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Brisbane v West Coast
Round 10, 2012
Naitanui flies high against Brisbane. Photo: aflphotos.com.au
Sun, 3 June 2012 (1:10 PM EST)
Lost by 2
BRI 16.6.102 - 15.10.100 WCE
3 J.Drummond (BRI)
2 M.Priddis (WCE)
1 J.Redden (BRI)

West Coast fought back after a poor first half to hit the front by as much as 21 points in the final quarter, before Brisbane charged back into the game. A soccered attempt at goal by Jack Darling well into time-on appeared to have gone through but was ruled touched. As Darling remonstrated, the Lions moved the ball quickly through the centre and James Polkinghorne bombed through a goal from 60m to win the game. Matt Priddis was at his best with three goals to go with his 27 touches, while Nic Naitanui and Dean Cox dominated the ruck. Patrick McGinnity had a poor game and was subbed off in his 50th appearance.


1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
Brisbane 3.3.21 7.4.46 8.5.53 16.6.102
West Coast 2.1.13 5.5.35 10.7.67 15.10.100

Goals: Priddis 3, Cox, Hurn 2, Darling, Hams, Hill, Lynch, Masten, Schofield, S.Selwood, Swift

Best: Priddis, Masten, Gaff, Schofield, MacKenzie, Swift

Injuries: Nil

Reports: Waters for rough conduct against J.Redden

Sub: Hams for McGinnity in the third quarter

Milestones: McGinnity 50th game

Named side[]

West Coast Brisbane
B: 35.McGinnity 23.Glass 31.Schofield B: 9.McGrath 36.Maguire 35.Lester
HB: 8.Waters 16.MacKenzie 25.Hurn HB: 41.Golby 24.Patfull 39.Drummond
C: 24.Rosa 11.Priddis 3.Gaff C: 11.Hanley 10.Rich 7.Adcock
HF: 7.Masten 27.Darling 5.Sheppard HF: 30.Redden 16.Brown 15.Zorko
F: 20.Cox 21.Lynch 33.Hill F: 43.Bewick 21.Merrett 44.Cornelius
R: 9.Naitanui 10.S.Selwood 4.Kerr R: 22.Hudson 38.Rockliff 29.Raines
I: 37.A.Selwood 15.Swift 43.Hams I: 31.Polkinghorne 40.McKeever 4.Polec
34.Brennan 6.Green
E: 1.Brown 14.Stevens 29.Lycett E: 17.Beams 28.Karnezis 26.Yeo

In: Swift, Hams

Out: Butler (hamstring), Shuey (susp)

Club Champion votes[]

Hurn 20 Gaff 12
MacKenzie 19 Naitanui 12
Priddis 19 S.Selwood 12
Waters 16 Kerr 11
Cox 15 McGinnity 11
Darling 15 Schofield 11
Glass 15 Brennan 10
Masten 15 Lynch 10
Swift 14 Sheppard 10
Rosa 13 Hams 9
A.Selwood 13 Hill 7

From the coach[]

"Early on, we made mistakes that we would pride ourselves on not making. If that's through intensity or just absolute concentration, it's very hard to pick. But it was something, so it's any one of a number of things you can point the finger at. But it wasn't really good enough for us.

"...Brisbane are a pretty good running side and it was a pretty tight, tough game all the way. Really just some of our kicking was down, our ball-handling was down.

"...Brisbane scored quick goals in reply to get themselves back in the game. It was a game that was a bit like that all day. We had the opportunity to win the game with a couple of minutes to go, the bounce of the ball didn't quite go our way. Another inch on Darling's toe-poke and we win comfortably, their torp goes through from 70 metres and they win. If you said that we ended up in front, we still would have been disappointed with our first half, but we ran the game out and made it a tough contest and gave ourselves a chance to win it all the way."[2]

From the papers[]

The West Australian[]

"A brutal bump from Waters as he ran from off the half-back line to bury Redden in the centre early in the third quarter signalled a revival in intensity from the Eagles.

With Schofield still leading the rebounding duties with dash and clever reading of the play, they booted five goals to one for the quarter to snatch back a 14-point lead with a quarter to play.

The improved forward pressure from West Coast allowed them more repeat opportunities to score and the coaching decision to lock down harder on Rich with Adam Selwood and then Tom Swift also paid handy dividends.

But sprayed kicks out of bounds on the full by Matt Priddis, who had booted three goals up to three-quarter time, and Brisbane defender Matt Maguire were typical of an often sloppy display by both teams."[3]

The Age[]

"To get there, the Lions had to fight back from 21 points down five minutes in the last quarter. Four quick goals, to Josh Drummond, Brown, Rich and late substitute Josh Green gave them the lead, the belief and the momentum.

But the Eagles responded, opening up a nine-point lead through clever goals by Scott Selwood and Tom Swift.

Dayne Zorko, who has a name from a horror movie and a build like a Centurion tank, brought the Lions back to within three points, only for Chris Masten, one of the Eagles' few consistent contributors, to re-establish a 10-point buffer

For the Lions to win it from there, via a third running goal to Green and James Polkinghorne's 65-metre torpedo - off barely a step - was a mighty effort from a team that has far more grit than silk, and still a big gap between its best and worst."[4]

The Australian[]

"The AFL's longest road trip appeared to have taken its toll as a flat Eagles were jumped early as the Lions grabbed an eight-point lead at the first break.

West Coast were still in first gear in the second term and an energetic Lions dared to dream of an upset after finishing the quarter with goals to Jared Polec and Aaron Cornelius to kick ahead by 11 at the main break.

West Coast tried to wake from their Gabba slumber by kicking 5.2 to 1.1 to lead by 14 points at the final interval, only for the Lions to storm home for their best win of 2012."[5]

WAFL results[]

Round 11 (2-4 June)

Claremont (Stevenson, Neates, Hamp, McGovern) vs Peel (Lycett, Wilson). Weedon played reserves

Perth (McInnes, Tunbridge) vs Swan Districts (Newman)

West Perth (Strijk) vs East Perth

South Fremantle vs East Fremantle (Brown, Stevens). Dick and Papertalk played reserves

Bye: Subiaco

Injury list[]

In the lead-up to the match the following players were listed as injured:

Player Injury Expected duration
LeCras Knee Season
Kennedy Ankle 8 weeks
Embley Shoulder 7 weeks
Nicoski Hamstring 5 weeks
Dalziell Knee 4 weeks
Butler Thigh TBA




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