out: McGovern (knee), Nelson, Jones, Langdon (unused medical sub)

Late change: (WCE) Nelson for Witherden (groin)

Quarter by quarter[]

West Coast were forced into a late change with Witherden pulling out with a groin injury, replaced by Nelson.

Club Champion votes[]


Naitanui 12 Rotham 4
Kelly 11 Sheed 4
Redden 9 Hurn 3
Allen 7 Ah Chee 1
Darling 7 Nelson 1
Gaff 7 Sheppard 1
Kennedy 5 Waterman 1
Barrass 4 Williams 1
Brander 4 H.Edwards 0
Cole 4 Ryan 0
Cripps 4 Jones 0
Petruccelle 4

From the coach[]

"It was a good battle, it felt almost like a final, really, with the ebbs and flows, so we had our opportunities, they had probably more. And obviously that last quarter, goal for goal, and they took their opportunities late, but overall I think the numbers suggest they were a better side. Proud that of the fact we played with plenty of spirit and energy and we hung in there, but I think overall they probably played the better footy.

"...Look, sometimes you’ll concede more tackles, more uncontested possession but the style of play is the way you want it. We don’t want to have 30 less tackles, efficiency of tackles is what we rate and we’ve been poor at that, so that was disappointing but I don’t think we shied away from it. So, I thought, like I said, there was ebbs and flows, but in the end their mids' numbers looked healthy, probably a little bit healthier than ours. But I don’t want to blame our mids either, so I think we had opportunities the last quarter and didn’t take it. Got to learn from it and grow and get better but we’re not going to completely dismiss this as a disaster, we think we can still take some positives from it.

"...We looked very efficient in the first half, we love to have that efficiency and get more supply. And in the end it was about the contest, making the most of not the first one, but the third, the fourth. We felt we were up for it, but when it really mattered we came second."[2]

From the papers[]

The West Australian[]

"West Coast were completely denied the way they wanted to play, as the Giants swamped them with 49 more marks and 95 more uncontested possessions. The Eagles averaged 118 marks before yesterday and took just 71.

West Coast found a way around it thanks to their stoppage work and forward efficiency in the first half but, having lost second-half clearances 23-14, there was literally no path to goal as they got trapped in their back half.

The Giants led the tackle count 77-46 despite having 101 more disposals. No tackle had more impact than ruckman Shane Mumford’s brutal dump of Jarrod Brander in the middle of the ground in the third quarter.

GWS took a one-point lead to the major break, but there was nothing even about a stats sheet which painted a fascinating story about the way the contest was unfolding."[3]

The Age[]

"The Eagles kicked the opener after just two minutes, when Jack Petrucelle latched onto a beautiful set-up kick from Liam Ryan to stroll into an open goal. The Giants responded with the next two – and from then until midway through the third term, it was literally goal for goal.

Each time West Coast conjured up something in attack, usually by spotting up a target inside 50, GWS’s incessant forward pressure squeezed out a response.

But for a late behind to Buckley, the half-time scoreboard would have perfectly reflected the deadlock that had unfolded on the ground. Instead, the home side went into the sheds ahead by the most slender of margins, one point.

The stats sheet told the story in another way: the Eagles were up by seven for marks inside 50, while the Giants had laid on 25 more tackles. Wildly varying methods yielded remarkably similar results."[4]


Round 7 (22 May)

West Coast remained winless in 2021, going down to former affiliated side East Perth by 57 points at a wet Leederville Oval. Despite an influx of AFL-listed talent, including a rare WAFL appearance from Elliot Yeo on the comeback from a groin injury, the Eagles were unable to keep pace with a Royals side searching for their own first win of the season. Mark Hutchings had a team-high 28 possessions and Yeo tallied 13 along with eight tackles in limited game time, but the loss was compunded by a serious-looking ankle injury to young forward Jarrod Cameron.

1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
East Perth 2.2.14 4.3.27 5.10.40 12.13.85
West Coast 1.2.8 1.4.10 2.7.19 3.10.28

Goals: Jamieson, Langdon, Vardy

Best: Hutchings, Yeo, O'Neill, Trew

Injuries: Cameron (ankle), McGee (cut head)

Named side:

West Coast
B: 38.Johnson 58.Busher 52.Feeney
HB: 51.Marlin 50.Fitzgerald 29.Foley
C: 26.Trew 33.Ainsworth 16.L.Edwards
HF: 34.Hutchings 18.Sears 61.Robilliard
F: 56.Hug 19.Vardy 39.Cameron
R: 40.Jamieson 45.Brayshaw 6.Yeo
I: 67.Borgogno 62.Cary 60.Deegan
E: 63.Hansen 53.Humble 59.Nitschke

In: Yeo, Hutchings, Vardy, Foley, L.Edwards, Busher, Hug

Out: O'Neill (AFL), Flint (knee), Sinclair (collarbone), Wilson, Hansen, Humble, Paunich

Late changes: Langdon, O'Neill for Borgogno, Cary

Injury list[]

In the leadup to the match the following players were listed as being injured or unavailable:

Player Injury Expected return
Rioli Suspension 13 weeks
Winder Knee 6 weeks
Shuey Hamstring TBC (expected 5+ weeks)
Duggan Knee 4 weeks
Yeo Groin TBC (expected 3+ weeks)
Vardy Foot Test
Ryan Shin Test
Hurn Calf Test
Allen Elbow Test
McGovern Knee Test
Venables* Concussion Indefinite
Hutchings* Hamstring Available




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