The Chris Mainwaring Best Clubman Award has been given out every year since the club's inception.

It was renamed after Mainwaring, who won the award in 1997, after the popular wingman's death in October 2007, with Ashley Hansen the first winner of the renamed trophy.

Two players have won the award twice - premiership captain and coach John Worsfold and ruckman Phil Scott.

Honour BoardEdit

Year Winner Year Winner Year Winner
1987 Glen Bartlett 2002 Drew Banfield 2017 Mark Hutchings
1988 Phil Scott 2003 Michael Braun 2018 Lewis Jetta
1989 Geoff Miles 2004 Josh Wooden 2019 Fraser McInnes
1990 Phil Scott 2005 Andrew Embley
1991 Chris Waterman 2006 Dean Cox
1992 David Hynes 2007 Ashley Hansen
1993 John Worsfold 2008 Jaymie Graham
1994 Guy McKenna 2009 Beau Waters
1995 Michael Brennan 2010 Mark Nicoski
1996 Tony Evans 2011 Brett Jones
1997 Chris Mainwaring 2012 Mitch Brown
1998 John Worsfold 2013 Adam Selwood
1999 Dean Kemp 2014 Sam Butler
2000 Phil Matera 2015 Josh Kennedy
2001 Rowan Jones 2016 Luke Shuey
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