West Coast's offseason was dominated for a second straight year by the pursuit of Geelong midfielder Tim Kelly, this time successfully obtaining the South Fremantle product in a monster trade. With little left in the way of draft picks, the Eagles picked up local products Callum Jamieson and Ben Johnson late in the draft. On the other side of the ledger, West Coast said goodbye to premiership midfielder Chris Masten and a number of depth players, including long-serving clubman Fraser McInnes.

Player arrivals[edit | edit source]

Rookie elevation: Francis Watson

Exchange period: Tim Kelly (Geelong)

National draft: Callum Jamieson (Claremont), Ben Johnson (West Perth)

Rookie draft: Brendon Ah Chee (redrafted), Hamish Brayshaw (redrafted), Mitch O'Neill (Tasmania), Anthony Treacy (Claremont)

Supplementary rookie signings: Jamaine Jones (Geelong), Nick Reid (West Coast WAFL)

Player departures[edit | edit source]

Delisted: Brendon Ah Chee, Matthew Allen, Hamish Brayshaw, Chris Masten, Kurt Mutimer, Patrick Bines (rookie), Keegan Brooksby (rookie), Fraser McInnes (rookie), Brodie Riach (rookie), Josh Smith (rookie)

Exchange period[edit | edit source]


Traded To For Notes
Pick 14 (Cooper Stephens)
Pick 24 (Jeremy Sharp)
Pick 33 (Nick Bryan)
Future first-round pick
Geelong Tim Kelly
Pick 52 (exchanged on academy bid)
Future third-round pick
Pick 52 (exchanged on academy bid)
Pick 64 (Ben Johnson)
Brisbane Pick 46 (Callum Jamieson)
Pick 91 (not used)
Future fourth-round pick Essendon Pick 64 (Ben Johnson) Live draft-day trade

Future pick trades from 2018:

Traded To For Notes
2018 Pick 39 (exchanged on academy bid)
2019 WCE fourth-round pick (not used)
St Kilda Tom Hickey
2018 Pick 61 (exchanged on academy bid)
2019 STK fourth-round pick (Ben Johnson)
2019 WCE third-round pick (exchanged on father-son bid) Sydney 2018 Pick 26 (Luke Foley) Live draft-day trade
2018 Pick 22 (James Rowbottom) Sydney 2019 SYD second-round pick (Jeremy Sharp) Live draft-day trade

Drafts[edit | edit source]

National Draft[edit | edit source]

49 (was 46). Callum Jamieson (Claremont)

58 (was 64). Ben Johnson (West Perth)

91. Not used

Pre-season draft[edit | edit source]

Did not participate

Rookie draft[edit | edit source]

11. Anthony Treacy (Claremont)

25. Mitch O'Neill (North Hobart)

Other clubs[edit | edit source]

Rookie elevation Lachlan Murphy
Exchange period Billy Frampton (Port Adelaide)
National draft Lachlan Gollant (Calder Cannons), Fischer McAsey (Sandringham Dragons), Ronin O'Connor (Claremont), Harry Schoenberg (Woodville-West Torrens), Josh Worrall (Sandringham Dragons)
Rookie draft Ben Crocker (Collingwood), Ben Keays (Brisbane)
Retired Richard Douglas, Andy Otten
Exchange period Cameron Ellis-Yolmen (Brisbane, unrestricted free agent), Hugh Greenwood (Gold Coast), Sam Jacobs (GWS Giants), Josh Jenkins (Geelong), Alex Keath (Western Bulldogs)
Delisted Paul Hunter (rookie)
Rookie elevation Mitch Hinge, Oscar McInerney
Exchange period Callum Ah Chee (Gold Coast), Grant Birchall (Hawthorn, unrestricted free agent), Cameron Ellis-Yolmen (Adelaide, unrestricted free agent)
Academy selection Keidean Coleman (Morningside)
National draft Jaxon Prior (West Perth), Deven Robertson (Perth), Brock Smith (Gippsland Power)
Rookie draft Corey Lyons (Brisbane, redrafted), Sam Skinner (Brisbane, redrafted), Archie Smith (Brisbane, redrafted)
Retired Luke Hodge
Exchange period Tom Cutler (Essendon), Lewis Taylor (Sydney)
Delisted Ben Keays, Corey Lyons, Nick Robertson, Sam Skinner, Archie Smith, Josh Walker, Ryan Bastinac (rookie), Matt Eagles (rookie)
Exchange period Eddie Betts (Adelaide), Jack Newnes (St Kilda, delisted free agent), Marc Pittonet (Hawthorn)
National draft Brodie Kemp (Bendigo Pioneers), Sam Philp (Northern Knights), Sam Ramsay (Calder Cannons)
Pre-season draft Jack Martin (Gold Coast)
Rookie draft Josh Honey (Western Jets), Fraser Phillips (Gippsland Power)
Retired Alex Fasolo, Dale Thomas, Tomas Bugg (rookie)
Exchange period Andrew Phillips (Essendon)
Delisted Jarrod Garlett, Patrick Kerr, Matthew Lobbe, Jarrod Pickett, Angus Schumacher, Josh Deluca (rookie), Kym LeBois (rookie)
Rookie elevation Max Lynch
Exchange period Darcy Cameron (Sydney)
National draft Trent Bianco (Oakleigh Chargers), Jay Rantall (Greater Western Victoria Rebels), Trey Ruscoe (East Fremantle)
Alternative talent selection Tom Wilson (Sydney Kings, NBL)
Retired Tyson Goldsack, Daniel Wells
Exchange period James Aish (Fremantle)
Delisted Ben Crocker, Lynden Dunn, Sam Murray (rookie)
Exchange period Tom Cutler (Brisbane), Andrew Phillips (Carlton)
National draft Nick Bryan (Oakleigh Chargers), Ned Cahill (Dandenong Stingrays), Lachlan Johnson (Calder Cannons), Harrison Jones (Calder Cannons)
International selection Cian McBride (County Meath, Ire), Ross McQuillan (County Armagh, Ire)
Alternative talent selection Tom Hird (Port Melbourne Sharks, NPL Vic)
Rookie draft Mitch Hibberd (Williamstown VFL)
Supplementary rookie selection Jacob Townsend (Richmond)
Retired Mark Baguley, David Myers, Matthew Dea (rookie), Luke Lavender (rookie)
Delisted Mitch W Brown, Michael Hartley, Jordan Houlahan, Jake Long, Zac Clarke (rookie), Tom Jok (rookie), Ben McNiece (rookie), Trent Mynott (rookie)
Rookie elevation Stefan Giro
Exchange period Blake Acres (St Kilda), James Aish (Collingwood)
Academy selection Liam Henry (Claremont)
National draft Michael Frederick (Woodville-West Torrens), Caleb Serong (Gippsland Power), Hayden Young (Dandenong Stingrays)
Rookie draft Hugh Dixon (Fremantle, redrafted), Tom North (Fremantle, redrafted), Jarvis Pina (Peel Thunder)
Academy rookie selection Isaiah Butters (Claremont), Leno Thomas (Claremont)
Retired Aaron Sandilands
Exchange period Bradley Hill (St Kilda), Ed Langdon (Melbourne)
Delisted Hayden Ballantyne, Harley Bennell, Hugh Dixon, Scott Jones, Shane Kersten, Tom North, Ryan Nyhuis (rookie)
Rookie elevation Zach Guthrie, Sam Simpson
Exchange period Josh Jenkins (Adelaide), Jack Steven (St Kilda)
National draft Sam De Koning (Dandenong Stingrays), Francis Evans (Calder Cannons), Cooper Stephens (Geelong Falcons), Cameron Taheny (Norwood)
Rookie draft Oscar Brownless (Geelong, redrafted), Bradley Close (Sturt), Lachie Henderson (Geelong, redrafted)
Exchange period Tim Kelly (West Coast), Zac Smith (Gold Coast)
Delisted Ryan Abbott, Oscar Brownless, Wylie Buzza, Jordan Cunico, Lachie Henderson, Scott Selwood, Jamaine Jones (rookie)
Gold Coast
Exchange period Brandon Ellis (Richmond, restricted free agent), Hugh Greenwood (Adelaide), Zac Smith (Geelong)
National draft Noah Anderson (Oakleigh Chargers), Jy Farrar (Adelaide SANFL), Sam Flanders (Gippsland Power), Matthew Rowell (Oakleigh Chargers), Jeremy Sharp (East Fremantle)
International rookie selection Luke Towey (County Sligo, Ire)
Academy selection Connor Budarick (Labrador), Matthew Conroy (Hermit Park, Qld), Malcolm Rosas (Darwin)
Alternative talent selection Patrick Murtagh (Gold Coast Victory (Athletics))
Rookie draft Josh Schoenfeld (Gold Coast, redrafted)
Retired Tom Nicholls, Michael Rischitelli (rookie)
Exchange period Callum Ah Chee (Brisbane)
Delisted Brayden Crossley, Jack Martin, Connor Nutting, Josh Schoenfeld, Aaron Young, Jack Leslie (rookie), Brad Scheer (rookie), Harrison Wigg (rookie)
GWS Giants
Rookie elevation
Exchange period Sam Jacobs (Adelaide)
National draft
Retired Brett Deledio, Dawson Simpson
Exchange period Aiden Bonar (North Melbourne), Jonathan Patton (Hawthorn), Adam Tomlinson (Melbourne, unrestricted free agent)
Delisted Tom Sheridan, Dylan Buckley (rookie), Zac Sproule (rookie), Jake Stein (rookie)
Rookie elevation Oliver Hanrahan, Conor Nash
Exchange period Sam Frost (Melbourne), Jonathan Patton (GWS Giants)
National draft
Rookie draft
Retired Jarryd Roughead, Ryan Schoenmakers, Will Langford (rookie), Tim Mohr (rookie)
Exchange period Grant Birchall (unrestricted free agent, Brisbane), Marc Pittonet (Carlton)
Delisted Kaiden Brand, Teia Miles, Darren Minchington, David Mirra
Rookie elevation
Exchange period Ed Langdon (Fremantle), Adam Tomlinson (GWS Giants, unrestricted free agent)
National draft
Rookie draft
Retired Jordan Lewis, Corey Maynard, Tim Smith, Guy Walker (rookie)
Exchange period Sam Frost (Hawthorn)
Delisted Jeff Garlett, Jay Kennedy-Harris, Billy Stretch, Declan Keilty (rookie)
North Melbourne
Exchange period Aiden Bonar (GWS Giants)
National draft
Rookie draft
Retired Scott Thompson, Sam Wright
Delisted Nathan Hrovat, Declan Watson, Tom McKenzie (rookie), Red Og Murphy (rookie), Tom Wilkinson (rookie)
Port Adelaide
Rookie elevation Peter Ladhams, Jarrod Lienert
Exchange period
National draft
Rookie draft
Exchange period Billy Frampton (Adelaide), Dougal Howard (St Kilda), Patrick Ryder (St Kilda)
Delisted Matthew Broadbent, Riley Grundy, Aidyn Johnson, Jack Trengove, Boyd Woodcock, Cameron Hewett (rookie), Kai Pudney (rookie)
Rookie elevation
Exchange period
National draft
Rookie draft
Retired Shaun Grigg, Maverick Weller (rookie)
Exchange period Dan Butler (St Kilda), Brandon Ellis (Gold Coast, restricted free agent)
Delisted Connor Menadue, Callum Moore, Jacob Townsend (rookie)
St Kilda
Rookie elevation
Exchange period Dan Butler (Richmond), Bradley Hill (Fremantle), Dougal Howard (Port Adelaide), Zak Jones (Sydney), Patrick Ryder (Port Adelaide)
National draft
Rookie draft
Retired David Armitage
Exchange period Blake Acres (Fremantle), Josh Bruce (Western Bulldogs), Jack Steven (Geelong)
Delisted Billy Longer, Patrick McCartin, Jack Newnes, Bailey Rice, Brandon White, Robbie Young, Lewis Pierce (rookie), Sam Rowe (rookie)
Rookie elevation
Exchange period Lewis Taylor (Brisbane)
National draft
International selection Barry O'Connor (Wexford, Ireland)
Rookie draft
Retired Heath Grundy, Kieren Jack, Jarrad McVeigh, Nick Smith, Kurt Tippett (rookie)
Exchange period Darcy Cameron (Collingwood), Zak Jones (St Kilda)
Delisted Jack Maibaum, Daniel Menzel, James Rose, Durak Tucker (rookie)
Western Bulldogs
Rookie elevation
Exchange period Josh Bruce (St Kilda), Alex Keath (Adelaide)
National draft
Rookie draft
Retired Tom Boyd, Dale Morris, Liam Picken
Exchange period
Delisted Fletcher Roberts, Lukas Webb
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