After appearing in the 2015 premiership decider, West Coast were active in tinkering with their squad in the offseason. Grand finalists Matt Rosa and Callum Sinclair surprised the club by asking for trades, and while Scott Selwood's departure to Geelong as a free agent was expected, the club was reportedly stunned by the low draft pick it received as compensation. Joining the Eagles were midfielders Lewis Jetta (from Sydney) and Jack Redden (Brisbane) and journeyman ruckman Jonathan Giles (from Essendon after stints at GWS and Port Adelaide).

Draft night was a convoluted affair with the introduction of live bidding for academy and father-son selections meaning the picks the club ended up with were several picks lower than they had started the night with. For the second straight year the club looked interstate, with Norwood midfielder Luke Partington leading a quartet of youngsters picked from Victoria and South Australia. The Eagles redrafted three players who had been cut from the senior list - Brant Colledge, Simon Tunbridge and Alec Waterman - in the rookie draft.

Player arrivals[edit | edit source]

Exchange period: Jonathan Giles (Essendon), Lewis Jetta (Sydney), Jack Redden (Brisbane)

National draft: Matthew Allen (Glenelg), Tom Cole (Bendigo Pioneers), Kurt Mutimer (Dandenong Stingrays), Luke Partington (Norwood)

Rookie draft: Brant Colledge (West Coast, redrafted), Jordan Snadden (East Fremantle), Simon Tunbridge (West Coast, redrafted), Alec Waterman (West Coast, redrafted)

Player departures[edit | edit source]

Retired: Beau Waters

Exchange period: Matt Rosa (Gold Coast), Scott Selwood (Geelong, restricted free agent), Callum Sinclair (Sydney)

Delisted: Brant Colledge, Dylan Main, Simon Tunbridge, Alec Waterman, Will Maginness (rookie), Murray Newman (rookie), Rowen Powell (rookie)

Exchange period[edit | edit source]

Scott Selwood to Geelong as a restricted free agent (West Coast received pick 37 as compensation)


Traded To For Notes
Pick 17 (Ben McKay) Brisbane Jack Redden
Callum Sinclair Sydney Lewis Jetta
Pick 57 (Mitch W. Brown) Essendon Jonathan Giles
Pick 62 (Kurt Mutimer)
Matt Rosa Gold Coast Pick 31 (Tom Cole)
Pick 36 (exchanged for academy selection)
Pick 37 (exchanged for academy selection)
Sydney Pick 23 (Luke Partington)

National draft[edit | edit source]

Pick no. Player From
28 (was 23). Luke Partington Norwood/Tumby Bay JFC
36 (was 31). Tom Cole Bendigo Pioneers/Sandhurst JFC
57 (was 62). Kurt Mutimer Dandenong Stingrays/Narre Warren JFC
62 (was 75). Matthew Allen Glenelg/North Gambier JFC
93. Passed

Rookie draft[edit | edit source]

Pick no. Player From
17. Jordan Snadden East Fremantle/Bullcreek-Leeming JFC
35. Brant Colledge West Coast (redrafted)
51. Alec Waterman West Coast (redrafted)
61. Simon Tunbridge West Coast (redrafted)

Other clubs[edit | edit source]

Rookie elevation Jake Kelly
Exchange period Dean Gore (Geelong), Curtly Hampton (GWS Giants), Troy Menzel (Carlton), Paul Seedsman (Collingwood)
National draft Tom Doedee (Geelong Falcons), Wayne Milera (Central District)
Alternative talent selection Hugh Greenwood (Uni of New Mexico/Perth Wildcats), Alex Keath (Prospect Cricket Club)
Rookie draft Jonathon Beech (West Adelaide), Paul Hunter (Redland)
Retired James Podsiadly, Brent Reilly
Exchange period Patrick Dangerfield (Geelong), Sam Kerridge (Carlton)
Delisted Brodie Martin, Sam Siggins, Matthew Wright, Jack Osborn (rookie), Anthony Wilson (rookie)
Exchange period Ryan Bastinac (North Melbourne), Tom Bell (Carlton), Jarrad Jansen (Geelong), Josh Walker (Geelong)
Academy selection Eric Hipwood (Aspley), Ben Keays (Morningside)
National draft Rhys Mathieson (Geelong Falcons), Josh Schache (Murray Bushrangers), Sam Skinner (Gippsland Power)
Rookie draft Jackson Paine (Brisbane, redrafted), Reuben William (Zillmere)
Retired Matt Maguire, Luke McGuane, Brent Staker
Exchange period James Aish (Collingwood), Matthew Leuenberger (Essendon, restricted free agent), Jack Redden (West Coast)
Delisted Jed Adcock, Mitch Golby, Jackson Paine, Jordon Bourke (rookie), Zac O'Brien (rookie)
Exchange period Daniel Gorringe (Gold Coast, delisted free agent), Sam Kerridge (Adelaide), Jed Lamb (GWS Giants), Andrew Phillips (GWS Giants), Lachie Plowman (GWS Giants), Liam Sumner (GWS Giants), Matthew Wright (Adelaide, delisted free agent)
Father-son selection Jack Silvagni (Oakleigh Chargers)
National draft David Cuningham (Oakleigh Chargers), Charlie Curnow (Geelong Falcons), Harry McKay (Gippsland Power), Jacob Weitering (Dandenong Stingrays)
International selection Matt Korchek (Arizona, USA)
Rookie draft Andrew Gallucci (Williamstown Seagulls), Jesse Glass-McCusker (Swan Districts)
Retired Andrew Carrazzo, David Ellard, Chris Judd
Exchange period Tom Bell (Brisbane), Lachie Henderson (Geelong), Troy Menzel (Adelaide), Chris Yarran (Richmond)
Delisted Cameron Giles, Nick Holman, Robert Warnock, Matthew Watson, Tom Fields (rookie), Blaine Johnson (rookie), Fraser Russell (rookie), Brad Walsh (rookie)
Rookie elevation Jack Frost
Exchange period James Aish (Brisbane), Jeremy Howe (Melbourne), Adam Treloar (GWS Giants)
National draft Ben Crocker (Oakleigh Chargers), Tom Phillips (Oakleigh Chargers), Brayden Sier (Northern Knights), Rupert Wills (Collingwood VFL)
Alternative talent selection Darrean Wyatt (Coastal Georgia, US/McKinnon basketball)
Rookie draft Tim Golds (GWS Giants), Lachie Keeffe (Collingwood, redrafted), Josh Smith (Redland), Josh Thomas (Collingwood, redrafted)
Retired Patrick Karnezis
Exchange period Nathan Freeman (St Kilda), Ben Kennedy (Melbourne), Paul Seedsman (Adelaide)
Delisted Sam Dwyer, Lachie Keeffe, Josh Thomas, Clinton Young, Brenden Abbott (rookie), Tony Armstrong (rookie), Michael Manteit (rookie)
Rookie elevation Shaun McKernan
Exchange period Craig Bird (Sydney), Matthew Leuenberger (Brisbane, restricted free agent)
National draft Mitch W Brown (Sandringham Zebras), Yestin Eades (North Ballarat Rebels), Aaron Francis (West Adelaide), Michael Hartley (Coburg Lions), Alex Morgan (Oakleigh Chargers), Darcy Parish (Geelong Falcons), Mason Redman (Glenelg)
Father-son rookie selection Tom Wallis (Calder Cannons)
Rookie draft Will Hams (Essendon, redrafted), Anthony McDonald-Tipungwati (Essendon VFL), Gach Nyuon (Dandenong Stingrays)
Retired Paul Chapman, Dustin Fletcher, Jason Winderlich
Exchange period Jake Carlisle (St Kilda), Jonathan Giles (West Coast), Jake Melksham (Melbourne)
Delisted Alex Browne, Lauchlan Dalgleish, Will Hams, Elliot Kavanagh, Nick O'Brien, Kurt Aylett (rookie), Ariel Steinberg (rookie)
Rookie elevation Ethan Hughes
Exchange period Harley Bennell (Gold Coast)
National draft Harley Balic (Sandringham Dragons), Sam Collins (Box Hill Hawks), Darcy Tucker (North Ballarat Rebels), Shane Yarran (Subiaco)
Rookie draft Josh Deluca (Fremantle, redrafted), Anthony Morabito (Fremantle, redrafted), Ryan Nyhuis (Nightcliff, NT), Matt Uebergang (Redland)
Retired Paul Duffield, Luke McPharlin, Colin Sylvia
Delisted Ryan Crowley, Josh Deluca, Max Duffy, Anthony Morabito, Jacob Ballard (rookie), Craig Moller (rookie), Tom Vandeleur (rookie)
Rookie elevation Michael Luxford
Exchange period Patrick Dangerfield (Adelaide), Lachie Henderson (Carlton), Scott Selwood (West Coast, restricted free agent), Zac Smith (Gold Coast)
National draft Wylie Buzza (Mount Gravatt), Ryan Gardner (Burnie), Matthew Hayball (West Adelaide), Sam Menegola (Subiaco)
Rookie draft Jock Cornell (Mangoplah, NSW), James Parsons (Eastern Ranges), Tom Ruggles (Geelong VFL)
Retired Sam Blease, Brad Hartman, Hamish McIntosh, Jared Rivers, James Toohey (rookie)
Exchange period Dean Gore (Adelaide), Jarrad Jansen (Brisbane), Steve Johnson (GWS Giants), Dawson Simpson (GWS Giants, unrestricted free agent), Josh Walker (Brisbane)
Delisted James Kelly, Mathew Stokes
Gold Coast
Rookie elevation Keegan Brooksby, Adam Saad
Exchange period Daniel Currie (North Melbourne), Jarrad Grant (Western Bulldogs, delisted free agent), Matt Rosa (West Coast)
National draft Callum Ah Chee (South Fremantle), Brayden Fiorini (Northern Knights), Josh Schoenfeld (Peel Thunder), Mackenzie Willis (Kingborough, Tas)
Rookie draft Ryan Davis (Swan Districts), Jesse Joyce (Palm Beach-Currumbin, Qld), Tom Keough (West Adelaide), Cameron Loersch (South Fremantle), Darcy MacPherson (Northern Knights), Danny Stanley (Gold Coast, redrafted)
Retired Andrew Boston, Tim Sumner, Greg Broughton (rookie), Andrew Raines (rookie)
Exchange period Harley Bennell (Fremantle), Charlie Dixon (Port Adelaide), Zac Smith (Geelong)
Delisted Daniel Gorringe, Josh Hall, Danny Stanley, Tyrone Downie (rookie), Jarred Ellis (rookie), Josh Glenn (rookie), Louis Herbert (rookie)
GWS Giants
Exchange period Steve Johnson (Geelong), Dawson Simpson (Geelong, unrestricted free agent)
Academy selection Matthew Flynn (Narrandera), Harrison Himmelberg (Mangoplah), Jacob Hopper (Leeton-Whitton), Matthew Kennedy (Collingullie)
Rookie draft Daniel Lloyd (Killarbey Vale, NSW), Sam Reid (UWS Giants)
Retired Dylan Addison
Exchange period Tomas Bugg (Melbourne), Curtly Hampton (Adelaide), Jed Lamb (Carlton), Andrew Phillips (Carlton), Lachie Plowman (Carlton), Liam Sumner (Carlton), Jacob Townsend (Richmond), Adam Treloar (Collingwood)
Delisted Tim Golds, Sam Schulz (rookie)
Rookie elevation Kurt Heatherley
Exchange period Jack Fitzpatrick (Melbourne)
National draft Ryan Burton (North Adelaide), Blake Hardwick (Eastern Ranges), Kieran Lovell (Kingborough, Tas)
International selection Conor Glass (County Derry, Ire)
Rookie draft Kade Stewart (South Fremantle), Luke Surman (Norwood), Alex Woodward (Hawthorn, redrafted)
Retired David Hale, Brian Lake
Exchange period Jed Anderson (North Melbourne), Matt Suckling (Western Bulldogs, unrestricted free agent)
Delisted Jonathan Simpkin, Alex Woodward, Sam Grimley (rookie), Jared Hardisty (rookie)
Rookie elevation James Harmes, Aaron Vandenberg
Exchange period Tomas Bugg (GWS Giants), Ben Kennedy (Collingwood), Jake Melksham (Essendon)
National draft Liam Hulett (Dandenong Stingrays), Mitch King (Murray Bushrangers), Clayton Oliver (Murray Bushrangers), Sam Weideman (Eastern Ranges)
Alternative talent selection Joel Smith (Geelong Supercats, SEABL)
Rookie draft Viv Michie (Melbourne, redrafted), Joel Wagner (Aspley)
Retired Daniel Cross, Mark Jamar
Exchange period Jack Fitzpatrick (Hawthorn), Jeremy Howe (Collingwood), Jimmy Toumpas (Port Adelaide)
Delisted Rohan Bail, Jordan McKenzie, Viv Michie, Aidan Riley
North Melbourne
Exchange period Jed Anderson (Hawthorn)
National draft Ryan Clarke (Eastern Ranges), Mitch Hibberd (Clarence), Ben McKay (Gippsland Power), Declan Mountford (Claremont), Corey Wagner (Aspley)
Rookie draft Majak Daw (North Melbourne, redrafted), Farren Ray (St Kilda)
Retired Leigh Adams, Nathan Grima
Exchange period Ryan Bastinac (Brisbane), Daniel Currie (Gold Coast)
Delisted Majak Daw, Kieran Harper, Scott McMahon, Eric Wallace (rookie), Max Warren (rookie)
Port Adelaide
Rookie elevation Sam Gray
Exchange period Charlie Dixon (Gold Coast), Jimmy Toumpas (Melbourne)
National draft Riley Bonner (West Adelaide), Aidyn Johnson (Bendigo Pioneers)
Rookie draft Cameron Hewett (North Adelaide), Dan Houston (Oakleigh Chargers), Kane Mitchell (Port Adelaide, redrafted), Will Snelling (West Adelaide)
Retired Kane Cornes, Tom Logan (rookie)
Delisted Mitch Harvey, Kane Mitchell, Andrew Moore, Jarrad Redden, Mason Shaw, Daniel Flynn (rookie), Sam Russell (rookie), Johann Wagner (rookie)
Rookie elevation Kane Lambert
Exchange period Andrew Moore (Port Adelaide, delisted free agent), Jacob Townsend (GWS Giants), Chris Yarran (Carlton)
National draft Nathan Broad (Swan Districts), Oleg Markov (North Adelaide), Daniel Rioli (St Mary’s, NT)
Rookie draft Mabior Chol (Aspley), Adam Marcon (Williamstown VFL), Callum Moore (Calder Cannons)
Retired Nathan Foley, Chris Knights, Chris Newman, Ricky Petterd, Matt Thomas (rookie)
Delisted Matt Dea, Nathan Gordon, Matt McDonough, Matt Arnot (rookie)
St Kilda
Rookie elevation Jack Sinclair
Exchange period Jake Carlisle (Essendon), Nathan Freeman (Collingwood)
Father-son selection Bailey Rice (Dandenong Stingrays)
National draft Jade Gresham (Northern Knights), Brandon White (Dandenong Stingrays)
Rookie draft Nick Coughlan (Murray Bushrangers), Nick O’Kearney (Calder Cannons), Josh Saunders (St Kilda, redrafted)
Retired Adam Schneider (rookie)
Delisted Daniel Markworth, Farren Ray, Josh Saunders, Tom Simpkin, Arryn Siposs, Spencer White, Ahmed Saad (rookie)
In Rookie elevation Sam Naismith
Exchange period Callum Sinclair (West Coast), Michael Talia (Western Bulldogs)
Academy selection Callum Mills (North Shore)
National draft Jordan Dawson (Sturt), Tyrone Leonardis (Northern Knights)
International selection Colin O’Riordan (Tipperary, Ire)
Rookie draft Kyle Galloway (Murray Bushrangers, Sam Murray (Wodonga Raiders, Vic)
Retired Adam Goodes, Mike Pyke, Rhyce Shaw
Exchange period Craig Bird (Essendon), Lewis Jetta (West Coast)
Delisted Harrison Marsh, Sean McLaren (rookie), Lloyd Perris (rookie)
Western Bulldogs
Exchange period Matt Suckling (Hawthorn, unrestricted free agent)
National draft Marcus Adams (West Perth), Kieran Collins (Dandenong Stingrays), Josh Dunkley (Gippsland Power), Bailey Williams (Glenelg)
Rookie draft Jed Adcock (Brisbane), Luke Goetz (Western Jets), Bradley Lynch (Swan Districts)
Exchange period Michael Talia (Sydney)
Delisted Ayce Cordy, Sam Darley, Matthew Fuller, Jarrad Grant, Brett Goodes (rookie), Jordan Kelly (rookie), Daniel Pearce (rookie)
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