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West Coast v Essendon
Elimination Final, 2019
Thur, 5 Sept 2019 (6.10pm WST)
Won by 55
WCE 17.14.116 - 9.7.61 ESS

West Coast comfortably took care of Essendon in a Thursday night elimination final, putting six goals past the Bombers in the opening quarter and increasing their lead at every change to run out winners by 55 points. The Eagles controlled contested possession and rode the ruck dominance of the returning Nic Naitanui to record the club's first finals win over Essendon in six attempts and move into the semi-finals. Luke Shuey was outstanding in his 200th game with 34 touches and eight clearances, and Jamie Cripps kicked four goals from 22 possessions.


1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
West Coast 6.4.40 10.8.68 13.11.89 17.14.116
Essendon 3.1.19 6.2.38 8.5.53 9.7.61

Goals: Cripps, Kennedy 4, Ryan 3, Darling, Waterman 2, Rioli, Sheed

Best: Shuey, Cripps, Yeo, Sheed, Rioli, Jetta, Kennedy

Injuries: Nelson (head knock)

Reports: Naitanui for rough conduct on Z.Merrett

Milestones: Shuey 200th game

Named sides[]

West Coast Essendon
B: 25.Hurn 37.Barrass 31.Schofield B: 42.Saad 26.Hooker 10.Francis
HB: 5.Sheppard 20.McGovern 23.Jetta HB: 45.Hardwick 18.Hurley 27.Redman
C: 4.Sheed 8.Redden 3.Gaff C: 1.McGrath 7.Merrett 3.Parish
HF: 44.Rioli 27.Darling 7.Masten HF: 25.Stringer 44.McKernan 29.Ambrose
F: 15.Cripps 17.Kennedy 1.Ryan F: 43.McDonald-Tipungwuti 28.Brown 13.Fantasia
R: 9.Naitanui 6.Yeo 13.Shuey R: 2.Bellchambers 9.Shiel 21.Heppell
I: 2.Waterman 16.Hickey 30.Nelson I: 15.Laverde 4.Langford 40.Snelling
34.Hutchings 33.Ham
E: 14.Duggan 19.Vardy 39.Cameron E: 46.Jok 37.D.Clarke 36.Hartley
41.Ah Chee 14.Ridley

In: Naitanui, Hutchings, Schofield

Out: O.Allen (knee soreness), Petruccelle, Duggan

Quarter by quarter[]

Both sides went in as named. The match was played under lights in fine conditions.

Club Champion votes[]


Cripps 15 Barrass 9
Shuey 15 McGovern 9
Gaff 14 Sheed 9
Naitanui 14 Nelson 8
Redden 14 Waterman 8
Jetta 12 Hurn 7
Rioli 12 Darling 6
Yeo 12 Masten 6
Kennedy 11 Schofield 6
Sheppard 11 Hickey 5
Ryan 10 Hutchings 3

From the coach[]

From the papers[]


Elimination Final (1 September)[]

West Coast won a thriller over West Perth in an elimination final at Arena Joondalup, the standalone Eagles' first-ever final. The Eagles dominated possession and territory for most of the day but failed to capitalise in wet conditions, and a West Perth fightback saw the Falcons hit the front late in the final term, but a late goal to Brady Grey ensured the Eagles' season was not over. Young midfielders Hamish Brayshaw and Brayden Ainsworth led the way with 29 and 26 possessions respectively.

1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
West Coast 2.3.15 3.9.27 4.11.35 5.15.45
West Perth 2.1.13 2.1.13 3.4.22 6.6.42

Goals: Grey 2, Fisher, Foley, McInnes

Best: Brayshaw, O'Neill, Ainsworth, Brooksby, Petrie, Grey

Injuries: Vardy (hip)

Reports: Vardy for rough conduct on M.Peirce

Named side:

West Coast
B: 26.Watson 42.Edwards 35.Rotham
HB: 51.Fisher 9.Petrie 28.Cole
C: 38.Mutimer 22.Brayshaw 33.Ainsworth
HF: 29.Foley 19.Vardy 36.McInnes
F: 61.Robilliard 32.Williams 11.Grey
R: 40.Brooksby 43.M.Allen 45.Smith
I: 64.Curnow 55.Flint 24.O'Neill
E: 41.Ah Chee 47.Bines 39.Cameron

In: Smith, Ainsworth, Riach, Curnow

Out: Schofield, Ah Chee, Cameron (AFL), Reid (concussion)

Semi Final (8 September)[]

West Coast's maiden WAFL season ended with a close loss to the Tigers at Claremont Oval. On a warm day, the Eagles' cause was not helped by losing key midfielder Matthew Allen to concussion before halftime, with Claremont edging their way in front in the second half and finishing ahead by one straight kick. Hamish Brayshaw fought off a foot injury to pick up a team-high 22 possessions and 12 tackles, and Francis Watson had 21 touches from half-back.

1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
Claremont 2.2.14 5.2.32 9.4.58 10.6.66
West Coast 2.2.14 6.3.39 7.7.49 8.12.60

Goals: Reid 3, Williams 2, Ah Chee, Duggan, Petruccelle

Best: Petrie, Brayshaw, Vardy, Rotham, Petruccelle, Reid

Injuries: M.Allen (concussion), Brayshaw (foot)

Named side:

West Coast
B: 35.Rotham 42.Edwards 14.Duggan
HB: 26.Watson 9.Petrie 29.Foley
C: 38.Mutimer 41.Ah Chee 45.Smith
HF: 66.Reid 21.Petruccelle 39.Cameron
F: 51.Fisher 32.Williams 40.Brooksby
R: 19.Vardy 22.Brayshaw 43.M.Allen
I: 11.Grey 36.McInnes 24.O'Neill
E: 47.Bines 28.Cole 55.Flint

In: Duggan, Ah Chee, Petruccelle, Cameron, Reid

Out: Ainsworth (soreness), Curnow (glute), Cole (AFL), Flint, Riach

Injury list[]

In the leadup to the match the following players were listed as injured or unavailable:

Player Injury Expected return
Venables Concussion Season
Brander Hamstring Season
Naitanui Ankle Test
Hurn Hamstring Test
Hutchings Hamstring Available



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