Essendon v West Coast
Elimination Final, 2002
Matera in what turned out to be his final game. Photo:
Sat, 7 Sept 2002 (2:30 PM EST)
Lost by 33
ESS 17.9.111 - 11.12.78 WCE

In their first finals appearance in three seasons, West Coast looked in the box seat to upset Essendon when they held a narrow lead in the third term and the Bombers were down a man with spearhead Matthew Lloyd concussed early. But Essendon rallied through Scott Lucas to take the lead heading into the final quarter and then ran away with the match, bringing down the curtain on a relatively successful debut season for John Worsfold's Eagles. Daniel Kerr and Ben Cousins each had 24 possessions and 7 clearances to lead West Coast.


1/4 time 1/2 time 3/4 time Final
Essendon 3.4.22 6.6.42 11.7.73 17.9.111
West Coast 2.2.14 6.6.42 9.8.62 11.12.78

Goals: Munro 3, Wilson 2, Banfield, Gardiner, Humm, Jakovich, Kerr, Sampi

Best: Gardiner, Kerr, Cousins, Lynch, Hunter

Injuries: Judd (knee)

Milestones: Pe.Matera final appearance

Named sidesEdit

West Coast Essendon
B: Hunter McIntosh Wooden B: Bolton Fletcher M.Johnson
HB: Collica Jakovich Green HB: Ramanauskas Wellman Jacobs
C: Banfield Cousins Judd C: Blumfield Misiti Caracella
HF: Wirrpanda Lynch Haynes HF: Hird Lucas Rioli
F: Pe.Matera Wilson Ph.Matera F: Moorcroft Lloyd Alessio
R: Gardiner Kerr Braun R: Salmon Peverill J.Johnson
I: McDougall Taylor Humm I: Barnard Heffernan Welsh
Chambers McVeigh
E: Sampi Munro Sierakowski E: Hunt Bullen Forster-Knight

In: Lynch, Wirrpanda

Out: Cox (ankle), Munro

Late changes: (WCE) Sampi, Munro for Taylor, Chambers; (ESS) Hunt for Hird (groin)

From the papersEdit

The Sunday AgeEdit

"As the first half neared its frenetic conclusion, Phil Matera - beaten by Mark Johnson all day - took a powerful soccer strike but banged the ball into the post. The scores were level, but the Eagles appeared to be gathering with greater purpose.

Ben Cousins, ever shadowed by Damien Peverill, was building and starting to pump the ball consistently in the direction of the Eagles' forwards as the third term developed, and defender Adam Hunter, head bandaged from his collision with Lloyd, was consistently resolute in defence.

But so, too, was Joe Misiti's game flourishing; he amassed 34 damaging touches. In an effort to find some much-needed ``goal power", Sheedy swung Lucas into the forward line. He was as ferocious a presence there as in defence, first turning Michael Collica inside out to set up a goal to Andrew Welsh, who marked bravely with two Eagles closing in on him, then putting through an awkward snap to put the Dons ahead again.

In the end, Lucas was the forward West Coast didn't have. His three goals from his most natural position in a third quarter that yielded five to Essendon and three to the Eagles was what set the teams apart."

Players in the WAFLEdit

2nd Semi Final (8 Sept)

East Perth (Prior, Tuckey) vs Subiaco (Sierakowski, Fletcher)

Preliminary Final (15 Sept)

West Perth (Seaby) vs Subiaco (Haynes)

Grand Final (22 Sept)

East Perth (Prior, Humm, Tuckey) 15.14.104 def West Perth (Seaby) 5.14.44. Former Eagle Ryan Turnbull won the Simpson Medal as best afield, while Paul Symmons and Dean Buszan were also part of the premiership side.

Injury listEdit

In the lead-up to the round the following players were listed as injured:

Player Injury Expected duration
Read Knee Season
Morrison Knee Season
Harding Ankle Season
Embley Knee Season
Gaspar Foot 1 week
Jones Knee 1 week
Merenda Back Test
Fletcher Ankle Test
Sierakowski Hamstring Test
Cox Ankle Test


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